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Bolgarian cucumbers for the winter

Today I want to share the fast and, in my opinion, the most successful recipe for pickled cucumbers in Bolgarian without sterilization. Cucumbers are crispy, sweet and sour and moderately piquant. Due to the addition of carrots, the workpiece looks beautiful and bright.

Lenten pilaf from a bulgur in a slow cooker

Looking for a recipe for a delicious dish without meat? Try this one! Instead of rice, a bulgur will be used. Group is pre -fried in oil to enhance the appetizing aroma and make a slightly crispy. Pilaf turns out of all sorts of praise!

Puree soup with carrots and onions

I have several recipes for carrot soups, and this is one of the best. Perhaps this is the most win -win option to start acquaintance with such dishes. When serving, I advise you to decorate it with greens and pesto sauce.

Cabbage rolls with vegetables and rice

In addition to the classic minced meat, pigeons can be prepared with a variety of fillings for which you have enough imagination. I like to experiment in the mood and with pleasure I will share the result of one of the most successful experiments - this recipe with vegetables and rice.

Paste from lentils

A delicious and original paste can actually be prepared from anything - not only from the liver or meat. Therefore, I like to experiment with a wide variety of ingredients, because the essence is more likely in the consistency. I offer a paste of lentils!

Lecho with rice for the winter

During her existence, the Hungarian lecho underwent many changes: each housewife adjusts the recipe for herself, adding or removing certain ingredients. Today I want to offer you an unusual recipe for delicate lecho with the addition of rice.

Pickled cabbage with vinegar without sterilization

You can cook tasty and juicy pickled cabbage with vegetables for this recipe for the winter. The technology is simple, additional sterilization is not required, heat treatment is minimal, which means that vegetables will retain the maximum of useful properties and vitamins.

Borsch without meat

You can cook delicious borsch even without meat. The main thing is to use young and juicy vegetables. And to make the borsch even more rich, I recommend cooking it on mushroom broth. It is best if it is strong and freshly.

Eggplant caviar with tomatoes

A few tomatoes and tomato paste give caviar from eggplant a beautiful and delicious red color. It can be rolled into banks, but I advise you to cook a little and is it as fresh as possible. Double pleasure!

Falafel from lentils

Classic phalafel is made from chickpeas, but in general you can use different legumes. Catch the recipe with lentils. I recommend using red - it has more pleasant color and a section of the balls will look more appetizing.

Vegetarian pilaf with carrots and spices in a slow cooker

Such pilaf will appeal to everyone who is interested in proper nutrition. It turns out fragrant, beautiful and very tasty. The recipe is simple, but for it you will need a slow cooker. You can cook at the “Pilaf”, “Multipovar” or “Extinguishing” modes.

Caviar from cucumbers for the winter without sterilization

Do not know how to use overripe cucumbers? Then keep a simple recipe in a piggy bank. After all, the good hostess does not disappear! The caviar is very tasty, in winter it will perfectly complement any side dishes and dishes of poultry and meat.

Jelly tomatoes for the winter

This recipe is interesting in that when cooling, the marinade freezes and turns into a piquant, sweet and sour jelly, while tomatoes retain elasticity and density. Such a workpiece will surprise your guests during a festive feast. Prepare be sure!

Vegan soup with peas and vegetables

Do you share vegan views on life? Especially for you, the next recipe for pea soup with vegetables. Products of exclusively plant origin are used. The soup turns out to be rich, fragrant and very tasty.

PP zucchini caviar for the winter

There are a lot of advantages, from bright taste to simplicity of cooking. It can be served as a separate snack, smear on bread or used in other dishes. And it is also easy to adapt to fans of proper nutrition.

Vegetable soup with colored cabbage in pots

In pots, you can not only bake meat or vegetables, but also cook a full -fledged soup. For example, such a light and dietary vegetable soup with cauliflower! For a rich red color, add a couple of spoons of tomato paste.

Babaganush with onions and herbs

Babaganush is one of the most popular snacks of oriental cuisine. And there are two reasons for that. Firstly, it is very tasty. And secondly, the dish is so easily prepared that even novice cooks will cope with Babaganush with onions and herbs.

Pea soup-puree with chickpeas

If you love legumes, I propose to experiment with their combinations. This time I mixed frozen green peas and canned chickpeas in one soup-puree. And what happened to them - you will learn further.

Holocaum with cabbage for the winter in banks

Calcular and fragrant, cabbage hodgepodge will not only diversify your table in winter, but also fill the body with vitamins and useful trace elements. Serve to the table as a hot side dish to the main dish or as a cold snack. Agree, it's convenient!

Beetroot paste

Pastees are not only meat or fish, but also vegetable. Incredibly good paste from beets. The point is not only in its pleasant taste, but also in very bright color, thanks to which such a snack will decorate any feast - family or festive.

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Vegeterian on onions - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

You can talk a lot about the universality of certain ingredients in cooking, but on onions will win any competition. The vegetable is rich in essential oils, on which its sharpness depends. It is combined with any other ingredients - meat, poultry, mushrooms, fish, vegetables. Onions are used as a spice in the preparation of blanks for the winter.

It is added to salads, soups and main dishes, a basic roaster with carrots, pepper or tomatoes is prepared from it. It gives juicy minced meat and any ugly fillings. Among on onions, there are more original recipes from onions. For example, the famous onion soup that is so fond of France. The vegetable is added to broth and sauces, dried in spicy mixtures, pickled, salt and even caramelize.

It is beautifully blurred during frying and gives not only the aroma, but also a pleasant golden color. To remove excessive bitterness, it is enough to pour the onion with water for a short time. Litezing dishes are available in any season, because it is stored without problems all winter.