Bakery for Vegetarians

90 recipes
Evacal pp pancakes

Continuing the topic of proper nutrition, I want to share with you an excellent recipe for egg pancakes. They are prepared with the addition of rice and linen flour. As a sweetener, stevia liquid extract is used. It turns out tasty and healthy.

PP pancakes on Shrovetide

A great recipe for delicious pancakes of pancakes will come in handy not only for Shrovetide. Most likely, you will always cook so now. The dough can be made more fresh or sweet, using different amounts of sugar substitute.

Buckwheat PP pancakes

I present to your attention a dietary version of a popular dish. Buckwheat PP Pancakes will delight you with an unusual taste and pleasant aroma. In addition, they will saturate your body with vitamins, plant protein, amino acids and minerals.

Blind pancakes

Now many are switching to gluten -free nutrition. I will not go into details, but I will just share with you an excellent recipe for gluten -free lines. They are prepared on corn flour. You can also use oatmeal, buckwheat or coconut.

PP Muffins

Many believe that proper nutrition is monotonous, expensive and not tasty. In fact, this is not so. You can cook your favorite dishes by simply excluding prohibited products. For example, I want to tell you a wonderful recipe for Maffin PP.

Cottage cheese pancakes

The recipe is very simple, but without a planetary mixer it will not be easy. The thing is that the dough for cottage cheese PP pancakes must be mixed very well. As you have already guessed, it is difficult to do it manually with the help of a whisk.

Pancakes from Patissons

According to this recipe, you will get perfect pancakes. Use young squash with a thin crust and without seeds. To make the dough more tender, add a little sour cream. And to lay out it was easier, after each time, dip the spoon into the water.

Puffy pies of pancakes on kefir

If you are a supporter of proper nutrition or just follow your figure, this recipe will come in handy. The magnificent PP pancakes on kefir are prepared with stevia and two types of gluten -free flour. Corn oil is certainly used for frying.

Vegetable pancakes

Fans of healthy dishes will definitely like a simple recipe for vegetable lines. It is better to cook them in the season, but in winter you can also find fresh vegetables in the supermarket. Serve such pancakes with sour cream, various sauces, caviar or paste.

PP pancakes with spinach

Nutritionists value spinach, since it is a generous source of useful substances and contains few calories. Be sure to add it to your daily diet. In addition to popular soups and salads, try to cook pp pancakes with spinach! I am sure you will like it!

Green peas

You can cook such pancakes from young or frozen peas. In both versions it turns out tasty, beautiful and healthy! Sometimes for the aroma I add a clove of garlic or a twig of fresh herbs. It is better to serve such a dish with sauce.

Corn pancake pancakes

Are you a supporter of proper nutrition or simply decided to exclude gluten from your diet? In any case, you should try corn pancakes. They can be served with sour cream, as well as in combination with sweet and salty fillings.

PP pancakes from zucchini

If you are a lover of thin pancakes, use whole milk instead of kefir. In this case, a baking powder can also be excluded from the recipe. PP pancakes are best prepared from young zucchini. It is not necessary to add herbs, but it improves taste and gives a wonderful aroma.

Apples and pumpkin pancakes

Another unusual recipe for lines. I cook them on weekends when I want to pamper my family with a delicious breakfast. You can serve them with tea, cocoa and warm milk. As additives, I recommend using maple syrup, honey or sour cream.

PP rice pancakes

I am not an ardent adherent of proper nutrition, but I still cook rice pancakes. This delicious and low -calorie dish is just perfect for breakfast. You can serve it yourself, with sauces and various fillings.

Pancakes from pumpkin and carrots

In winter, orange vegetables must be included in your diet. They can be consumed raw, added to soups and various second dishes. And you can cook very tasty pancakes. Try this recipe and it will surely become your beloved.

PP pancakes on serum

The topic of proper nutrition is now very popular, so I affected everyone my favorite pancakes. There are many worthy recipes, but if we talk about budget options, I want to mention PP pancakes on serum. They are preparing quickly and simple.

PP pancakes on kefir

It is not worth abandoning proper nutrition in Shrovetide. I have a great recipe for pancakes on kefir for such a case. They are prepared with stevia and two types of glutenic flour. The dish is tasty and healthy.

PP pancakes on the water

Supporters of proper nutrition often prepare pancakes on the water. Usually the dough is kneaded with rice and linen flour, instead of sugar, stevia or eryritol is used. Such pancakes are fried most often in corn, coconut and ghee.

Pumpkin bread in the oven

It seemed to me for a long time that baking bread was some kind of overwhelming art for the elect. But in fact, everything is much easier, especially with proven recipes. I share my option of unusual pumpkin bread, which everyone will definitely succeed!

Vegetarian baking - recipes with photos (step by step)

It seems that all over the world there is no national cuisine without at least a couple of baking recipes. These are not only sweet desserts, but also bread, full -fledged basic dishes and snacks. What are the carrot muffins or Kish with vegetables. Do you know that you can bake your fragrant loaf or baguette yourself? Yes, and grandmother's pies or a favorite festive cake for a long time is no longer a secret behind seven castles.

And in what delight everyone will be from a home cake from the most delicate biscuit impregnated with cream, or from sand cookies with chocolate crumbs! Here you will find baking recipes from ordinary and puff pastry, with yeast and without, on kefir, milk or yogurt. There are recipes from improvised ingredients and even just on the water. Not enough something important? Oils, eggs, flour?

And this is not a problem, because such pastries also exist! Moreover, there are dietary and lean options. And now gluten -free pastries and alternative types of flour are especially popular - rice, buckwheat, corn. Oatmeal or coconut milk will also not pass by. Choose baking recipes for your pleasure!