Beverages for Vegetarians

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Dried apples compote

My grandmother dried different fruits and berries in the sun. In winter, drinks and a delicious filling for pies were prepared from them. For some reason, I remembered the most compote of dried apples for some reason. Its wonderful aroma and delicate taste was postponed in memory forever.

Milk jelly

Make a useful habit of regularly drinking milk jelly. He quickly and for a long time quenches hunger, while having a healing effect on the stomach. The ideal option for breakfast or a useful snack during the day.

Pumpkin juice with orange and lemon

I advise you to add this drink to your diet. It will not only replenish the body of the body with vitamins, but also improve digestion. Pumpkin juice with orange and lemon can be drunk immediately or can be preserved in banks for the winter.

Apricot compote

An ideal summer drink! Cooking quickly, it always turns out tasty and fragrant. The finished compote from apricots I recommend straining. By the amount of sugar, focus on the ripeness of fruit and your taste preferences.

Kizil compote

It is easier to transfer the heat if in the refrigerator there is a jar of refreshing compote from a jig. You can cook it in 5 minutes. I advise you to carefully sort out the berries, as even one is able to ruin the taste of the drink. Otherwise, everything is extremely simple.

Yellow plum compote

In the summer you often want to drink. In order not to buy sweet water, cook delicious drinks at home. A great option would be a compote of yellow plum. You can cook it in a matter of minutes, and so that it has cooled faster, put the pan in a basin with cold water.

Apple juice through juicer

It would seem that it can be difficult to prepare apple juice through a juicer? But here there are several important points. For example, so that the chopped fruits do not get dark, they must be immediately sprinkled with lemon juice. Further about everything in more detail.

The compote from apples

For many, this drink is familiar from childhood. The summer compote from apples was often served in kindergartens and school canteens, our grandmothers and mothers cooked it at home. It's time to deal with recipes ourselves. Looking in advance, I will say: everything is extremely simple.

Oatmeal jelly

I must immediately warn you that instant preparation flakes are not suitable for this recipe. Better give preferences of medium -sized oatmeal. Oatmeal jelly is prepared for a long time, so be patient and strictly follow the recommendations.

Smoothies with parsley

Let's take care of your health a little today and prepare a smoothie with parsley! As a liquid base, we will use filtered water. It can be replaced with vegetable milk, apple or grape juice.

Pumpkin juice at home

There are a lot of fruit and berry juices in the store. But in this assortment, pumpkin juice is rarely found, so it is worth learning to cook on your own at home. Fortunately, this is very simple. I share my branded recipe.

Smoothies from banana and apple

Drink a lot of coffee? Replace one cup per day with useful smoothies from the banana and apple. For example, add it to your breakfast and you will receive a powerful charge of vitamins in the morning. Preparing a delicious drink is very simple. I tell you a great recipe.

Lemonade with Marakuya

This recipe for those who love exotic fruits, new tastes and experiments. Marakuya lemonade - an original variation of a refreshing drink. You can cook it on ordinary water or soda. Add honey or stevia instead of sugar.

Plum juice at home

For this recipe you will need a juicer. If it is not, pass the fruit through a meat grinder, and then fold in gauze and squeeze. Plum juice, cooked at home, is much tastier than what is sold in stores.

Smuses with a banana in a blender

Interested in useful nutrition? Then you will come in handy a bomb recipe with a banana in a blender. It is recommended to drink it immediately, since the banana mass very quickly reacts with the air and therefore becomes dark.

Cranberry jelly with starch

The vitamin drink can be cooked all year round using fresh and frozen berries. The jelly jug is cooked with starch is very simple. The amount of sugar indicated in the recipe can be changed to your taste, but do not forget that cranberries are a sour berry.

Carrot smoothie in a blender

The smoothie can be a great snack between the basic meals. He can satisfy hunger, give energy, and he is very rich in vitamins and nutrients. Vegetable smoothies are especially good in this role. For example, such a carrot smoothie in a blender.

Smaws of vegetables in a blender

Vegetable smoothies will be a salvation for children and adults who do not eat enough vegetables. And this is also a useful light snack for fans of proper nutrition. Such a drink is easy to enter into any diet. And it is also easy to diversify its taste with your favorite spices.

Smuses from Feihoa and Banana

In recent years, an understanding of the importance of a healthy diet has increased significantly, which has led to increased interest in smoothies and its various variations. In addition to more familiar recipes, more and more wonders appear. For example, such a smoothie from Feihoa and Banana.

Carrot juice

Orange color is given by beta-carotene vegetables and fruits. As you have already guessed, in carrots it is incredibly a lot. If there is no desire to bite the vegetable, weld carrot juice. A few minutes of boiling will allow you to maintain valuable substances and the natural taste of the product.

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Vegetarian drinks - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

More and more people with a thirst for experiments and diversity are interested in original recipes for drinks. Cold and refreshing - save in the summer heat, and spicy and hot - warm in cold evenings. Alcoholic cocktails will decorate a party or family holiday. Compots, lemonades, exotic teas with spices - add colors to boring everyday life. And what are all kinds of coffee recipes!

There are so many options that first you will have to decide what exactly you want: freshly squeezed juice, milk cocktail, aromatic fruit drink or nutritious smoothies. There are dozens of species only lemonades, and there are also kvass, combustions and original recipes for drinks from vegetable juices. Do not forget about warming mulled wine, grog and punch - what you need in autumn evenings.

And also - cocoa, hot chocolate, drinks with liquors and, of course, jelly with fruits, berries and even milk. If you are still limited to tea and a couple of familiar recipes-it's time to add something new to life! We are sure that for each drink in this section there is a reason. There are useful vitamin recipes - with ginger, herbs, mint and citrus. Or winter blanks - compotes from peaches, apples, plums, melons and even watermelon.

What about cocktails on kefir? Here you will definitely find recipes for drinks that will surprise you!