Harvesting for the Winter for Vegetarians

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Caviar from mushrooms for the winter through a meat grinder

Everyone likes this dish: mushroom pickers, housekeepers and even capricious guests. Appetizing caviar from mushrooms is prepared through a meat grinder, so the consistency is perfect. It can be wrapped in pancakes, spread on bread or croutons.

Assorted cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter

I love pickled vegetable assorted for versatility - I opened a jar, and there are different piquant pickles on the table. Choose what your soul wants! Today we will prepare cucumbers with tomatoes for the winter. Serve to various side dishes, meat dishes and baked bird.

Cherry in syrup with bones for the winter

In summer, I often harvest cherries in syrup. According to this recipe, 2 liters of fragrant delicacy are obtained, which I use in winter, like a filling for dumplings and pies, like a sauce for cheesecakes and pancakes, and even like compote, diluting a syrup with cherry boiled water.

Beetroot and zucchini salad for the winter

Make a little diversity in the daily menu: prepare a beetroot and zucchini salad for the winter. You can serve it with cereals, pasta, potatoes, meat and fish dishes. Garlic is added according to the recipe, but without it it turns out tasty!

Dry jam from pears in the oven

Have you ever heard about dry jam? If not, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with this recipe! This time I propose to cook it from pears. You will need an oven, time and patience - and the beautiful treat is almost ready.

Pickled plums for the winter without sterilization

Pickled plums perfectly complement many meat and fish dishes. They can be served with barbecue or cheese plate with a glass of wine. Plums are piquant and unusual. They will take an honorable place on the table along with olives, olives and dried tomatoes.

Warm prunes for the winter

Moving fruits and vegetables is a simple way to make blanks without acetic acid. Most often, apples are prepared in this way. Today I want to tell the recipe for the redden prunes. Keep in mind that it will be possible to remove the test no earlier than in a month.

White plum compote for the winter

White plums themselves are very sweet. Of these, a magnificent compote is obtained, which can be easily prepared for the winter and stored for a long time. From the indicated number of fruits, I have three liter or one three -liter jar of a delicious compote.

Caviar from loads for the winter through a meat grinder

Do not know how to diversify the winter diet? What about caviar from loads? This original winter snack can be served as an independent dish or used for canapes, various sandwiches and even for stuffing eggs. Try it!

SOLYANK with champignons for the winter in banks

Soliaka with champignons is not only a delicious dish for every day, but also a good blank for the future, if you rolled it into banks correctly. The cooking technology is almost no different from winter salads, and you get a finished dish.

Dried plums in the oven for the winter

If you have never drowned the plums in the oven, it's time to try. Runned plums are perfectly combined with wine and cheese. This interesting snack will become a decoration of any festive table! Olive oil can be replaced with sunflower without smell.

Amber apple jam slices

The secret of the perfect apple jam with slices is in a high -quality yabok cut. Cut the fruits with the peel with the same slices and never mix different varieties of apples in one blank! Fragrant amber apple jam is a paradise for sweet tooth.

Canned patch beans

This is a universal workpiece. It can be used to prepare different dishes and served as a snack. Canned patch beans is crispy, fragrant and moderately salty. Everyone can cook it!

Zucchini caviar from tsukini for the winter

Do you like vegetable snacks? Be sure to prepare the zucchini caviar from the tsukini. I prefer to do it without garlic and spices so as not to interrupt the delicate taste of vegetables. As for vinegar, it should not be excluded, since he plays the role of a preservative.

“Ankl Bens” from zucchini for the winter

Vegetable salad “Ankl Bens” - a kind of greetings from the 90s. It was then that the entire line of products of the American brand was at the top of popularity: from all kinds of sauces to salads with rice. I share a legendary recipe from the past.

Lycho from zucchini with tomato paste without pepper for the winter

The visiting card of Hungarian cuisine is lecho. Prepare it with the addition of acute pepper, garlic and other vegetables. Today I will tell you an interesting recipe for lecho from zucchini with tomato paste. This time we will cook without pepper.

Lecho with barley for the winter

At first glance, it may seem that it is difficult to cook such a dish. Believe me, this is far from the case! If desired, even a novice culinary culinary can be boiled with pearl barley. Prepare all the ingredients in advance, carefully study the process and start!

Pears in syrup slices for the winter

Pear in syrup is a fragrant dessert, which is delighted with both children and adults. The preparation process is short -lived and not tiring - without sterilization. The pears are delicate and tasty: good as an independent treat and as a filling in sweet pastries.

Caviar from zucchini and eggplant for the winter

When there is no time to cook dinner, a jar of vegetable caviar helps out a lot. And buying it is not necessary, because cooking delicious canned food is so simple! I share a proven recipe for caviar from zucchini and eggplant.

Lycho from zucchini and carrots for the winter

Traditionally, this dish is made of sweet pepper. Over the years, the recipe changed and new options appeared. Tasty lecho is obtained from zucchini and carrots. I cook with the addition of fresh tomatoes, but you can also use tomato juice.

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Vegeterian blanks for the winter - recipes with photos (step by step)

In winter, catastrophically lacks available vegetables and fruits, and with them vitamins. The assortment of stores is not impressive, the taste leaves much to be desired, and prices are rapidly flying up. And in the midst of the season, a reverse problem arises - where to put endless summer cottages when the freezer is over? And it is in this case that recipes of blanks for the winter are perfectly helped out!

It is difficult to say to whom such an invaluable idea occurred to the first, but it spread rapidly and took root around the world, as soon as people learned to maintain the properties of products for a long time. There is a stereotype that the workpieces for the winter are always difficult, hard and very long. It is necessary to stand at a thirty -degree heat for days and purchase ingredients in kilograms, or even tens of kilograms.

But in fact it is far from the truth! Of course, no one will prevent you from filling a huge pantry, if there is a need for this. But it is quite possible to limit yourself to several jars that will delight you and households. Compots, jams, jams, vegetables, mushrooms, salads, side dishes, sauces, gas stations - almost everything can be rolled up. And without any complex tricks and dubious additives.

And we are ready to show step -by -step recipes with photos, how to do it!