Salads for Vegetarians

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Egg salad, onions and sour cream

Among dozens of variations of salads with eggs, this is one of my loved ones. It is very light, completely dietary and is prepared literally from improvised ingredients. Most of the time spent on cooking eggs, and the rest is a matter of minutes. Instead of sour cream, yogurt and even kefir are suitable.

Salad with tuna, eggs and olives

In this simple and beautiful salad with tuna, a minimum of calories and harmful carbohydrates, but the maximum of the protein that the eggs provide. Maslin and refueling are responsible for useful fats. A wonderful everyday option, which is prepared in a matter of minutes.

Salad with seaweed and purple onions

Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of sea cabbage. Let's replenish the piggy bank on this topic by another wonderful salad. You can serve it to meat, potato dishes or pasta. Also, the salad is suitable for a dietary snack.

Shrimp salad, avocado and feta cheese

Do not overeat! Prepare a light salad with shrimp, avocados and feta. It perfectly restores strength, charges with energy and quenches appetite. It can be served with rice, potatoes or as an independent dish.

Green salad with broccoli and egg

Salads from ingredients of the same color are my weakness. They are always beautiful and spectacular, so they are delighted with one appearance. Once thanks to this recipe, my family fell in love with broccoli. Well, to make the dish even more satisfying and healthy, add eggs.

Pock with shrimp

The beauty of the poke is in countless products of products. Today I am sharing with you a recipe with shrimp pokes that my family loves very much. Fresh shrimp of any size is suitable for this snack, always with an elastic whole shell.

Salad with chicken and vegetables in Korean

This salad is done by two things: the finest cutting of vegetables in Korean and a fragrant set of spices. All this is amazingly combined with chicken in the best traditions of Asian cuisine. I advise you to definitely try to prepare this recipe at least once.

Salad with pineapple, chicken and radish

A salad with pineapples, chicken and radish is appetizing and light. Pineapples give juicers and a sweet taste, and tender chicken with fresh vegetables are just amazing! On the festive table, this salad is always eaten first.

Salad with chickpeas, red fish, spinach and cherry tomatoes

What could be easier than salad? Cut, mix and serve. I have many recipes on this subject. Today I will tell you how to make a red fish and chickpeas salad. One portion is enough to quench hunger for a long time.

Salad with red fish, cabbage and carrots

This recipe should know everyone who is interested in proper nutrition. A delicious dish is prepared surprisingly simple and fast. Prepare the salad in haste when you need to have a bite, or apply for dinner as a addition.

Salad with salmon, avocado and basilic

Salad with salmon and avocado - a storehouse of beneficial fats, which is so necessary for our body. Basil and other aromatic greens perfectly shade the taste of the main ingredients. For this recipe, I recommend using slightly salted red fish.

Turkey salad, avocado and arugula

I really love salads with meat and herbs. They can be served on the festive table, cook just like that and take with you to a snack. Recently, I especially fell in love with a turkey salad, avocado and arugula. I will talk about him in the next recipe.

Red fish and asparagus salad

Surprise the guests with an exquisite salad. In preparation, most of the time is processing asparagus. But, having mastered this technique, you can easily prepare a delicious delicacy for other dishes. So, let's go more likely!

Avocado salad, squid and octopuses

Try this salad and you will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual combination of tastes. In addition, such a dish is very useful, so it is often included in the diet menu. In addition to sesame seeds, you can add flax seeds, pumpkin, or slightly fried nuts.

Salad with peas, green beans and tsukini

For this salad, green beans are best suited, because they are harmoniously combined in color with tsukini, peas and other ingredients. But in fact, you can add chickpeas, lentils or even beans - the dish will not lose anything from this.


There are dishes that you want to cook again and again. In my family, these are this salad with patch and red beans, mushrooms and parmesan. Try it and you will like it too!

Peking cabbage salad, Bulgarian pepper and cedar nuts

I often cook salads, so I have a lot of recipes on this topic. If you talk about something simple, then the recipe with Beijing cabbage, Bulgarian pepper and cedar nuts immediately begs. A light dish can be served at any time of the day.

Cabbage salad, cucumbers and pineapples

Found in the refrigerator a can of canned pineapples, a little cabbage and cucumbers? This is enough for a delicious salad. You can add fried peanuts or other nuts. Hard cabbage should first be kneaded with salt.

Salad with pears, grapes and Dor Blue

Another variation on the topic of a classic combination of pears and blue cheese Dor Blue. This time I propose to supplement it with my favorite grapes. I advise you to choose a variety without bones so that they do not spoil the impression of the tenderness and sophistication of the salad.

Tuna and carrot salad

Tuna with cucumbers or tomatoes no longer surprise anyone. I offer you a more original combination - with carrots, pepper and canned corn. And thanks to bright colors, such a salad also looks very elegant.

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Vegetarian salads - recipes with photos (step by step)

Traditionally, salads were a cold dish of crushed ingredients - vegetables, plants and mushrooms. They were filed with refueling and spices. The first salads were prepared from onions, mint, parsley, sometimes with rice and garlic. It was the traditional food of ancient Rome. Of course, there are many more options now, and in addition, warm and even dessert fruit salads have appeared.

Salads are served separately, as a snack or as a side dish to the main meat dish. It all depends on the traditions of a particular country and region. The main secret of a good salad is a gas station. It is prepared on the basis of some liquid component-vinegar, oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, yogurt or mayonnaise. It is the gas station that combines all the ingredients from a fragmented cut into a harmonious holistic dish.

Fresh vegetable salads are seasoned immediately before serving, and more complex dishes you need to brew. How to cook simple, fast and tasty salads - see our recipes with photos!