Beverages for Vegetarians

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Smoothies with mangoes

When you want something unusual and exotic, this dubus with mangoes always comes to the rescue. It is important that the fruits are as ripe as possible, otherwise it will turn out not very tasty. Otherwise, everything is easy.

Tea with rosehips

Did you know that the content of vitamin C in rosehip is ten times more than in lemon? That is why drinks from healing berries are so in demand in the season of colds and viral diseases. Useful tea from rose hips will help to support the immunity of the whole family.

Morse from blackberries

When the usual compotes and juices are tired, the time comes for something more original. For example, I propose to prepare a fruitless fruit drink. Tasty, fragrant and healthy, it perfectly quenches thirst and will like both adults and children.

Blackcurrant fruit

Surprisingly, the fruit frozen fruit fruit often likes even those who do not like the berry itself. Is this not the best proof of how tasty it turns out? And how to cook it correctly, I will tell in detail further in the recipe.

Beetroot juice

Vegetable juices are in no way inferior to fruit, and sometimes they are even more useful. In addition, they can be used as a basis for smoothies, other drinks, sauces and even soups. Today I will tell you in detail how it is better and more convenient to cook juice from beetroot.

Tea with cranberries

Slowly enjoy the useful warming drink, wrapping in a warm blanket with a dandy winter evening ... What could be more pleasant? Just drink this spicy drink in the circle of relatives and friends. I will share the recipe for "winter" vitamin cranberry tea.

Smoothies without a banana

Smoothies can be cooked in just a few minutes and take with you as a snack or a full breakfast. So it is always not only tasty, but also convenient. Bananas go to many recipes for consistency, but today I will tell you how to do without them.

Home lemonade

I want to share a recipe for tonic home lemonade with a balanced taste and aroma of spicy herbs and citrus fruits. Such a drink is simply indispensable in the summer heat and 100% will like your household. And making a drink is easier than you think.

Smoothies from tomatoes

If you do not like fresh vegetables too much, smoothie can become a good way out of the situation. This is a completely different format - tasty, convenient and very useful. One of my favorite vegetable recipes is a smoothie from tomatoes. I tell you more!

Smoothie from cucumber with celery

If you prefer the lightest and refreshing smoothies as possible, be sure to try this option from a cucumber with celery. A minimum of calories, but there is a lot of benefits in just one glass. Add some favorite spices if desired.

Green smoothie

The golden rule of compiling ideal combinations of the smoothie - compilation of them according to the colors of the ingredients! Firstly, it never fails. Secondly, it turns out not only tasty, but also beautiful. I love dietary green smoothies most of all.

Sea buckthorn tea

Delicious, slightly talked, moderately sour, sea buckthorn tea - a real “vitamin bomb” for immunity in the season of colds and viral diseases. To make the drink especially tasty, I advise you to use berries collected after the first frosts.

Smoothies from pineapple

I love pineapples in any form, so I cook a variety of dishes and drinks from them. Including smoothies. I have several favorite recipes, and today I want to share with you one of them. Very refreshing, and also useful and dietary.

Celery and banana

A useful and nutritious smoothie from celery and banana will become an excellent source of energy and will help you feel satiety and vigor for a long time. At the same time, there is nothing superfluous in the recipe, and it is quite suitable even to fans of proper nutrition.

Pumpkin smoothie with chia seeds

You can talk as much as you like that smoothie is just a fashion trend. But besides, it is also a very convenient and useful snack in a glance. And personally, I am no longer ready to refuse them. I share my favorite recipe for pumpkin smoothie!

Pumpkin juice with pulp

Be sure to include pumpkin in your diet. If you do not like porridge, prepare juice from it. To do this, you don’t even need a juicer, everything is done with the help of a regular blender. A useful drink can be rolled up for the winter or drink at once.

Frozen sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a storehouse of all kinds of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients. By freezing this berry, you will be able to cook delicious and healthy fruit drinks at any time.

Pumpkin smoothie with grapefruit

I propose to go through unobvious combinations and try to mix the pumpkin with a grapefruit. Sounds fantastic? But believe me, the result is worth it! This is my favorite vitamin smoothie, which I always do in the fall and winter!

Vegetarian drinks - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

More and more people with a thirst for experiments and diversity are interested in original recipes for drinks. Cold and refreshing - save in the summer heat, and spicy and hot - warm in cold evenings. Alcoholic cocktails will decorate a party or family holiday. Compots, lemonades, exotic teas with spices - add colors to boring everyday life. And what are all kinds of coffee recipes!

There are so many options that first you will have to decide what exactly you want: freshly squeezed juice, milk cocktail, aromatic fruit drink or nutritious smoothies. There are dozens of species only lemonades, and there are also kvass, combustions and original recipes for drinks from vegetable juices. Do not forget about warming mulled wine, grog and punch - what you need in autumn evenings.

And also - cocoa, hot chocolate, drinks with liquors and, of course, jelly with fruits, berries and even milk. If you are still limited to tea and a couple of familiar recipes-it's time to add something new to life! We are sure that for each drink in this section there is a reason. There are useful vitamin recipes - with ginger, herbs, mint and citrus. Or winter blanks - compotes from peaches, apples, plums, melons and even watermelon.

What about cocktails on kefir? Here you will definitely find recipes for drinks that will surprise you!