Beverages for Vegetarians

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Vegetarian drinks - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

More and more people with a thirst for experiments and diversity are interested in original recipes for drinks. Cold and refreshing - save in the summer heat, and spicy and hot - warm in cold evenings. Alcoholic cocktails will decorate a party or family holiday. Compots, lemonades, exotic teas with spices - add colors to boring everyday life. And what are all kinds of coffee recipes!

There are so many options that first you will have to decide what exactly you want: freshly squeezed juice, milk cocktail, aromatic fruit drink or nutritious smoothies. There are dozens of species only lemonades, and there are also kvass, combustions and original recipes for drinks from vegetable juices. Do not forget about warming mulled wine, grog and punch - what you need in autumn evenings.

And also - cocoa, hot chocolate, drinks with liquors and, of course, jelly with fruits, berries and even milk. If you are still limited to tea and a couple of familiar recipes-it's time to add something new to life! We are sure that for each drink in this section there is a reason. There are useful vitamin recipes - with ginger, herbs, mint and citrus. Or winter blanks - compotes from peaches, apples, plums, melons and even watermelon.

What about cocktails on kefir? Here you will definitely find recipes for drinks that will surprise you!