Second Dishes for Vegetarians

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Baked trout with paprika and chili

Even a simple and banal trout in spices can be baked more original. For example, add a little paprika and chili. And now the fish acquires a completely different piquant taste. And if you add smoked paprika, the aroma will stand all over the kitchen before you send the dish to the oven. But in this case, do not overdo it with the number of seasonings.

Vegetarian beans in a slow cooker

I always have beans in stock. Even if there is no meat from it, you can cook very tasty and satisfying dishes. Often, I even cook bean cutlets. You can serve them cold and hot, but always with some kind of sauce.

Hek with colored cabbage in the oven

Color cabbage is a wonderful side dish for baked fish. It is light, dietary, tasty and very harmoniously combined with Heck. I tell you how to prepare all this in the oven, how to choose a temperature and how much time it will be needed. When serving, add a little greens or chopped green onions.

Trout with vegetables in the oven

If a whole trout hit you, and you have not yet decided what to do with it - feel free to bake it in the oven with vegetables. What exactly can be added and how to cook it, I will tell further in the recipe. Although in fact, vegetables are suitable, including seasonal ones. Unless smaller cut hard ingredients, such as potatoes or battles.

Plow with tomatoes and olives in the oven

Such a polish recipe clearly evokes thoughts about Italian cuisine. And if you add traditional Italian herbs - it is simply impossible to resist this dish. I advise you to bake it in foil or in the sleeve. Better yet, in an envelope from parchment!

Omlet with tomatoes, cauliflower and cheese in the oven

Prepare an unusual omelet today. Add your favorite vegetables, cheese and dish will become not only tastier, but also more useful. I often cook with cauliflower. It is preliminary better to boil it a little, otherwise she will not have time to bake.

Chicken roll with vegetables and champignons

If you like chicken rolls with a lot of filling, this recipe is specifically for you. But be sure to cook it in foil so that nothing falls apart. And also - turn off as tightly as possible and cut only when it cools down a little.

Lentils in the carry sauce

We are used to the fact that meatballs are meat balls, but this is far from the only option. By the same principle, you can prepare them from any legumes. And thanks to a thick sauce, Curry the dish acquires distinct Indian notes.

Brockley porridge

Someone loves sweet porridge, someone salty, but in any case, a good indicator of the dish is frustration and aroma. The tastes are the most in a slow cooker. With the help of this device, today we will prepare millet porridge with broccoli!

Roulet from a turkey with carrots

As a filling for this roll, I use the most classic grip of carrots. It turns out tasty, juicy and very original. You can take several pieces of meat at once - for example, breast fillet and thigh fillet, or just mix different types.

Vegetable PP Raga

Potatoes and carrots are starchy vegetables, so in this recipe we will not use them. Let's try to cook vegetable pp stews from tsukini, eggplant, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and onions. I talk about everything in order.

Pumpkin porridge with rice and raisins

In the fall, the season of fragrant pumpkin comes. I always look forward to him and at the first opportunity I cook pumpkin porridge with rice and raisins. I want to share this recipe with you today. A delicious dish will be useful to children and adults.

Drado with asparagus and lime

Even the easiest way to bake fish can be slightly diversified by showing imagination. For example, add a little asparagus, and replace the usual lemon with a more piquant lime. Instead of ordinary onions, this recipe is stripping. Well, then everything is in the best traditions of baked fish - quickly, simply and without problems.

Carp with vegetables in the oven

In order not to waste time in vain and cook carp immediately with the side dish, bake it with vegetables. This is a good recipe for medium -sized fish. Just select the appropriate shape to gently lay out everything you need. Vegetables can be taken very different, and so far I will share with you my favorite version of my family.

Baked trout in foil

The whole trout baked entirely is very tasty and delicate. But if you are worried about how it bakes, and in general you only master these culinary skills, I advise you to cook it in foil. So you can not worry that something will dry, and something will remain damp. Fish meat will be very delicate and literally melts in the mouth.

Campaiser with cabbage under the cheese in the oven

I love to prepare the meatballs in the oven, because you do not need to follow the pan and constantly mix something. You can simply prepare all the ingredients, set the desired temperature and go about your business. Catch the original recipe with cabbage!

Steam chicken cutlets

Food for children should not only be tasty, but also healthy. Both that and the other task, chicken cutlets are steamed perfectly. Preparing them is easy. You will need a double boiler and a little free time.

Gorbusha in spices in the oven

A simple casual pink salmon recipe in spices will be liked by those who love simple dishes, simple processes and the same simple tastes. If you need to bake the fish “in its purest form”, without additives - feel free to choose this option. No need to even run to the store for additional ingredients.

Potato and buckwheat cutlets

If you like vegetable cutlets, try the next recipe. The minced meat is prepared from potatoes and buckwheat. I add a little flaxseed seeds, but this is not necessary. Without mayonnaise and sour cream, such cutlets can be served vegetarians.

Baked trout with vegetables in the oven

Trout with vegetables can be baked in the oven differently. Someone prefers potatoes, someone-carrots and onions. This time I propose to use tomatoes, broccoli, celery and champignons. It is better to take vegetables fresh, not frozen. So after baking, they remain elastic and slightly crunched on the teeth.

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Vegeterian second dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Universal second dishes are good for every day and to the festive table. Here are simple recipes from basic ingredients, and complex exquisite gourmet finds. If you need an option more evidence, choose meat - beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey. There are recipes for the second dishes with minced meat, hearts and giblets, bacon and ham. The connoisseurs of fish and seafood will also not be left without an alternative!

Here you will also find recipes for second dishes for vegetarians and in post - mushroom and vegetable side dishes, stew and even cutlets. And how many second dishes with cereals and legumes we managed to find! Seasonal products are very popular - for example, zucchini in the summer or pumpkin in the fall. Lazy cabbage rolls and dumplings, cereals, second eggs from eggs and vegetables with chicken are perfectly prepared in haste.

If you do not want to stand at the stove for a long time, pay attention to casseroles, foil and baking sleeve. And in order to please guests and households with exquisite cuisine - at your disposal recipes of risotto, lasagna, seafood pastes and salmon steaks. And most importantly - do not be afraid of culinary experiments!