Second Dishes for Vegetarians

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Cod from cod with tomatoes in the oven

Pieces of cod can be baked differently: on a baking sheet, in foil, in the sleeve. And you can-in the form of such a beautiful casserole in the form with cherry tomatoes and another couple of ingredients. So the dish turns out not only tasty, but also spectacular, so it will adorn any feast with dignity. You can serve it even for the holiday.

Chicken legs with broccoli and vegetables under cheese

Broccoli chicken is an ideal combination. And it is not necessary to take the fillet. The legs are also quite suitable. Moreover, they usually turn out to be more tender, because the breast is still dry. In the best traditions, I propose to fall asleep everything with grated cheese!

Fucking porridge with pumpkin in pots

Such a beautiful side dish with pumpkin and wheat porridge will be a great alternative to the very pumpkin porridge that our grandmothers also prepared. Experiment with spices, add herbs or dried fruits, look for your ideal option!

Broccoli salmon for steam

Steam food is very useful. It is often prescribed for dietary nutrition, prepared for children and older people. And it is also very simple. Prepare the salmon from broccoli for steam and see for yourself.

Trout with asparagus and cut in the oven

The asparagus is one of the most popular side dishes for any baked fish, and trout is no exception. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, it is excellent compatibility of tastes. And secondly, both of these ingredients are prepared at the same time. In addition, I propose to add greens and onions. And when serving - salad leaves and a handful of olives.

Mintay with orange in the oven

If you are tired of a classic combination of fish with lemon, try this option for preparing a polish with oranges. On the one hand, orange juice makes the meat more tender in the same way, and the smell is drowning out the smell of fish. On the other hand, such a simple replacement of the ingredient - and now a completely new dish with a completely different taste.

Cottage cheese casserole with oatmeal, nuts and cherries

Prepare for breakfast a curd casserole with oatmeal. You can add anything: nuts, dried fruits, sesame seeds and even chocolate drops. In this recipe, I limited myself to walnuts and a canned cherry.

Rice with shrimp and vegetables in a slow cooker

Dietary dishes are also very tasty. A good example of this is rice with shrimp and vegetables. For convenience, I propose to cook in a slow cooker. In it, the dish turns out to be rich, fragrant and crumbly.

Tooth steak in the oven

I got a frozen teeth in the store? Be sure to buy it and prepare delicious steaks. They can be fried, but I offer a more useful option - bake in the oven. Serve fish with boiled rice, vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Chicken roll with vegetables and herbs

Such a chicken roll will surely appeal to fans of proper nutrition. In addition, it can be safely prepared even for children. And all because it is completely baked in the oven - without unnecessary oil and fat. And only healthy vegetables and herbs go to the filling.

Pill with spinach and lemon in the oven

Mintai is one of the most popular, affordable and inexpensive species of white fish. But this does not make it worse. A wonderful everyday option for every day! Especially policies will appeal to fans of experiments because it is well impregnated with spices and juices. Catch a universal everyday version with spinach and lemon.

Corn casserole with cheese

In almost every refrigerator, you can find the right products for casserole. For this recipe, sufficiently canned corn, eggs, a little cheese, sour cream and milk. Everything is simple and most importantly delicious. Try it and you will certainly like it!

Plow with vegetables in the oven

A pollock has a fairly neutral taste by nature, so it is combined with any vegetables and spices. This dish is a real assortment, but at the same time very light and dietary. It can be safely served even to children. Unless then carefully add onions, garlic and sharp spices.

Potato casserole with chicken and broccoli

Potatoes and broccoli are not the most common combination of products. But you will see for yourself how harmonious this casserole turns out. And due to the fact that the chicken is also in the recipe, you do not need to cook the meat separately.

Tilapia in spices with spinach

Tilapia is a win -win version of white fish for every day. It is inexpensive, very common and easy to prepare. She has a light and neutral taste that goes well with any other ingredients. I tell you how to cook tilapia with spices and spinach in the oven in just half an hour.

Baked in foil tilapia

The easiest and most universal way to cook fish is to bake it in foil. And Tilapia is no exception. It is difficult to come up with a recipe that would be even easier and faster. Serve tilapia with any favorite side dish - rice, asparagus, potatoes, fresh vegetables or herbs. You can add a little pesto or other sauce.

Barley porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

I always recommend cooking barley porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker. It gives the same uniform heating as the oven, but at the same time it turns out even easier and faster. A wonderful recipe for the whole family for every day!

Gorbusha with broccoli in the oven

Gorbusha is a rather fat fish, so it is amazingly combined with light side dishes. For example, I propose to bake it in the oven with broccoli inflorescences. It turns out a very hearty, useful and at the same time dietary dish that can be given even by children. If you like to make broccoli softer, slightly weld it before that.

Broccoli with cheese in pots

A quick, simple, tasty and dietary side dish is broccoli under the cheese in pots. There is nothing superfluous, but it is not necessary here. Fresh and frozen broccoli is suitable. But the frozen bake a little less.

Casserole from tsukini, beans and ham

A casserole is a universal dish that can be prepared from almost any ingredients. Today I propose to use tsukini, beans and ham for this. Of course, some more products will be needed, but these will be the main ones.

Vegeterian second dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Universal second dishes are good for every day and to the festive table. Here are simple recipes from basic ingredients, and complex exquisite gourmet finds. If you need an option more evidence, choose meat - beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey. There are recipes for the second dishes with minced meat, hearts and giblets, bacon and ham. The connoisseurs of fish and seafood will also not be left without an alternative!

Here you will also find recipes for second dishes for vegetarians and in post - mushroom and vegetable side dishes, stew and even cutlets. And how many second dishes with cereals and legumes we managed to find! Seasonal products are very popular - for example, zucchini in the summer or pumpkin in the fall. Lazy cabbage rolls and dumplings, cereals, second eggs from eggs and vegetables with chicken are perfectly prepared in haste.

If you do not want to stand at the stove for a long time, pay attention to casseroles, foil and baking sleeve. And in order to please guests and households with exquisite cuisine - at your disposal recipes of risotto, lasagna, seafood pastes and salmon steaks. And most importantly - do not be afraid of culinary experiments!