Salads for Vegetarians

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Baked red fish, tomatoes and greenery

Such a salad is prepared not fast, but the result justifies all expectations. Bake the fish, cut the vegetables and add spices to taste. I do not use lemon juice. Instead, I prefer to add thin circles of lemon to the salad.

Film salad, fried eggplant and Feta

Kinoa is now at the peak of gastronomic fashion. Soups, cereals, all kinds of salads and desserts are prepared from it. Try preparing a salad with fried eggplant and feta cheese. A great dish for everyone who is interested in proper nutrition.

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

If you want to prepare a lightweight version of Caesar-feel free to prepare the chicken on the grill or in the grill-science. So it turns out at the same time fragrant, very tasty and without excess fat for frying.

Sea cabbage and fresh vegetables

I love salads from fresh vegetables. Sometimes I cook them with the addition of sea cabbage. This combination of ingredients is very useful, especially in the winter season. Please note that white cabbage should be pre -kneaded with salt.

Salad with tomatoes, sweet pepper and pineapple

All lovers of fresh vegetables and herbs can recommend a recipe for this salad. It is preparing quickly and absolutely not difficult. The main thing is to choose quality products and carefully monitor the proportions!

Greek salad with avocado

Easy enough to prepare a salad for every day, prepare as quickly as a classic version. In addition to the usual ingredients that are part of our beloved Greek salad, add slices of avocado to make it even more satisfying and nutritious.

Pineapple salad, mangoe and purple onion

Let you not be scared by such an unusual combination of ingredients, because the salad really turns out to be very tasty! It must be prepared with fresh cilantro. She has the role of the final chord in all this composition.

Fresh salad with shrimp, eggs and tomatoes

Is the festive feast planned? It's time to try a new recipe. I advise you to prepare a fresh salad with shrimp, eggs and tomatoes. Shrimp can be used chilled or frozen. The main thing is that they are already boiled.

Chicken and pear salad

A pear is one of my favorite ingredients in salads. It goes well with vegetables, herbs and, of course, with chicken. And for piquancy, I add chopped with thin shavings with Chewder's vegetable ward. However, any solid cheese is suitable, but I advise you to choose exactly the restrained.

Vegetable salad with fried red fish and olives

Be sure to turn on this salad in your festive menu. Even those who are not interested in seafood will admire them. It is better to serve right away so that the fish does not have time to cool. To do this, I recommend laying down the salad on warmed plates.

Broccoli and grapes

A very spectacular festive salad with an interesting combination of ingredients! Despite the fact that it looks quite thorough, it turns out to be very tender and light. Such a dish can be safely served even for a children's holiday, and adults will definitely be delighted.

Line salad, cheese and greens

Sweet pineapple, fresh greens and brackish cheese with mold are combined surprisingly harmoniously. I cook this salad quite often. Usually the cooking process takes no more than 10 minutes, and if the pineapple is canned, then even faster.

Dietary salad with red fish, pear, avocado and herbs

Take care of the guests who follow the figure. Prepare this wonderful salad for them. It contains all the most useful and tasty ingredients. Anyone is suitable for red fish, the main thing is that it is not too salt.

Shrimp salad, broccoli and arachy

Do you like useful food? Then try a recipe for a salad with shrimp, broccoli and arachy -gas refueling. Amazingly tasty, light and aromatic dish! It can be served on the festive table, take with you on a picnic or to work.

Fruit salad with oatmeal and prunes

This salad can be served for dessert. Adjust the amount of honey depending on your taste preferences and sweets. You can also add sugar and water it with jam. I fry oat flakes slightly, but this is not necessary.

Festive salad

Do not know how to surprise the guests? Prepare this delightful salad. A delicious fish in combination with crispy salad leaves and juicy oranges will not leave anyone indifferent. It is better to serve a salad warm on a well -heated plate.

Fireverk salad with shrimp

Are you planning a special menu? Turn on it an amazing fireworks. It is prepared from shrimp, greens and exotic fruits. An amazing combination of different tastes and aromas. Such a dish will be remembered for a long time to your guests.

Greek salad and chicken fillet

The advantages of preparing chicken grilled fillet are obvious: this is how much less fat is used, and the meat retains much more beneficial substances. This is especially important if you adhere to a diet, prepare for children or just follow the food. A little greenery and vegetables - and an amazing healthy salad is ready.

Salad with cottage cheese and Beijing cabbage

When the usual salads are tired, the time comes for experiments. For the first time I was preparing this salad on the principle of "something to work out." But it turned out too good! For color and beauty, I propose to supplement the Beijing cabbage with cottage cheese with bright carrots and grenade grains.

Red fish salad with greens, olives and sharp pepper

Usually such dishes are served on the festive table. I suggest not waiting for a reason, but to please the family with a delicious salad today. Perhaps among your households, not everyone loves sharp pepper. In this case, prepare a separate portion without it.

Vegetarian salads - recipes with photos (step by step)

Traditionally, salads were a cold dish of crushed ingredients - vegetables, plants and mushrooms. They were filed with refueling and spices. The first salads were prepared from onions, mint, parsley, sometimes with rice and garlic. It was the traditional food of ancient Rome. Of course, there are many more options now, and in addition, warm and even dessert fruit salads have appeared.

Salads are served separately, as a snack or as a side dish to the main meat dish. It all depends on the traditions of a particular country and region. The main secret of a good salad is a gas station. It is prepared on the basis of some liquid component-vinegar, oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, yogurt or mayonnaise. It is the gas station that combines all the ingredients from a fragmented cut into a harmonious holistic dish.

Fresh vegetable salads are seasoned immediately before serving, and more complex dishes you need to brew. How to cook simple, fast and tasty salads - see our recipes with photos!