Desserts for Vegetarians

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Carrot pastille at home

If you like delicious and healthy treats for tea, then you are definitely familiar with pastila. And if you like unusual culinary solutions, then you also know that it can be prepared from almost anything. And not only from fruits and berries, but, for example, from carrots.

Lenten sweets

On the one hand, store sweets are very diverse. On the other hand, when you want something special, there are almost no options left. For example, finding lean sweets is a difficult task. But making them at home is already much easier.

PP pudding

You will need only 5 ingredients: sugar substitute, starch, vanillin, vegetable milk and oil. Of these, you can easily prepare a very tasty pp pudding. It should be served, sprinkled with chopped nuts, coconut or fresh berries.

Candy with CHIA seeds

Even a person who is far from cooking can cook delicious home sweets with chia seeds. In addition, this is a vegan dish for those who follow their diet. I prefer to roll small balls, but you can experiment with the form to your taste.

Fruit jelly in watermelon

This jelly is interesting primarily by the original presentation. For him, you will need a half of the watermelon, from which you need to gently extract the pulp. When you cut the finished dessert - slightly heat the knife in hot water.

Jackets of apples and berries

Treating with tea can be not only tasty, but also very useful. And one of the most striking examples in this case is pastille from apples and berries. It requires quite a lot of time to dry, but the preparation itself takes a minimum.

Pudding with chia seeds

Recently, many recipes with Chia seeds have appeared. They are added to salads, smoothies, cereals and all kinds of desserts. I tried to prepare a pudding with chia seeds. It turned out that it is simple and very tasty. The ideal option for breakfast or a useful snack.

Raw food sweets

Home sweets attract the variety and simplicity of their cooking. And also - the ability to find a recipe for any requests and for all occasions. Imagine that you wanted to cook raw food sweets. Yes elementary! There is nothing easier!

Lenten banana cake

If you still do not know how good bananas in home pastries are - you missed a lot. Including, they allow you to prepare all sorts of specific recipes, such as a lean banana cake. Then I will tell about everything step by step and in the smallest details.

Vegan dessert with apples and chia

If you are not indifferent to apples with cinnamon, but avoid dough and baking, catch a wonderful useful dessert. He is also very quickly and easily prepared, so even the child will cope. I advise you to choose sweet and red apples to Chia.

Grape pastille at home

All fans of delicious and healthy desserts for tea will definitely come in handy this recipe. Pastil is good in that for her you can use any fruits and berries. Including rather unusual options, like such a grape pastille. I tell you!

Sweets from kuraga

With such homemade kuraga sweets, you no longer have to spend money on dubious snacks. This is the best snack and just a healthy and delicious dessert. Of course, they should not abuse them, but a few pieces will always be in handy.

Chocolate-banana ice cream with walnut paste

On the one hand, such a treat of bananas, chocolate and nut pasta is not too similar to a classic seal. On the other hand, it is a full -fledged delicate ice cream with a pleasant texture. Before serving, I advise you to give him slightly.

Pastile from tomatoes in an electric dryer

With pastille from fruits and berries, everything is clear for a long time - this is a classic. What about more bold and even extravagant experiments? This time I propose to try to cook tomatoes. It is best to do this in an electric dryer - faster and more convenient.

Kurd from apples and kiwi

If you like pleasant fruit sourness, this Kurd is created specifically for you. At the heart - sweet apples and ripe kiwi. And what else needs to be added and how to cook them, you will learn further in the recipe.

Vegan carrot sweets

Most home vegan sweets are prepared on the basis of dates or figs. But what if you do not like them at all? I offer such an interesting option with carrots! But it must be tasty and sweet.

PP Rafaello

There are dozens of variations of home Rafaello, and all of them resemble the original to varying degrees. This PP recipe can hardly be called an impeccable copy. But it turns out a very tasty and delicate coconut treat, which cannot be resisted.

Bats with banana and apple

Catch one of the most original recipes for homemade bars - based on a banana and apple. Unlike nuts and dried fruits, this option is better not to cook for the future. Enough one or two times. But they are so easily done that this is not a problem.

Vegan sweets

Contrary to general opinion in the diet of vegans, quite interesting and diverse food. There are even a lot of mouth -watering desserts. For example, I want to tell you a recipe for vegan sweets. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lenten cupcakes

The modern variety of products can easily adapt to any restrictions most of your favorite dishes. Including desserts. Therefore, today I want to share an excellent recipe for lean cupcakes. Most will not even immediately understand that they are lean.

Vegetarian desserts - recipes with photos (step by step)

With the word “desserts”, everyone will present something of their own. A piece of cake, ice cream, domestic sweets, chocolate muffins, ponders with glaze, cottage cheese with fruits. Or maybe Tiramisu, Rahat-Lukum, Panna-Cotta or Ecclera? Cheesecake, pudding with jam or baklava? Or just cheese and nuts with fruits under the original sauce? The choice is almost limitless! Only the essence remains the general.

Desserts are what we complete the feast, which means that they should be the most delicious and give the most pleasant impressions. This is not only food, but also a whole ritual. It is not for nothing that for desserts there are even separate cutlery. In fact, the tradition of ending lunch or dinner with desserts appeared not so long ago, just a couple of centuries ago. More precisely, with an increase in sugar production and as it is available.

For a long time it was a real curiosity, which ordinary people could afford only for the holidays. That is why desserts were always prepared with special love, not sparing time and effort to create or decoration. And on our site you will find the most delicious recipes for desserts with step -by -step photos of cooking!