Salads for Vegetarians

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Fruit salad with yogurt in the melon

A fruit salad on the table looks bright and beautiful always. It can be served in transparent bowls, cups and plates. But the dish will look much more original in the melon. Cut it in half, remove the pulp and the “plate” is ready.

Seafood salad, sea cabbage and fresh vegetables

If you like seafood, be sure to try this recipe! Squids, octopuses will suit both boiled and pickled. In both cases, it turns out incredibly tasty. I advise the sea cabbage to use clean without additives.

Shrimp salad, tomatoes and pineapple

Want to surprise everyone with an unusual dish? Prepare a salad of shrimp, tomatoes and pineapple. Moreover, the last ingredient will also play the role of a plate. Buy a whole pineapple, other products on the list and get down to business!

Avocado salad, sea cabbage and cucumbers

If you have not yet prepared salads with seaweed, I advise you to start today. These beneficial dishes will make up for iodine deficiency and the charge of the body with vigor. In addition, they will surprise you with an original taste. Make sure for yourself by preparing this salad.

Salad with green peas and Mozarella

A salad with green peas and Mozarella is preparing in a matter of minutes from what was found in the refrigerator. This is a great variation on the topic of basic vegetable salads for a holiday or for every day. I advise peas to take fresh or frozen.

Pumpkin and chicken salad

Chicken with pumpkin is one of the best combinations. Especially in the season, when there are a lot of pumpkin, and you can experiment with different varieties and tastes. Protein, greens and healthy vegetables - and what else is needed for an excellent salad?

Chicken and blueberry salad

Ready to argue that you will try such a fantastic salad for the first time! Still, a chicken with blueberries-to put it mildly, a non-banal combination. But you can’t even imagine how tasty and unusual it is! No wonder berry sauces have already become a traditional addition to any meat. And if you have a grill frying pan, then it's just perfect.

Sevich salad with shrimp

Sevich is a Latin American dish that has become unusually popular all over the world. Each country brought its changes to the recipe, making it even more interesting and original. I bring to your attention a salad with shrimp on this topic.

Salad with squid, sea cabbage, carrots and cucumbers

A delightful salad will be liked even by those who are usually indifferent to seaweed. In combination with squid and juicy vegetables, it turns out much tastier! If desired, you can add a clove of garlic, a little vinegar or lemon juice.

Red fish, shrimp and vegetables

Usually red fish is served on holidays. But sometimes you should make exceptions and cook it just like that. If only because it is very useful and simple. I share with you a recipe for one of the most popular salads. His taste and beauty are delighted!

Salad with cucumbers, pepper and cottage cheese

This ideal summer salad with cucumbers, pepper and cottage cheese does not even need refueling. There is quite enough juice from vegetables and moisture from cottage cheese. Experiment with your favorite spices and serve it with croutons or toasts.

Salute from salmon, pineapple and spinach

I love salads with red fish, because they are nutritious, tasty and very beautiful. Recently prepared one of these - with salmon and pineapples. If desired, it can strengthen the aroma of citruses by adding a little lemon zest.

Shrimp salad, cinema and grapefruit

Trying to eat right? Then prepare for lunch a useful salad with shrimp, grapefruit, avocado and movie. Pre -boil the cereal for 15 minutes in a small amount of water and throw it in a colander. The rest of the actions are described in detail in the recipe!

Rabbit, vegetables and herbs salad

The delicate rabbit meat is very similar to chicken, so it can also be added to meat salads. You can replace the chicken with a rabbit in all salads known to you. We experiment with the simplest option - we will prepare a dish of rabbit, vegetables and herbs.

Caesar salad with shrimp and avocado

The free interpretation of the usual dish will probably like you and your loved ones. If you like shrimp and avocados, be sure to prepare with them such a beautiful and spectacular Caesar salad. For the convenience of shrimp, you can fry with tails.

Salad of seaweed, beets and green peas

Make your food more diverse! Add useful salads from sea cabbage to the diet! First you can try this simple recipe. Beets for him will need vinaigrette. If vegetables are not sweet enough, add sugar.

Mediterranean salad with red fish

Red fish dishes should be in the diet as often as possible. They are not only tasty, but also surprisingly useful. Faster and easiest to make salad from fish. Today I will share with you a popular recipe for Mediterranean cuisine.

Sea cabbage salad, octopus and pickled bow

Exquisite salad for lovers of seafood. Prepare it for a festive feast or serve it. The dish is always successful and is eaten by one of the very first. If desired, you can add a little lemon zest.

Salad with red fish, arugula and tomatoes

A simple, very tasty and healthy salad. You can cook it at any time of the year, but it is from juicy summer tomatoes that are the most tasty. Unfortunately, therugula will quickly wither, so try to serve the dish right away.

Salad with pumpkin, green peas and brig

The combination of pumpkin, green peas and cheese brig is clearly not the first thing that comes to mind when choosing salads. But I advise you to definitely try this extraordinary recipe. Although he is a little specific, he certainly does not leave indifferent!

Vegetarian salads - recipes with photos (step by step)

Traditionally, salads were a cold dish of crushed ingredients - vegetables, plants and mushrooms. They were filed with refueling and spices. The first salads were prepared from onions, mint, parsley, sometimes with rice and garlic. It was the traditional food of ancient Rome. Of course, there are many more options now, and in addition, warm and even dessert fruit salads have appeared.

Salads are served separately, as a snack or as a side dish to the main meat dish. It all depends on the traditions of a particular country and region. The main secret of a good salad is a gas station. It is prepared on the basis of some liquid component-vinegar, oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, yogurt or mayonnaise. It is the gas station that combines all the ingredients from a fragmented cut into a harmonious holistic dish.

Fresh vegetable salads are seasoned immediately before serving, and more complex dishes you need to brew. How to cook simple, fast and tasty salads - see our recipes with photos!