Beverages for Vegetarians

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Smoothies with avocado

If you love avocado in the same way as I do, and just think where to attach it again - catch another excellent solution. Uncadio smoothies are light, useful, low -calorie and at the same time nutritious find. Try it on occasion!


Smoothies are a delicious, nutritious and universal drink that can be very useful because it is prepared from fresh fruits, berries or vegetables. One of my favorite recipes is blackcurrant smoothie. A pleasant bonus is amazing aroma and bright color.

Floral for currants

Bright, incredibly fragrant, tasty and healthy - all this can be said about fried fruit fruit. Of course, we are talking about homemade fruit drinks, without doubtful store additives and preservatives. Moreover, it is very easy to cook - I’ll tell you further in the recipe.

Smoothies from pumpkin

In the pumpkin season, the question always arises, what else to cook from it. In the end, she has an incredible culinary potential - from the main dishes, blanks and desserts to drinks. It is on drinks that we will dwell in more detail today. Catch the recipe for the darkness!

Cabbage cups in a blender

If you like unusual solutions, smoothies are exactly your choice. You can experiment with various fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, nuts and seeds to create unique and tasty combinations. For example, catch a bomb recipe for cabbage.

Tea with viburnum

If frozen viburnum was accidentally found in the freezer, brew a very useful and fragrant tea from it! Such a drink helps to maintain immunity in the season of colds and viral diseases, and also reduces blood pressure. Try it!

Gurma Smaws in a blender

To prepare a smoothie, you can use not only the usual garden fruits and berries, but also something more exotic. For example, I really like the darkness of persimmon. Firstly, it is very tasty, and secondly, persimmon has a great texture for such drinks.

Coffee with coconut milk

Vygan coffee with coconut milk is an excellent alternative for those who avoid dairy products. And this is a pleasant variety when you just want some new and interesting taste. I advise you to decorate such coffee with coconut or chocolate crumbs.

Smuses without milk in a blender

There are an infinite number of dumb recipes that allow everyone to choose an option to their liking. If you prefer smoothies without milk and dairy products - this recipe is specifically for you. As always, it is preparing in a blender in a matter of minutes.

Smoothies with a cucumber

Green smoothies are often considered the most useful and dietary. This is not just like that, because they usually have a lot of low -calorie vegetables and herbs. Such a smoothie with a cucumber will be not only tasty and healthy, but also very refreshing even on a hot day.

Smoothie Malina Banan

The smoothie will easily replace the full meal or an alternative to the dessert. This is a particularly good option for those who seek to control weight or monitor nutrition. Smoothies from banana and raspberries are nutritious, satisfying, moderately sweet, with a light berry sourness.

Cherry fruit drinks

Cherry fruit drinks - a delicious soft drink with a mass of vitamins. It is prepared from natural fruit juice with the addition of sugar syrup, and the lack of heat treatment of juice allows you to maintain the natural taste and benefits of berries as much as possible.

Ginger tea

Today we will prepare a warming, spicy ginger tea with lemon and honey. What could be more pleasant and useful in the offseason? Such a drink is a natural immunostimulator and a real storehouse of vitamins. For children and adults, for warm family tea parties.


Smoothies are a great opportunity to experiment with various tastes and combinations of ingredients. And also this is a great way to find out the usual tastes and products in a new way. An excellent illustration of this is a darkcurrant smoothie.

Smoothies with raspberries

Fresh berry smoothies are even more useful than any compotes and lemonades. And all because all vitamins and trace elements are preserved. There is no heat treatment of delicate products, nothing superfluous. Catch the best dumb recipe with raspberries.

Broccoli smoothie

Even if you do not like broccoli, this green smoothie has every chance of you like. In this form, any ingredients play with new colors. That is why I really like to experiment, and I recommend it to everyone. Catch the recipe!

Smoothies with spinach

Sometimes it is difficult for me to force myself to eat useful greens in the right quantities. And what to talk about children who often do not like her. Therefore, I prefer to add it to a variety of smoothies. Today I want to share my favorite spinach recipe.

PP smoothie

All fans of proper nutrition know how convenient the format is darkness. This is a drink, and a full -fledged snack, and a limitless space for experiments. Moreover, it is so easy to prepare a dietary submarine. I share my favorite option!

Kvass made of black bread at home

To cook delicious and aromatic bread kvass, unused pieces of dried black bread are suitable, which periodically appear in any kitchen. Home kvass perfectly refreshes on a summer day! The drink will be ready for consumption in a day.

Frozen raspberries

The best way to maintain the beneficial properties of your beloved raspberries is to just freeze it. And only then use it in the same way as a fresh berry. For example, you can make beautiful fruit drinks from frozen raspberries. And then I will tell in detail how.

Vegetarian drinks - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

More and more people with a thirst for experiments and diversity are interested in original recipes for drinks. Cold and refreshing - save in the summer heat, and spicy and hot - warm in cold evenings. Alcoholic cocktails will decorate a party or family holiday. Compots, lemonades, exotic teas with spices - add colors to boring everyday life. And what are all kinds of coffee recipes!

There are so many options that first you will have to decide what exactly you want: freshly squeezed juice, milk cocktail, aromatic fruit drink or nutritious smoothies. There are dozens of species only lemonades, and there are also kvass, combustions and original recipes for drinks from vegetable juices. Do not forget about warming mulled wine, grog and punch - what you need in autumn evenings.

And also - cocoa, hot chocolate, drinks with liquors and, of course, jelly with fruits, berries and even milk. If you are still limited to tea and a couple of familiar recipes-it's time to add something new to life! We are sure that for each drink in this section there is a reason. There are useful vitamin recipes - with ginger, herbs, mint and citrus. Or winter blanks - compotes from peaches, apples, plums, melons and even watermelon.

What about cocktails on kefir? Here you will definitely find recipes for drinks that will surprise you!