First meals for Vegetarians

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Green pea soup with carrots

For this recipe, I like to use green dry peas. It goes well with carrots, which needs more for this recipe. Serve a dish with fried croutons or crackers to taste.

Vegan pea soup-puree

For the preparation of vegan pea-puree, I do not use neither meat products, nor cream, nor cheese. There are only fragrant vegetables and spices, and which ones you will learn further in the recipe! It turns out tasty and satisfying.

Vegetarian Kharcho

Harcho is a traditional Georgian soup with beef. Few people know that the vegetarian version of this dish is not only easier for the body, but is also not inferior in taste to the classic preparation version.

Vegetarian pickle with pearl barley

If you are on a diet, adhere to a post or vegetarian views, weld a brineless box without meat. It turns out no less tasty than classic options. I add a lot of barley and vegetables to make the soup thicker.

Vegetarian pickle

The pickle can be cooked on any broth, including vegetable or mushroom. This time I propose to try just such a vegetarian version. And if you cook the broth in advance, it is also very fast.

Okroshka with cabbage

In the classic okroshka, there was no question of cabbage, but no one prevents you from experimenting for pleasure. I share a proven recipe for a refreshing hearty option. As a fill, I advise you to use mineral water and you can add sour cream to taste.

Pea puree soup with zucchini

Pea-puree soups are good for everyone except that they turn out very thick. If you want to achieve lighter and lighter texture, you will have to add broth, water or cream. Or, for example, a little juicy zucchini.

Dried white mushrooms

This broth can be served just like that, adding a little vegetables or noodles. It is very satisfying and rich, and may well replace meat for vegetarians. I tell you how to properly prepare dried white mushrooms, so that everything exactly works out.

Cream-soup with broccoli, mint and coconut milk

Any cream-soup is immediately transformed if you add coconut milk instead of conventional cream. This time I propose to experiment on a broccoli dish. And a little mint will give him even more freshness, lightness and originality.

Lenten green borsch

Green borsch is very easy to make lean and vegetarian. It is enough to use vegetable broth or just water - and now you have already achieved success. It turns out as tasty as on meat or chicken.

Beetroot with a top

In vain we throw the beetroot tops, because you can make a delicious beetroot from it. Of course, the main ingredient of dishes is a red beet, but related products also play an important role.

Apples and celery soup

Soups-puree attracts with their diversity, because any vegetables can become the basis of the dish. For example, such a light and dietary option from celery and several apples for taste! I advise you to serve it with a balsam.

Mushroom broth in a slow cooker

Harmed and rich mushroom broth can be prepared even in a slow cooker. There are several features of the process that I would like to talk about in more detail. And then cook soup from it or serve separately with bread!

Pea puree soup with mushrooms

Pea and mushroom soups-puree are one of the most popular in their form. So why not unite both of these options among themselves in one fragrant, hearty and beautiful dish? Serve it traditionally - with crackers, herbs or cheese.

Pea puree soup with broccoli

Soups-puree are good in that they allow you to combine the most unusual and unexpected ingredients. For example, today I propose to cook such a pea-puree soup with broccoli. I am sure that you have not tried such an original recipe yet.

Pea puree soup with potatoes

It would seem, how to make pea soup-puree even more satisfying? But here, too, you can act according to the classical scheme and just add a little potato! This is a great option when you need to feed a large family.

Celery soup-puree

Celery soup-salvation for all adherents of diets. It is very light and very low -calorie, but at the same time perfectly saturates and warms. A pleasant cream color complements the picture. Decorate it with your favorite greens and spices!

Borsch with chickpeas

Once in an attempt to cook borsch with beans, I found that it was over. But there was a little chickpe. Why not? The result was a very hearty, beautiful and unusual first dish.

Quick pea puree soup

Pea soup takes time to make the peas normally boil. But even this process can be accelerated if there is such a desire. And in this recipe I will tell you how to prepare the simplest and fastest pea peel soup in a slow cooker.

Mushroom puree soup with cilantro

There are a lot of puree mushroom soups, and this is one of my favorite options. It turns out very hearty and fragrant. I advise you to serve it with home crackers and decorate it with the same cilantro and champignons.

Vegetarian first dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Hot first dishes began to cook along with the invention of the first primitive dishes. Gradually, they became more complicated and inventive, new ingredients, spices and culinary techniques appeared. Now fish, meat, chicken and vegetable soups are impressive. And not only they! There are dietary and children's recipes, sweet and dairy first dishes, cream-soups and much more.

Something needs to be boiled, something is to grind with a blender, and something is enough to fill in before serving. The first dishes are also good in that you can prepare a whole pan for several days even for a large family. In addition to hot soups, we offer summer cold - light and refreshing. For example, okroshka on kvass or kefir.

And with fashion for national cuisines and fusion, the most original recipes from all over the world came to us. Gaspacho, Minestron, cheese and onion soups, Miso and Fo-Bo, Shurpa and Harcho, and much more. And cabbage soup, beetroot, pickle and ear play all with new and new colors. For those who do not eat meat, there are the first dishes with seafood, mushrooms, glutters, lentils and other legumes.

Of course, we also have classic recipes: borsch, chicken broth, pea soup, cabbage. For every taste!