First meals for Vegetarians

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Korean soup with noodles and soy milk

For this recipe, I recommend using soy milk, but you can try ordinary cow. The original Korean noodles will definitely appeal to lovers of Asian cuisine. Add a little lemongrass if desired.

Pea puree soup with vegetables

The tastier of the classic pea-puree can only be pea puree soup with vegetables. In the recipe, I will tell you what to add to it and what other interesting options you should definitely try. But at will, you can easily change the composition at your discretion - the principle is the same.

Young pea soup

I love to prepare such soup-puree in the summer when there is a young pink peas. In general, you can make it from frozen - the difference is not so significant. Decorate it when serving with greens and sprouted cereals.

Ukrainian borsch in French

Cream-Sup or Puree soup is one of the most original variations of Ukrainian borsch. Such first dishes are characteristic of French cuisine, but since then they have spread around the world. Why not adopt a time -tested tradition?

Spanish soup-puree salmoreho from tomatoes with bread

If you like juicy and ripe tomatoes, this tomato puree soup with bread will definitely like you. A traditional Spanish recipe causes appetite with one appearance. In his homeland, such soup is called salmoreho.

Vegetable broth with patch beans and peas

Vegetable broths are good in that this is already a full -fledged first dish that does not need any additions. Suitable for vegetarians and those who adhere to diet food. This time I propose to diversify the standard set of vegetables with patch beans and peas.

Vegetable broth with tsukini and cauliflower

Vegetable broths are good with their variety - you can try different vegetables and combinations each time. For example, such an option with carrots, tsukini and cauliflower. It only at first glance seems that these vegetables are too fresh. The result will definitely surprise you!

Vegetable broth with potatoes and broccoli

It is very easy to turn vegetable broth into a full dish - just add a little potatoes and broccoli. In the mood, I add more a handful of fast -cook noodles and let it brew under the lid for a couple of minutes.

Pea puree soup with mint

Pea puree soup with mint is one of the most original finds in my selection of recipes. The soups of their legumes are always very satisfying and thorough, but at the same time, fresh mint leaves give lightness and refreshing notes.

Dietary borsch with celery root

On the diet, too, you can eat borsch. True, you need to cook it without meat and according to a special recipe. I will tell you now! The dish will be a fragrant frying of beets and celery. You can add any spices to your liking, but I use a standard set.

Pumpkin soup with films and spinach

Refuse harmful food today! Remove to the neighboring children everything is sweet, and for dinner, prepare a useful pumpkin soup with a movie and spinach. It is worth trying only one spoon of this appetizing dish and it will be simply impossible to resist.

Lenten pea soup in a slow cooker

Traditional pea soup is made on aromatic broth with smoked meats or meat. But what about the lean option? I want to share with you a good everyday recipe, and even in a slow cooker to save time.

Light vegetable soup

This is another variation of the classic Minestron soup, which will probably appeal to all lovers of light vegetable soups. I cook it on vegetable broth - and it turns out a completely vegetarian dish. But you can take anyone to taste.

Pea soup with chickpeas and lentils

Beach lovers will definitely like such a rich and spicy soup with peas, chickpeas and lentils. The most difficult thing here is to boil all the ingredients taking into account the time. Be sure to study the instructions on the packaging, because the varieties may differ.

Lenten Ukrainian borsch with zucchini

When I want to add something new to borscht, but at the same time not to make the thorough first dish even harder, I add zucchini. You can optionally take Tsukini or Patissons of any favorite variety and color.

Classic gaspacho

Want to learn how to cook classic gaspacho? Read the recipe carefully, collect the necessary products and feel free to start. The soup is very simple, so no difficulties in the process will definitely arise!

Lenten Ukrainian borsch

Of course, the classic Ukrainian borsch is prepared on a greasy meat broth. But what if you needed a lean option? Is it possible to do without meat? Certainly! And then in the recipe I will tell you how to do it!

Cauliflower and chube

The most original and unusual variation of soup-puree made of cauliflower I tried. The chickpeas gives not only saturation to taste and color, but also makes the dish a more hearty, rich useful protein. If desired, leave a pair of cabbage inflorescences and a handful of chickpeas for decoration.

Pea puree soup with tsukini

Tsukini is weakly affected by the taste of the finished pea soup-puree, because it is very bright and expressive in itself. But then this is a great way to achieve a more delicate and easy consistency without adding cream or milk.

Borsch with lentils

Borsch with beans is no longer surprised. But what if you experiment with other legumes? For example, I propose today to cook borsch with lentils. I advise you to take red, because it fits better in color.

Vegetarian first dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Hot first dishes began to cook along with the invention of the first primitive dishes. Gradually, they became more complicated and inventive, new ingredients, spices and culinary techniques appeared. Now fish, meat, chicken and vegetable soups are impressive. And not only they! There are dietary and children's recipes, sweet and dairy first dishes, cream-soups and much more.

Something needs to be boiled, something is to grind with a blender, and something is enough to fill in before serving. The first dishes are also good in that you can prepare a whole pan for several days even for a large family. In addition to hot soups, we offer summer cold - light and refreshing. For example, okroshka on kvass or kefir.

And with fashion for national cuisines and fusion, the most original recipes from all over the world came to us. Gaspacho, Minestron, cheese and onion soups, Miso and Fo-Bo, Shurpa and Harcho, and much more. And cabbage soup, beetroot, pickle and ear play all with new and new colors. For those who do not eat meat, there are the first dishes with seafood, mushrooms, glutters, lentils and other legumes.

Of course, we also have classic recipes: borsch, chicken broth, pea soup, cabbage. For every taste!