Snacks for Vegetarians

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Simple Avocado Square Avocado at home

The charm of this workpiece is that it goes well with ham, sausage, fish, nuts, vegetables and cheese. Prepare an avocado for sandwiches and you will have an excellent base for culinary fantasies.

Pisette made of fish at home

A simple and useful appetizer will enrich your body with easily digestible protein and useful trace elements. It is not difficult to cook a fish made of fish at home. For this, in addition to the products, you will need a blender or a food processor.

PP roll

A hearty and healthy dish for those who selectively approach the issue of food. Rolls PP are prepared from small -salted trout, boiled rice, ripe avocado and crispy nori. For work, you will need a bamboo rug and a sharp knife.

Spinach waffles

Replenish a list of healthy breakfast dishes with a recipe for spinach waffles. They can be served with vegetables, fresh herbs or used as a basis for sandwiches. Waffles with linen flour are prepared. It can be replaced with rice, oat or barley.

Lean paste made of mushrooms

For the best result, I recommend using several types of mushrooms. Be sure to include oil, boletus and oak workers in this set. A lean paste of such mushrooms will turn out to be as fragrant, juicy and tasty as possible.

Vegetable shawarma without meat

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle can also enjoy a delicious shawarma. It is for them that this recipe for vegetable shawarma without meat. In general, such a dish is suitable even to lactovegetarians!

PP Zhulien

Have you decided to eat right? Then you will come in handy for the recipe for PP Julien. Instead of cream and milk, sour cream with a low percentage of fat content is used. It should also be noted that the main ingredients are not fried, but extinguished in a small amount of water.

Sands with red fish for the festive table

It is difficult to imagine a more popular and simple snack. Nevertheless, sandwiches with red fish on the festive table never linger for a long time. They are preparing very simple. The only difficulty can only be beautifully cut fish and bread.

Keto Rolly

The whole difficulty is that Keto diet prohibits products with a high carbohydrate content and rice is one of them. Fortunately, you can get out of the situation by preparing Keto Rolls without rice. The snack is quite unusual, but tasty.

Rolls with a cucumber

In order not to load the stomach in the evening, prepare the rolls with a cucumber for dinner. A healthy and tasty dish with a minimum number of calories. In itself, it has a fresh, almost neutral taste, so it must be served accompanied by sauces.

PP shawarma in Lavash

Want to enjoy fast food, but switched to proper nutrition? It is not a problem, according to this recipe you will easily prepare a delicious pp shawarma in Lavash. You will need juicy vegetables, well -decorated beef and sour cream with a low percentage of fat content.

Lenten rolls at home

Fasting is not a reason to abandon a variety of nutrition, because most dishes can be prepared by replacing the forbidden ingredients. For example, I’ll tell you how to cook lean rolls at home. The snack is original, beautiful and tasty.

Spring rolls

In ancient China, an appetizing snack symbolized the parish of spring and the beginning of a new life. There is no classic recipe for spring rolls. They can be prepared from different vegetables and seafood. Only one ingredient remains unchanged - rice paper.

PP paste from chicken liver

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the recipe for a pate of a paste from chicken liver to a ridiculous is simple. The main ingredients are fried until cooked, then seasoned with spices and salt. In the end, everything is traditionally crushed by a blender.

Lavash roll with crab sticks and red fish

Before combining crab sticks and salted red fish, it is almost impossible to resist. There is no mayonnaise in this recipe, so it is also not particularly high -calorie. There is only one drawback - such a roll is better not to cut too subtle so that it does not fall apart.

Humus from chickpeas with peanuts

Today I want to share with you an excellent recipe for chicks of chickpeas and peanuts. Fried nuts give a snack an amazing spicy taste and a sweet aroma. Do not overexpose them in a pan, just dry it well.


Twisting rolls is a long and difficult lesson. Prepare better sushi-port! You will spend much less time, but at the same time the dish will turn out to be just as tasty. For convenience, I recommend using a serving ring.

PP Roll Caesar

The recipe will be useful to everyone who is interested in proper nutrition. PP Roll Caesar is preparing with chicken fillet, juicy vegetables and sour cream sauce. To make the dish more appetizing, I added a little acute pepper and garlic. These ingredients are not required.

Spring rolls with fish

Recently, photos of Spring Rolls are increasingly flashing on the Internet. It turns out that this is a regular pancake of rice paper with different fillings and it is prepared very simply. As evidence, I share the recipe for spring rolls with fish.

Waffles in waffle wacks from zucchini

Today I will tell you how to cook wonderful waffles in a waffle rod. To do this, I recommend using flax or barley flour. If desired, you can add a little crushed garlic or fried onions.

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Vegetarian snacks - recipes with photos (step by step)

Snakes are very often underestimated! After all, it would seem, why is there any other food in front of the main dish. Many people remember them only for the holidays, when you want to make the table as rich and diverse as possible. But we would like to restore justice and introduce you to the recipes of snacks for all occasions! Moreover, for the most part, they quickly prepare and do not require any specific knowledge.

Light Canapes and Humus with vegetables will perfectly go over a snack, and liver cakes, arshmak or sandwiches can also be served instead of the main dish. Cold snacks will help out in the summer when there is no appetite at all. And hot ones are especially good in the fall and winter. Vegetable snacks, such as kimchi or squash caviar, will diversify the diet and help create the right balanced diet.

And about snacks to a jar of beer, a glass of wine or a glass of cola and there is nothing to say! And how many options are on the road, to work, for picnics and trips outside the city. How to cook snacks is simple, fast and tasty - look in our recipes with photos!