Sugar -replacement dishes for vegeters

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Fruit ice

Fruit ice - salvation for all lovers of ice cream, who monitor the figure. But in the store there are still a lot of sugar, dyes and other unnecessary additives. I tell you how to cook it at home on your own.

Banana tofu cheesecakes

Vegetarian cheesecakes have long been not a myth, but reality. Catch a great recipe from soy cheese tofu with a banana. Of course, they have a completely different taste and consistency, but such a dish deserves attention! By the way, it will do not only vegetarians, but also lovers of diversity.

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Shop ice cream is not always pleased with a good composition. Prepare your “correct” homemade ice cream according to this recipe and be 100% confident in its composition and quality. A bonus for those who are on a diet is a low calorie content of this cold delicacy.

Banana mousse with almonds

Bananas are very well and harmoniously combined with nuts, including almonds. Therefore, they can be safely combined and prepared so healthy, nutritious and very tasty mousse. Great fast dessert for all occasions!

Japanese mochi cakes

Japanese cakes are dietary in themselves. In the traditional recipe for the dough, rice flour, water and sugar are used. If you eat the right food, replace the sugar with the sweetener and select the most useful filling, in this case, fresh strawberries.

Apple kurd with cinnamon

A fragrant apple kurd is very tasty, delicate and healthy. Kurd is perhaps one of the simplest desserts that everyone can prepare. I propose traditionally add a little cinnamon and, possibly, other spices to taste.

Vegan chocolate cream

If you are interested in vegetarian recipes for desserts, pay attention to this chocolate cream. At first glance, it seems impossible to cook it without milk and eggs, but in fact there are options. And you will learn about them further!

Vegeterian dishes with sucrotor - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Since the whole world began to talk about the dangers of the usual white sugar, many alternatives have appeared. Now sugar dishes are included in therapeutic diets and diets for weight loss. And they give the opportunity to try something new to lovers of culinary experiments. All substitutes are classified into natural and synthetic. Natural are good for their origin, and artificial ones attract the absence of calories.

But there are exceptions, such as natural non -calorie stevia and erytrite. When preparing dishes with a sugar substitute, you must definitely focus on the view that you use. All of them have different tastes and a different degree of sweetness, so the proportions of the ingredients in the recipes will change. Most substitutes are consumed very economically, so they are quite budget even despite the fact that initially their price is higher.

In addition to the already named, fructose and sorbitis include natural substitutes. In dishes with an artificial sugar substitute, asparters, parcolosis, cyclamate, sugar, and other substances are used.