First meals for Vegetarians

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Mushroom broth from champignons

Mushroom broth is an excellent basis for soups and sauces. If you think that a really delicious and aromatic decoction is obtained only from forest mushrooms, I have great news for you. Champignons fit no worse!

Vegetable soup with beans

If you like hearty vegetable soups or you adhere to a vegetarian diet - this is the same recipe that will help you out repeatedly. Conducted beans make soup much more satisfying, and in addition it is very quickly prepared.

Pumpkin cream

Of all dozens of variations of pumpkin creams, this is my favorite recipe. Here is a rich taste and a pleasant texture - the main components of success. When serving, sprinkle the dish with seeds or crackers. You can add a little Feta or Cream Syr.

Vegetable brine with rice

Most often, the pickle is prepared with barley, but the rice is great for this first dish. Today I propose to cook a vegetable option without meat - as light and low -calorie as possible.

Spinach, tsukini and greens

Adherents of diets and proper nutrition will accurately evaluate such soup-puree with spinach, tsukini and herbs. Minimum calories, maximum benefits, and even such a rich green color! Even children fell in love with him in my house!

Broccoli and greenery soup

Cream-soup or puree soup can be prepared from almost any ingredients. Therefore, this is a delightful space for experiments. For example, today I want to share one of my favorite recipes with broccoli and herbs.

Moroccan soup with chickpeas and beans

If the usual everyday soups are already tired, try such a recipe in the Moroccan style. At the heart - legumes, and specifically - beans and chickpeas. You can take green beans or something else to your taste. But be prepared to wait until they get well.

Zucchini, tsukini and greens

Soups-puree from zucchini and tsukini are very simple, light and slightly fresh. So a little greenery will only benefit the dish. Catch a wonderful dietary recipe for children and adults for every day!


If you like soups and cream soups-you definitely need to try this recipe. The cream border is very original and unusual. I advise you to serve it with sour cream, greens, garlic or fragrant herbs.

Forest mushroom

Before the aroma of broth from forest mushrooms, it is impossible to resist after the first breath! I tell you how to properly prepare the ingredients and how much to cook them. And what to do with the decoction further - entirely at your discretion.

Pea puree soup with lentils

Peas are perfectly combined in soups with other legumes. For example, with lentils in such a fragrant, hearty and bright soup-puree. Sprinkle it with smoked paprika or chili flakes, and serve with crispy crackers.

Cream-Sup of zucchini and green peas

Cream-soup from zucchini without additives would be too liquid and fresh, because it is a rather watery vegetable. Therefore, most often they are mixed with something else. For example, here is such a recipe with green peas!

Pea soup with onions

This recipe is an interesting mixture of Russian and French culinary traditions. A thick pea puree and a classic onion soup are taken as a basis. And what happened from such an experiment - you can evaluate yourself.

Lenten Harcho

Classic Kharcho has nothing to do with lean dishes. But even it can be adapted to your wishes. In the end, cooking is always a space for experiments. And the experiment with lean Kharcho according to this recipe can be called successful.

Vegetarian pumpkin cream Sup

Tens of pumpkin soups, if not hundreds, and today I want to share my loved one with you. The main thing is to beat it well with a blender to get a smooth homogeneous consistency. When serving, decorate with herbs and seeds.

Mushroom hodgepodge

A hodgepodge with mushrooms plays with completely new colors. This applies to both taste and aroma. The whole family will probably be delighted with such a first dish. And if you want to go even further, use mushroom broth for such a hodgepodge. If you want to make it completely lean - serve without sour cream.

Sorrel soup with potatoes

Today I want to share with you my favorite recipe for sorrel soup. I prefer to leave it transparent, and not thicken it with cheese, flour or a raw egg. But a boiled egg for decoration is another matter. And without it, the soup is quite suitable for fasting or a vegetarian diet!

Lenten Ukrainian borsch with rosemary

Of course, rosemary has little in common with traditional Ukrainian herbs and spices. But in fact, its expressive aroma very harmoniously complements the classic borsch. Try it yourself - and make sure that is clearly!

Fresh tomatoes

Tomato-puree soup is a special pleasure. It can be prepared on the basis of canned tomatoes, tomato paste or even juice. But I prefer to use fresh vegetables. Choose juicy, fleshy and delicious varieties!

Vegetarian borsch with canned beans

Is it possible to cook borsch at all without meat and without a bird? Of course you can! Further in the recipe I will tell you how to do it. And to make it even more satisfying, I propose to add a little canned beans. This is a priceless source of plant protein.

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Vegetarian first dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Hot first dishes began to cook along with the invention of the first primitive dishes. Gradually, they became more complicated and inventive, new ingredients, spices and culinary techniques appeared. Now fish, meat, chicken and vegetable soups are impressive. And not only they! There are dietary and children's recipes, sweet and dairy first dishes, cream-soups and much more.

Something needs to be boiled, something is to grind with a blender, and something is enough to fill in before serving. The first dishes are also good in that you can prepare a whole pan for several days even for a large family. In addition to hot soups, we offer summer cold - light and refreshing. For example, okroshka on kvass or kefir.

And with fashion for national cuisines and fusion, the most original recipes from all over the world came to us. Gaspacho, Minestron, cheese and onion soups, Miso and Fo-Bo, Shurpa and Harcho, and much more. And cabbage soup, beetroot, pickle and ear play all with new and new colors. For those who do not eat meat, there are the first dishes with seafood, mushrooms, glutters, lentils and other legumes.

Of course, we also have classic recipes: borsch, chicken broth, pea soup, cabbage. For every taste!