Desserts for Vegetarians

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Flows with flakes

Clates from flakes - sounds unusual, right? In fact, this is a quick, very tasty and very useful snack when there is not enough strength, vigor and time to cook. They are good at home and conveniently take them with them.

Blind -lactose cream for cake

The main problem of most popular creams for a cake is that they almost always have cream, milk, butter or other ingredients with lactose. But what if you adhere to a lactose diet? In this case, I also have a recipe!

PP sweets from dates

The ideal basis for the preparation of homemade PP sweets is dates, because they themselves already give the necessary texture, and in addition - sweetness without excess sugar. There are a lot of such sweets, and I would like to share one of the most successful.

Vegan sweets from oatmeal and dates

Shop sweets, of course, are very tasty, but they can hardly be called proper nutrition. I propose today to cook such a wonderful home option from oatmeal, date and other dried fruits.

Cream from juice

Do you like frozen juice or so -called fruit ice? It costs nothing to cook it yourself at home, and then I will tell you how. If possible, I strongly advise you to take fresh homemade juice, without preservatives and additives.

Coconut caramel

Preparing a home caramel is not difficult. It is so simple that everyone will cope if desired. At the same time, there will definitely be nothing superfluous in it, as in store blanks with disputed compositions. And you can also do something original, like coconut caramel.

Energy bars with air rice

If you have a little air rice left, which you do not know where to put it - why not cook such a treat? This is something between shopping goats and energy bars, which have become so popular in the wake of interest in proper nutrition.


Of all the vegetables, pumpkin is just an ideal basis for any pastries. And in texture, and to taste, and in color. From it you can make a wide variety of pies, cakes and muffins. Including a lean cake, the recipe of which I want to share.

Watermelon ice cream at home

If you also like unusual delicious ice cream, then you know how few really good and various options can be found on sale. But they can always be prepared independently. How about such an original ice cream from a watermelon?

Vanilla ice cream in vegetable milk

If you do not use dairy products, this is not a reason to abandon your favorite desserts. I share with you a proven recipe for homemade vanilla ice cream in vegetable milk. I prefer soy or any nut.

Vegan cake

It is difficult to find desserts for vegan in stores. It is much easier to buy the necessary products and cook vegan cake yourself. At the same time, you yourself choose the ingredients for the filling, determine the amount of sugar and other additives.

Brusnice mousse

I love berry mousses - just the best dessert for every day. Light, air, bright, beautiful, very tasty and easy to prepare. And the lingonberry mousse also harmoniously combines the sweetness with an expressive berry acidity.

Paste from pumpkin and apples at home

One of my favorite pastille recipes is such an option from pumpkin and apples. Firstly, it turns out very tasty and healthy. Secondly, it is easily prepared and hardened well, because the apples are rich in pectin. Finally, she has a wonderful appetizing color and aroma.

Sweets Ryzhik

Home sweets are favorably different from any store with a well -known composition without dubious additives, flavors and flavor enhancers. And domestic sweets can be incredibly diverse. For example, sweets are red.

Tsimes with dried fruits and almonds

For this recipe, I advise you to choose small sweet carrots. In stores, it is most often sold in packages marked Baby. It is much better and harmonious combined with almonds in such an unusual Jewish tsima.

Lenten cake Rafaello

Even a post does not mean that you need to eat too scarce and monotonous. Any restrictions are always good in moderation, so I have a couple of secret recipes in case you want to please you are close. One of these recipes is Rafaelo's lean cake.

Chizkeke from Tofu

Incredibly, a delicious home cheesecake can be prepared even from tofu. This is a real salvation for vegans and those who avoid lactose in any form. And this is just an original experiment if you like to try something new.

Bats with dried apricots

Bats with dried apricots are a tasty and hearty treat for tea for all occasions. And they are preparing so simply that it is difficult to believe in it. There is only one minus - they are quite sticky, so it is better to divide them with parchment.

Banana and cocoa ice cream at home

Banans have long established themselves as an excellent basis for a wide variety of desserts. Now also for ice cream. I propose to immediately go further and make it even more original. Add a little cocoa. So tasty that it is impossible to stop!

Vegan cheesecakes

It would seem, like cheesecakes that are originally prepared from cottage cheese, can be vegan? Yes, it’s easy, if you recall the existence of such an excellent product as Tofu. I share a proven recipe that never fails.

Vegetarian desserts - recipes with photos (step by step)

With the word “desserts”, everyone will present something of their own. A piece of cake, ice cream, domestic sweets, chocolate muffins, ponders with glaze, cottage cheese with fruits. Or maybe Tiramisu, Rahat-Lukum, Panna-Cotta or Ecclera? Cheesecake, pudding with jam or baklava? Or just cheese and nuts with fruits under the original sauce? The choice is almost limitless! Only the essence remains the general.

Desserts are what we complete the feast, which means that they should be the most delicious and give the most pleasant impressions. This is not only food, but also a whole ritual. It is not for nothing that for desserts there are even separate cutlery. In fact, the tradition of ending lunch or dinner with desserts appeared not so long ago, just a couple of centuries ago. More precisely, with an increase in sugar production and as it is available.

For a long time it was a real curiosity, which ordinary people could afford only for the holidays. That is why desserts were always prepared with special love, not sparing time and effort to create or decoration. And on our site you will find the most delicious recipes for desserts with step -by -step photos of cooking!