Harvesting for the Winter for Vegetarians

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Pickled foxes for the winter

I tell you how best to roll up the chanterelles in jars so that they remain bright, fragrant and retain their taste. Nothing complicated - just a couple of signature tricks. In the winter season, such a workpiece is a real salvation!

Faikhoa jam with lemon and sugar

Faikhoa jam is an unusual workpiece in our pantries. Fans of experiments will appreciate this exotic delicacy. It is ideal to serve to the table with fresh buns or cookies, or can be used as a filling for pies and cakes.

Pickled cauliflower for the winter in banks

Pickled cauliflower in winter diversifies the festive table. The recipe is simple, but strictly follow the timing: it is important not to digest cabbage so that the appetizer comes out crisp, and at the same time not allow fermentation due to insufficient heat treatment.

Cherry juice for the winter through a juicer

Natural cherry juice is a real leap wand during cozy winter feasts. Prepare this drink in the midst of the harvest of berries and save a piece of summer in a bank. From the specified number of products, I get about 2 liters of fragrant juice.

Cucumbers salad for the winter without sterilization

Cucumbers salad - fast and tasty workpiece. The recipe does not imply cooking and sterilization, while the salad is perfectly stored all winter. We cook, like a regular salad, then lay out in jars. From the specified number of products, 4 liter jars are obtained

Korean carrots for the winter

Everything in Korean carrots is fine, except that it needs to be prepared for a long time each time. I tell you how to quickly and simply prepare it for the future for the winter. Several jars in the cellar or closet will definitely not be lost!

Tomatoes with garlic for the winter

Tomatoes with garlic for the winter - a home alternative to store sauces and tomato paste. The recipe is only fresh tomatoes, garlic and spices. Natural, fragrant wiped tomatoes can be added to the first dishes, gravy and all kinds of sauces.

Apple jam

This recipe for aromatic apple jam is so simple that a novice cook will also cope. Despite the duration of the preparation, your direct participation will require a minimum - jam is cooked three times for 5 minutes, the rest of the time is insisted.

Blackcurrant jam without sterilization

Currant jam is a vitamin treat for children and adults. It is so simple to cook it that even a novice cook. I do not add water to such blanks, since currant in itself is a juicy berry. I share the recipe.

Viburnum with honey for the winter

Kalina with honey is a vitamin bomb on your table. Use the workpiece at your discretion: as a filling in baking and topping for desserts, for the preparation of fruit drinks, compotes or aromatic tea. And such a workpiece perfectly increases immunity!

Apple juice for the winter

If the apples in the garden were urged in large quantities, and all kinds of jams are already ready, I propose to prepare a couple of jars of natural homemade apple juice in the winter. To make the juice especially tasty, use juicy, sweet and sour or sweet fruits.

Fresh cabbage for the winter in banks

To please the family with delicious cabbage soup, let's prepare a couple of jars of fragrant refueling for the winter. Soup in a bank is a good basis for a full first dish. Add the contents of the jar to the boiling broth with potatoes and boil for 15 minutes. Satter cabbage soup are ready!

Pickled beets for the winter

Such pickled beets are perfectly stored all winter. It can be added to a salad or vinaigrette, to stewed vegetables or eat with pleasure separately. I advise you to choose sweet varieties and experiment with spices!

Pickled pepper in oil for the winter

This recipe allows you to marin the whole Bulgarian pepper for the winter, preserving its beneficial properties and a natural taste. In winter, such pepper can be used as a semi -finished product for the preparation of various dishes: salads, stew, gravy, borsch and soups.

Homemade ketchup from tomatoes for the winter through a meat grinder

Today I want to share a ketchup recipe with mustard. Not quite familiar ingredient for such sauces? Nevertheless, it turns out very tasty and rather piquant. And also home ketchup to taste and benefits can not be compared with the store!

Tomatoes with plums for the winter

I share a recipe for canned tomatoes with plums. This unusual workpiece in winter will remind you of the summer. There is nothing superfluous in the composition, the snack is prepared without vinegar and additional sterilization. Serve to meat, pasta or boiled potatoes.

Dried figs for the winter

It is not difficult to cook dried figs at home. The process, although it takes quite a lot of time, is still worthwhile to please households with a useful delicacy. Home dried fruits retain the wonderful taste and beneficial properties of fresh fruits.

Pickled eggplant for the winter without sterilization

The pickled eggplant in winter will complement any side dish, whether it be potatoes, spaghetti or buckwheat. They are good as an independent dish - with fried toast or sliced ​​of fresh bread. The recipe is simple, without cooking and sterilization. Save in a piggy bank!

Pickled watermelon for the winter

“I want to buy a watermelon, but all too large, who will eat it, he will disappear” - a familiar problem? You will forget about her forever with this recipe! Moreover, such a workpiece is made very quickly and simple.

Pickled green tomatoes with garlic for the winter

Fans of sharp snacks will appreciate these pickled tomatoes. Tomatoes are crispy, fragrant, rather burning, with a piquant carrot-cheese filling. Suitable for any side dish, meat dishes and bird, as well as on a festive table. I share the recipe.

Vegeterian blanks for the winter - recipes with photos (step by step)

In winter, catastrophically lacks available vegetables and fruits, and with them vitamins. The assortment of stores is not impressive, the taste leaves much to be desired, and prices are rapidly flying up. And in the midst of the season, a reverse problem arises - where to put endless summer cottages when the freezer is over? And it is in this case that recipes of blanks for the winter are perfectly helped out!

It is difficult to say to whom such an invaluable idea occurred to the first, but it spread rapidly and took root around the world, as soon as people learned to maintain the properties of products for a long time. There is a stereotype that the workpieces for the winter are always difficult, hard and very long. It is necessary to stand at a thirty -degree heat for days and purchase ingredients in kilograms, or even tens of kilograms.

But in fact it is far from the truth! Of course, no one will prevent you from filling a huge pantry, if there is a need for this. But it is quite possible to limit yourself to several jars that will delight you and households. Compots, jams, jams, vegetables, mushrooms, salads, side dishes, sauces, gas stations - almost everything can be rolled up. And without any complex tricks and dubious additives.

And we are ready to show step -by -step recipes with photos, how to do it!