Sauces for Vegetarians

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Latin American sauce Chimichurri

The fragrant chimichurri sauce is prepared mainly for fried meat. Traditionally, they use parsley and oregano in the same proportions. In the process of searching from different greenery, I deduced my “perfect formula”. I am sure that you will like this option too.

Satsepebeli sauce at home

Any sauce cooked at home is much more useful than a store ketchup. I share a simple recipe for a piquant and fragrant Georgian sauce of Sacebeli. He will perfectly complement any dishes, whether it be meat, poultry, side dishes or pizza dressing.

Lean sauce to pasta

It will not be difficult to cook lean paste or pasta with sauce. There are a lot of different vegan options without cream, cheese and other animal products. One of these options I will share with you further in the recipe.

Vegan sauce pesto

To make a lean vegan diet is even tastier and more diverse, all kinds of sauces are very useful. For example, here is such a pesto. It is perfectly stored in the refrigerator and is suitable for a wide variety of dishes, from salads to vegetable side dishes.

Pesto sauce without cheese

Pesto sauce is good because it is almost completely vegan and lean on its own, because the main ingredient is greens. In the classic version, only cheese is knocked out. Therefore, if for some reason you want to do without it-catch the recipe!

Avocado mayonnaise

You will not surprise anyone with ordinary mayonnaise for a long time. But what if I offer you to try mayonnaise from avocado? Naturally, it has a completely different taste, but it only opens up new horizons when using it. I tell you more!

Classic Satsepebeli

Variations of the sauces saucepeli exists apparently invisible. Having prepared the classics, you can boldly experiment, introducing various spices and every time achieving a new taste at your discretion. So, I share the basic recipe for a delicious Georgian sauces of Sacebeli.

Pumpkin sauce

Dedicated to all lovers of unusual sauces and toppings! Such pumpkin sauce is good with paste, vegetable stew, meat and cereals. And it’s also very tasty to simply spread it on fresh dark bread and sprinkle it with seeds and herbs.

Lenten Tartar sauce

The lean diet will never be fresh and boring if you plan it well. For example, supplement with a wide variety of lean sauces. They can be much more than it seems at first glance. And even a rethought classic Tartar!

Lenten fish sauce

This sauce is an ideal addition to lean fish dishes. He has a bright fresh taste, which perfectly emphasizes the tenderness of the dish and give it a more appetizing look. And what a fragrance! Further in the recipe I will tell you about everything in detail.

Lean sauce instead of mayonnaise

Classic mayonnaise is not suitable for post, because eggs are going into it. But now there are many different alternative solutions that are at the same time suitable even strict vegans. One of these recipes I want to share with you today.

Aquafaba mayonnaise

In fasting or under a vegan diet, it is not at all necessary to abandon any dishes and additives. Even mayonnaise can be adapted. For example, prepare it from aquapab - from a liquid remaining after cooking of the cholemplos. It has a smooth and creamy texture resembling classic mayonnaise.

Lenten mushroom sauce

If you adhere to a post or a vegan diet, a recipe for such a mushroom sauce will definitely come in handy. It has a very saturated taste and aroma, and in addition, it goes perfectly with potatoes, buckwheat or vegetables, and with anything.

Cashew mayonnaise

Cashew mayonnaise is a vegan alternative to classic mayonnaise and can be used in salads, sauces, but anywhere. It is prepared from soft keys of cashew, and how to do it - read on the recipe. I'll tell you in detail!

Bologna sauce without minced meat

Bolognese sauce is a classic Italian sauce that is usually served with paste or used in climbing. Traditionally, minced meat goes into it, but sometimes I want to do without it for some dishes. I tell you how best to do it!

Pea water mayonnaise

A classic way to prepare lean mayonnaise is to make it on the basis of a bean decoction. For example, from pea water. It has a slightly different taste, but it perfectly replaces traditional mayonnaise in any dishes.

Vegetarian mayonnaise

This mayonnaise does not contain animal products and is ideal for vegetarians. In addition, it can be prepared and used in fasting, it is not too many calories and it is useful. It has a creamy texture and a rich taste, which goes well with salads, sandwiches and other dishes.

Lenten Beshamel sauce

Behamel - milk sauce, and even with butter. Of course, he has nothing to do with the lean diet and the vegan diet. Nevertheless, using the basic principles of cooking, it can be perfectly adapted. So, lean behamel!

Passat tomato sauce

Passat sauce is a thick tomato mass with aromatic spices. To your liking, you can add onions, garlic or celery. I have my own proven recipe, I will share with you now!

Lenten sauce is pesto

I love this pesto sauce, including for the fact that it can be safely prepared in fasting. In addition, he suits even adherents of a hard vegan diet, so no surprises and surprises. Today I will share with you my favorite recipe.

Vegetryan sauces - recipes with photos (step by step)

Sauses are designed to supplement the taste of the dish, harmonize the combination of ingredients and simply allow you to experiment. In fact, this is a liquid seasoning that makes food more juicy, appetizing and fragrant. Sauses can “get” calories or get a completely new taste from the usual products. Most classic sauces recipes came to us from Italy or France. These are Behamel, carbonar, creamy sauces, Caesar, pesto, tartar.

Often, the sauce is called the main ingredient - wine, plum, cheese, garlic. And there are chicken, meat and fish - in the broth. In recent years, berry and chocolate sauces have become very popular, especially for meat. The taste of the same base can be varyed by spices. For example, tomato sauces are acidic, sweet and sharp - with chili.

Classic sour-sour sauce is prepared with apple cider vinegar, and with honey-gorchic everything is clear from one name. Asian recipes are often multicomponent, but basically contain soy sauce. Even homemade mayonnaise is fundamentally different from the purchased. By the way, not all sauces need to be boiled for a long time. Sometimes enough to mix the ingredients well or beat them with a blender.