Bakery for Vegetarians

90 recipes
Banana PP Muffins

This recipe uses oatmeal. Buy it in a store or prepare it yourself from oatmeal. Muffins banana PP are fragrant, tasty and beautiful. As a sweetener, you can use any sugar substitute that you have.

PP pancakes on protein

The original dish will allow you to gain the daily protein norm. Pap pancakes on protein are prepared simply, but still there are nuances that are worth paying attention to. For example, so that pancakes do not tear in a pan, the test must be infused for 10-15 minutes.

PP pizza

Pizza is a favorite dish for everyone. But, if you adhere to proper nutrition and do not want to gain extra kg and swelling after taking such a food, pay attention to my PP recipe for pizza without dough. I tried once and now I only cook.

Green lentils pancakes

Even if you are not interested in proper nutrition, be sure to pay attention to this recipe! The pancakes from the lentils are tasty and simple. The only difficulty is that the lentils must be soaked in advance. The easiest way to do it is at night.

Lazy PP Khachapuri in a pan

I present to your attention a simplified version of the popular dish. The lazy PP Khachapuri is prepared in a pan under the lid. No need to mess with the test, fill the filling and turn on the oven. Everything is as simple and tasty as possible!

PP pancakes

Of the healthy products, you can prepare very tasty PP pancakes. A great option for breakfast or snack during the day. Exclude stevia from the recipe, add spices, greens, more salt and you will get an ugly version of the dish.

PP Ovsyano pancake

Start the day from useful food: prepare for breakfast PP Ovsyano Pancake! To do this, buy rough grinding flakes, whole milk and eggs. As an additive, you can use natural yogurt, flax, fresh fruits and berries.

PP pancakes in milk

Togeted for proper nutrition? You certainly need to review the recipes of popular dishes, excluding all the prohibited products. For example, for breakfast you can prepare a PP pancake in milk. I recommend using rice, linen or oatmeal for this.

Cabbage pancakes and spinach

Another wonderful recipe for vegetable lines. In it, I will use a Baby spinach, another variety with large leaves will have to be grinded. Spinach can be scalded with boiling water or fry in a pan. The bottom line is that it becomes soft and decreases slightly.

PP pancakes made of rice flour

Of course, you should not get carried away with flour, but sometimes you can still afford a little even on proper nutrition. In this case, the dish must certainly be prepared from healthy products. PP pancakes made of rice flour are a great option for those who value their health and protect the figure.

PP pizza in a pan

A good recipe for those who value their time and care about the quality of nutrition. PP pizza in a pan is a hearty and tasty dish of healthy products. You can cook it not only with red fish. It turns out well with boiled chicken, broccoli, eggplant and other vegetables.

PP pancakes from pumpkin

In cooking, pumpkin is used often. Especially the orange vegetable is appreciated by supporters of proper nutrition. By the way, on this topic I have an excellent recipe for PP Oladii from pumpkin. They are prepared in rice flour with sugar substitute.

PP pancakes from oatmeal flour

Write down this recipe in your culinary notebook. According to it, you can easily prepare pancake pancakes from oatmeal flour. At the same time, it is not even necessary to switch to proper nutrition. You can cook such pancakes, for example, if you want to add more useful dishes to your diet.

Pancakes from pumpkin and oatmeal

Tasty, bright and healthy! Prepare such pancakes for breakfast or serve for lunch with your favorite sauce. If you follow the figure, just add a dish with a light vegetable salad and a healthy snack is ready. Ready -made pumpkin puree will help to save time.

Delicate pancakes from lentils

This time I propose to cook pancakes with flour and egg. Anyone is suitable, the main thing is to boil her in advance. I prefer to use red, because the dough is more beautiful from it. In addition, such a lentil is cooked faster than other varieties.

Pancakes from nettles and beetroot tops

Are you planning to add more fresh greenery to your diet? Then this recipe will come in handy! I remind you that it is necessary to work with fresh nettles in gloves. You can remove them after the thorny plant is already scalded with boiling water.

PP pancakes without flour

During dietary nutrition, many do not allow their pancakes. This is correct if the dish was prepared according to a classic recipe. Another thing is PP pancakes without flour. They do not have sugar, fat and other prohibited products. Tasty and healthy!

Curd pp pancakes

Instead of porridge, prepare for breakfast cottage cheese PP pancakes! In order for them to be as useful as possible, I propose to add two types of glutenic flour. As a sweetener, you can use any sugar substitute.

Apple pp pancakes

With proper nutrition, wheat flour is recommended to be replaced with rice, coconut, buckwheat or oatmeal. Dishes will become much more useful and even tastier! Do not believe? Try cooking apple pies for pancakes! I guarantee you will like it!

PP pancakes from linen flour

Proponents of proper nutrition know how important it is to add flax to the daily diet. For this reason, baking, porridge and smoothies are often prepared with him. In the list of popular recipes there are also PP pancakes made of linen flour. Let's go about them today!

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Vegetarian baking - recipes with photos (step by step)

It seems that all over the world there is no national cuisine without at least a couple of baking recipes. These are not only sweet desserts, but also bread, full -fledged basic dishes and snacks. What are the carrot muffins or Kish with vegetables. Do you know that you can bake your fragrant loaf or baguette yourself? Yes, and grandmother's pies or a favorite festive cake for a long time is no longer a secret behind seven castles.

And in what delight everyone will be from a home cake from the most delicate biscuit impregnated with cream, or from sand cookies with chocolate crumbs! Here you will find baking recipes from ordinary and puff pastry, with yeast and without, on kefir, milk or yogurt. There are recipes from improvised ingredients and even just on the water. Not enough something important? Oils, eggs, flour?

And this is not a problem, because such pastries also exist! Moreover, there are dietary and lean options. And now gluten -free pastries and alternative types of flour are especially popular - rice, buckwheat, corn. Oatmeal or coconut milk will also not pass by. Choose baking recipes for your pleasure!