Sauces for Vegetarians

26 recipes
White garlic sauce

In my opinion, one of the most universal can be called - garlic sauce. It perfectly complements meat or fish dishes, makes them more fragrant and juicy. I tell the recipe for cooking!

Honey-and-horsing sauce

Surely you came across in restaurants delicious salads with honey-horsing sauce. The appetizing sweet and sour supplement perfectly complements the dish and makes it juicier. It is easy to cook the sauce yourself. Make sure that yourself!

Vegan sauce from cashew

Often vegan sauce is prepared with yeast. They give an interesting taste and in general it turns out a good result. I decided to replace the yeast with Paste Tahini. So useful and easier. Instead of food dye, you can use carry or turmeric.

Sweet and sour sauce

In Asian cuisine, a sweet and sour sauce is often used. It is prepared on the basis of rice vinegar and tomato paste. Very fast, simple and incredibly tasty. I like to serve the sauce to baked duck or fried meat.

Vegetryan sauces - recipes with photos (step by step)

Sauses are designed to supplement the taste of the dish, harmonize the combination of ingredients and simply allow you to experiment. In fact, this is a liquid seasoning that makes food more juicy, appetizing and fragrant. Sauses can “get” calories or get a completely new taste from the usual products. Most classic sauces recipes came to us from Italy or France. These are Behamel, carbonar, creamy sauces, Caesar, pesto, tartar.

Often, the sauce is called the main ingredient - wine, plum, cheese, garlic. And there are chicken, meat and fish - in the broth. In recent years, berry and chocolate sauces have become very popular, especially for meat. The taste of the same base can be varyed by spices. For example, tomato sauces are acidic, sweet and sharp - with chili.

Classic sour-sour sauce is prepared with apple cider vinegar, and with honey-gorchic everything is clear from one name. Asian recipes are often multicomponent, but basically contain soy sauce. Even homemade mayonnaise is fundamentally different from the purchased. By the way, not all sauces need to be boiled for a long time. Sometimes enough to mix the ingredients well or beat them with a blender.