Second Dishes for Vegetarians

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Fold porridge with pumpkin

Have you decided to switch to healthy food? Then be sure to include millet porridge in the diet. You can’t do without this dish! Useful, beautiful and satisfying, it quickly restores strength and quenches hunger for a long time.

Chicken roulette with cottage cheese

Chicken rolls are good in that they can be wrapped in almost any filling. For example, such a simple everyday option with cottage cheese and spices. A real find for fans of proper nutrition and adherents of diets.

Gorbusha with vegetables in the oven

It is very easy to bake pink salmon - according to the same principle as any red fish. It is quickly prepared, perfectly combines with any vegetables and does not cause trouble even to beginners. This time I propose the simplest, fastest and most affordable option with a frozen mixture that does not even need preliminary preparation.

Hek with vegetables and mushrooms in the oven

There is nothing simpler than fish with vegetables and mushrooms. It is enough to put everything in the sleeve and bake in the oven - even a beginner will cope. For this recipe, I prefer to use white fish with a neutral taste. For example, hek is ideal, which then literally melts in the mouth. But you can choose to your taste.

Rulelet from minced turkey

For such an unusual roll, you will need not just a piece of turkey, but minced meat from it. I advise you to cook it at home yourself. So you know for sure what is in the composition, and you can use only high -quality products, and at the same time to vary the consistency.

Whole pink salmon in the oven

Baking the whole fish is much easier than it seems at first glance. Especially if you have already coped with its cleaning. I’ll tell you on the example of pink salmon, which is also quickly preparing, like any red fish. A great option for those who prepare something like this for the first time!

Baked meatballs with zucchini under cheese

The zucchini in minced meat make it many times juicier and more tender. And this is also a very low -calorie and dietary version. I propose to bake such meatballs in a fragrant sauce under the cheese, and when serving, decorate with fresh fragrant greenery.

Drado with vegetables in the oven

Drado is a real find for all adherents of proper nutrition, a low -calorie diet and the Mediterranean diet. Today I will tell you how to cook this fish with juicy and fragrant vegetables. A great option for a family dinner and a festive feast. Just add a little favorite greenery before serving!

Salmon with vegetables in pots

It may seem that salmon is too delicate ingredient for baking in pots. But in fact, it is enough to choose the right combination of products for him and not overexpose the dish in the oven. I tell you more!

Tilapia in tomato in the oven

If you love fish in tomatoes, but do not like to extinguish it and constantly monitor the process, prepare it in the oven. To do this, you will need a suitable shape with a lid. Ideally, cast -iron or ceramic, but you can use foil. Thus, it turns out perfectly, for example, Tilapia, which in the process will gain all tastes and aromas from the sauce.

Baked by slices of pink salmon

Gorbusha can be baked in whole, steaks or portioned pieces. In any case, it turns out to be very tasty and delicate. I talk about how to make it with pieces, and at the same time not to dry anything. The main thing is to follow the preparation time and the temperature regime, that’s all the trick.

Kurin roll with oranges

I recommend such a beautiful and fragrant chicken fille roulet in foil or tightly wrapping it in parchment. So heat is more uniformly distributed, and the meat is equally baked from all sides. In addition, under the foil you can put sprigs of herbs for aroma.

PP pigeons

The adapted version of the popular dish differs little from the original, and all because most of the ingredients used are the requirements of proper nutrition. Read this recipe for PP pigeons and make sure you yourself.

Baked cod with vegetable mixture

When there is absolutely no time and effort, but I really want to prepare a full dinner, I make a cod with frozen vegetables. A fish with a side dish does not need any special training. In fact, you only need to put everything in the oven and choose the right temperature over time. Great solution in just 20-30 minutes!

Cabbage with chicken and vegetables in pots

If you like stewed cabbage, I propose to cook something similar in pots. Add chicken and other vegetables - and now a full -fledged main dish is ready that does not need additions. Baked cabbage retains the perfect moderately soft texture.

Chicken with barley porridge in pots

Many undeservedly ignore the porridge of barley, and in vain. I tell you how to cook it so that the whole family remains delighted! Of course, it will be with meat and vegetables, and even baked in pots.

Chicken legs with vegetables and green peas

Even chicken legs can be turned into a healthy dietary dish, although most often fans of PP prefer breast fillets. I share an excellent low -calorie recipe with vegetables and green peas in the sleeve in the oven.

Baked salmon in soy sauce

Soy sauce is an excellent addition to any red fish, and the salmon is no exception. You can add it separately or use it as a marinade. It is the last option that I propose to try this time. Moreover, in a short time that fish is baked, soy sauce will definitely not burn.

Cottage cheese casserole with blueberries and lavender

Surprise your family with an original breakfast: prepare a curd casserole with blueberries and lavender. An unusual dessert with a delightful aroma will appeal to everyone. You can decorate it with fresh berries, chocolate icing or bright sprinkles.

Stew with chicken in a slow cooker

Cooking stews with chicken in a slow cooker is even more convenient than in any other way. It is enough to prepare everything, choose a suitable program and time, and then the slow cooker will do everything herself. You can not even monitor the process. I share the recipe!

Vegeterian second dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Universal second dishes are good for every day and to the festive table. Here are simple recipes from basic ingredients, and complex exquisite gourmet finds. If you need an option more evidence, choose meat - beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey. There are recipes for the second dishes with minced meat, hearts and giblets, bacon and ham. The connoisseurs of fish and seafood will also not be left without an alternative!

Here you will also find recipes for second dishes for vegetarians and in post - mushroom and vegetable side dishes, stew and even cutlets. And how many second dishes with cereals and legumes we managed to find! Seasonal products are very popular - for example, zucchini in the summer or pumpkin in the fall. Lazy cabbage rolls and dumplings, cereals, second eggs from eggs and vegetables with chicken are perfectly prepared in haste.

If you do not want to stand at the stove for a long time, pay attention to casseroles, foil and baking sleeve. And in order to please guests and households with exquisite cuisine - at your disposal recipes of risotto, lasagna, seafood pastes and salmon steaks. And most importantly - do not be afraid of culinary experiments!