Bakery for Vegetarians

90 recipes
Hepatic PP pancakes

Most of your favorite dishes can be prepared by adapting recipes according to the standards of proper nutrition. For example, as a result of such an experiment, a version of the hepatic PP Oladady appeared. Pay attention to the fact that they are fried in a dry pan.

Banana PP pancakes

Even a newcomer of culinary business will easily prepare a delicious and healthy dish. To do this, you will need products on the list, a frying pan with anti -stick coating and about half an hour of free time. Banana pp pancakes will be softer if you fold them with a pile and cover it for 15 minutes with a lid.

Pizza with broccoli, mozzarella and spinach

Do you like different vegetable dishes? I advise you to try pizza with broccoli, mozzarella and spinach. This is an incredible bouquet of tastes and aromas! The cabbage is pre -boiled in salted water, so in the finished dish it turns out soft and tasty.

Rqual pancakes without eggs

Usually, vegetables have to be squeezed from juice, but in this recipe everything is different. Since it does not have eggs or dairy products, the squash juice will serve to connect with flour. If it is not enough, add a couple of spoons of boiled water.

Puff dough with salmon and broccoli

Puff pie with salmon and broccoli - tasty and easy to prepare pastries. It is convenient if there is a ready -made home or store frozen dough. I share a step -by -step recipe with a photo!

Chicken pancakes on yogurt

Chicken pancakes on yogurt are something between cutlets and classic pancakes. You can use chicken fillet or hip without a bone. Instead of sugar to the dough, you can add a little spices for a brighter taste.

Custard pancakes with cottage cheese

The most delicious pancakes are made from custard dough. It is not at all difficult to cook it - the whole process is described in detail in this recipe. The fillings can be different, I propose an option with a sweet cottage cheese!

Pancakes from turkey with zucchini and yogurt

Pancakes from turkey with zucchini and yogurt are a good option for a quick and tasty dinner (dinner). Thanks to the juiciness of vegetables, pancakes are very tender. Flour will make pancakes a little denser and will not let them fall apart in the process of frying. Take flour at your discretion.

Delicate pancakes of rice flour

Have you ever prepared pancakes from rice flour? Delicate and soft - they literally melt in the mouth. There are no difficulties in cooking. The only point is to mix the dough in front of each pancake, because rice flour has the ability to settled quickly.

Cheese pancakes with dill

Cheese pancakes can be prepared using any cheese, as well as fresh or frozen greens to your taste. If desired, wrap in such pancakes any filling, for example, meat or mushroom. I share my recipe!

Pancakes on water without eggs

During fasting, you can cook delicious pancakes on the water without eggs. The dough will be denser and more elastic, if you cover it with cling film in front of the hot and remove for 10 minutes. The remaining features of the process are described further in the recipe.

Vegetable pizza

There is a stereotype that pizza is necessarily sausage or meat. But in fact, vegetable recipes are no worse, and sometimes even more diverse. In this option, I do not even use cheese or other dairy products, so it is also lean.

Mushroom filling for pies

During the post, mushrooms are actively used in cooking. Soups are cooked from them, paste, salads and various second dishes are made. Often, striding housewives prepare mushroom filling for pies and pancakes. It is very simple, fast, and most importantly - tasty.

Vegetable pizza with corn

Such vegetable pizza with corn will appeal to both vegetarians and fans of meat. True, the recipe uses cheese, so if you adhere to a post or diet, replace it with tofu or other analogue. Otherwise, even the dough is quite lean!

Donuts without eggs

Donuts of donuts are much more than it might seem at first glance. This often happens with simple pastries, where each housewife adds something to her taste. For example, if there were no eggs at hand, this option helps me out. Today I will share it with you.

Vegetarian pizza with Shiitaka, dried tomatoes and tofu

Want to cook real vegetarian pizza? According to the next recipe, it will turn out even tastier than usual. It's all about soft test and appetizing filling. Be sure to sprinkle the finished pizza with fresh herbs and sesame seeds.

Vegetable pizza with mushrooms

It would not quite be entirely correct to call this vegetarian vegetarian vegetable, because I use Mozarella in the recipe. But you can refuse it at all or replace it with a tofu - and you get a completely lean option.

Lenten pumpkin muffins

Of all the options for muffins, pumpkin is one of the most popular seasonal recipes in winter and autumn. Their huge plus is that they are very easy to make completely lean. A good option is not only if you adhere to restrictions, but also if there are simply not enough products at hand.

Pizza with broccoli and patch beans

The vegetable pizza is good in that it can be supplemented with the most unusual ingredients. For example, such an option with patch beans and broccoli. I propose to make it completely vegetarian, but if desired, you can add grated cheese.

Lenten donuts

Donuts are one of those types of pastries that is very easy to adapt to a variety of preferences and tasks. In particular, it is very easy to make them lean. And now the treat for tea for the whole family is ready. Catch a great recipe!

Vegetarian baking - recipes with photos (step by step)

It seems that all over the world there is no national cuisine without at least a couple of baking recipes. These are not only sweet desserts, but also bread, full -fledged basic dishes and snacks. What are the carrot muffins or Kish with vegetables. Do you know that you can bake your fragrant loaf or baguette yourself? Yes, and grandmother's pies or a favorite festive cake for a long time is no longer a secret behind seven castles.

And in what delight everyone will be from a home cake from the most delicate biscuit impregnated with cream, or from sand cookies with chocolate crumbs! Here you will find baking recipes from ordinary and puff pastry, with yeast and without, on kefir, milk or yogurt. There are recipes from improvised ingredients and even just on the water. Not enough something important? Oils, eggs, flour?

And this is not a problem, because such pastries also exist! Moreover, there are dietary and lean options. And now gluten -free pastries and alternative types of flour are especially popular - rice, buckwheat, corn. Oatmeal or coconut milk will also not pass by. Choose baking recipes for your pleasure!