Desserts for Vegetarians

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Biscuit pp cake

Proper nutrition is not a reason to abandon your favorite desserts. Just prepare them according to other recipes. For example, you can bake a biscuit PP cake. The air dough is kneaded in coconut oil and boiling water, and the cream consists of yogurt and low -fat cottage cheese.

Keto cheesecakes with coconut flour

Diet is not a reason to refuse desserts. It is better to learn how to cook your favorite dishes taking into account new rules. Continuing this topic, I want to share with you a recipe for keto cheesecakes with coconut flour. It is tasty, healthy and simple.

Pp cheesecakes made of cottage cheese with rice flour

Start the day correctly: drink a glass of water with lemon, and for breakfast, prepare the pP cheesecakes from cottage cheese with rice flour. It is not difficult to do this, especially since in this recipe you will find all the necessary clues and recommendations.

Curricular waffle pp in a waffle

A healthy and delicious breakfast that never bothers. The curds of waffles in a waffle are prepared simply and relatively quickly. Serve them every time with new additives. To do this, you can use low -fat sour cream, yogurt, honey, jam, fresh berries and fruits.

PP cheesecakes

Lush and beautiful PP cheesecakes are prepared from skim cottage cheese with the addition of eggs and rice flour. Coconut oil is used for frying. It can be replaced with olive, corn or linen. Serve the finished cheesecakes with honey, berries and slices of fruit.

Pp cheesecakes with banana

You certainly need to try this recipe. PP cheesecakes with banana are very tasty and magnificent. The dessert will be more fragrant if you add a little vanillin, citrus zest, cinnamon or ground cardamom.

Vafley PP in Multipecar

It turns out that it’s not so difficult to prepare a waffle PP in a multipecar. There are several recipes. I like to knead the dough on low -fat cottage cheese with apple puree. So that there are no lumps, the finished mixture I pure the submersible blender.

Pancake pp cake

Even those who zealously consider calories can afford a delicious dessert. The pancake PP Cake is prepared without sugar and only from useful products. The cream is whipped from skim cottage cheese and ricotta. If desired, you can add a little vanillin or citrus zest.

VAFLI PP in the oven

I advise you to somehow buy special molds and prepare a waffles in the oven. It is so simple and convenient that you no longer want to return to the waffle box. You can prepare such a dessert for breakfast or for a useful snack during the day.

PP wafer tubes

Try this recipe and you will often cook waffle tubes. You can fill them with jam, chocolate mousse from avocados or any other PP cream. The main thing is not to store the finished dessert for a long time, otherwise the crunchy dough will get wet under the influence of the filling.

Waffles in waffle on kefir

Start the day from a delicious and healthy breakfast: prepare the wonderful waffles pp in a waffle on kefir! Despite the lack of sugar, milk and butter, the dough is surprisingly soft, fragrant and tasty. All secrets are described further in the recipe.

Keto cheesecakes

The main rule of Keto diet is the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Cottage cheese does not fall under the restrictions, and if you replace wheat flour of linen, you can cook very tasty keto cheesecakes. Instead of sugar, stevia is used.

Pp cheesecakes with protein

There are many recipes for PP cheesecakes with protein. They are prepared with different additives, using a small amount of flour and without it. I offer you my option with egg and rice flour. For frying, you can use olive, coconut and corn oil.

Pp cheesecakes from cottage cheese in the oven

A great recipe for adherents of proper nutrition. PP cheesecakes from cottage cheese are prepared in the oven, which means they are less fat. Instead of sugar, honey is used. If it is not, add stevia, erytritol or any other sugar -substitute.

Cheesons with protein

This recipe does not use flour. Cheesons are prepared with protein and a small amount of ground oatmeal. For this reason, they poorly keep their shape and rather whimsically behave in the process of frying. Be patient and attentive.

Lenten cake from cookies without baking

The easiest way to make a home cake without baking is to cook it from cookies. And if you manage to buy lean cookies, then the cake can be made as lean. There are many different options, but today I will share with you the most beloved.

Sweets from dried fruits and sesame seeds

You probably have repeatedly met the so -called energy bars on store shelves. But usually they are quite expensive, and there is no confidence in the composition. I tell you how to cook them yourself!

Cranberry pastille

Classical pastille was popular in the monasteries of Ancient Rus'. Thus, it was possible to save berries and fruits for the season forward, and in addition, it could be consumed in post. One of the traditional options was cranberry pastille. And it’s easy to understand why! Delicious!

Sweets from bran

Preparing home sweets is incredibly simple. And they can also be very diverse, and even fans of proper nutrition can find options. It may seem to you that the sweets from bran - it sounds a little strange. But the taste is just excellent!

PP pastille

One of the lightest and most useful desserts that you can come up with is PP pastille. And all because it is based on only fruit or berry puree, and nothing more. It is not necessary to even add sugar at all - this is already to your taste.

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Vegetarian desserts - recipes with photos (step by step)

With the word “desserts”, everyone will present something of their own. A piece of cake, ice cream, domestic sweets, chocolate muffins, ponders with glaze, cottage cheese with fruits. Or maybe Tiramisu, Rahat-Lukum, Panna-Cotta or Ecclera? Cheesecake, pudding with jam or baklava? Or just cheese and nuts with fruits under the original sauce? The choice is almost limitless! Only the essence remains the general.

Desserts are what we complete the feast, which means that they should be the most delicious and give the most pleasant impressions. This is not only food, but also a whole ritual. It is not for nothing that for desserts there are even separate cutlery. In fact, the tradition of ending lunch or dinner with desserts appeared not so long ago, just a couple of centuries ago. More precisely, with an increase in sugar production and as it is available.

For a long time it was a real curiosity, which ordinary people could afford only for the holidays. That is why desserts were always prepared with special love, not sparing time and effort to create or decoration. And on our site you will find the most delicious recipes for desserts with step -by -step photos of cooking!