Snacks for Vegetarians

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Vegetable paste

You can cook this dish from different sets of vegetables. Add eggplant, exclude garlic or potatoes - try different options and choose the most delicious for yourself. I like the vegetable paste according to this recipe.

Mushroom paste from oyster mushrooms

Be sure to add this recipe to your lean menu. Mushroom paste from oyster mushrooms is a very tasty and hearty appetizer that will be appropriate on the festive table and on weekdays. You can cook it at any time of the year, because oyster mushrooms are always sold.

Sushi-Port Philadelphia

The Japanese have been learning to cook sushi for years, so they get such beautiful rolls. I propose to dwell on a simpler version and cook today Sushi-Port Philadelphia. You will definitely have no difficulties with him.

Keto Shawarma

For this recipe, you will have to buy a low -carb Keto Lavash. Fortunately, now it is sold in almost all large stores. The remaining ingredients for Keto Shawarma are quite ordinary: chicken fillet, juicy vegetables and sour cream sauce.

Humus from chickpeas with sesame seeds

This snack is most often found in Arabic cuisine. It is prepared from different types of legumes, using additives for taste and color. One of the most popular varieties is a chumus of chickpeas with sesame seeds. Today I will tell you how to cook it at home.

Lebanese Humus

In Libya, a lot of dishes are prepared from plant products. Typically used cereals, beans and vegetables. Among all this diversity, I would like to highlight the Lebanese Humus. His wonderful consistency and amazingly delicate taste are worthy of attention.

PP carrots in Korean

During proper nutrition, harmful foods are prohibited. Accordingly, if you want to cook pp carrots in Korean, you should exclude sugar and artificial sauces. The result is a delicious and very useful salad.

Sushi at home

Do you like Japanese cuisine? Then I have great news for you: today we will prepare sushi at home. Perhaps the first time they will not turn out perfect, but it will be delicious in any case. Mandy be sure with Basabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

PP shawarma

It would seem that proper nutrition and shawarma are incompatible things. In fact, everything is possible, especially if you cook food yourself. I present to your attention an excellent recipe for the shawarma pp. It is prepared with boiled chicken, juicy vegetables and without mayonnaise.

Egg muffins with chicken and turmeric

A quick and simple appetizer is prepared from the first that will fall under the arm in the refrigerator. A minimum of ingredients, a minimum of difficulty and a minimum of time - all this is about muffins with an egg and chicken. For a beautiful golden hue, add a little turmeric.

Spring rolls with crab sticks

There is no classic recipe according to which you need to prepare springs rolls. Different combinations of meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs and fruits are welcome. I suggest you try the option of a spring roll with crab sticks. It is tasty and very simple.

Soufle souffle for steam

If you still think that the chicken fillet is too boring and fresh, then you just have not tried this delightful souffle. It is very convenient to do it immediately in silicone molds for muffins.

Omlet and herbs

A great option if you do not eat meat, but eat eggs and dairy products. Cheese, omelet with greens and fresh tomatoes - and here are hearty and tasty sandwiches are ready. I advise you to add a little salad leaves for beauty and color.

Lenten sandwiches with avocados

A delicious snack can be prepared for breakfast, serve as a useful snack or addition to the main meal. Garnish lean sandwiches with greens, lemon slices and put on the festive table.

Fried royal grill shrimp

What could be easier than fried shrimp? But how not to spoil the valuable product and cook it really tasty, delicate and fragrant? Large royal shrimp has several features. I will talk about them in this recipe.

Cherry tomatoes are in Korean

You probably know that you can cook in Korean not only carrots, but also other vegetables. But I am sure that I can surprise you with this recipe for Cherry Korean tomatoes. Very fresh, unusual and tasty at the same time. And for beauty, you can take cherry in different colors.

Vegetarian Julien

A curious fact: a classic julienne, familiar to everyone from childhood, can be prepared in a much more diverse ways than it seems at first glance. For example, you can make it vegetarian. And today I’ll tell you exactly how.

Lean julienne with mushrooms

Due to the fact that Zhulien is more about cooking technology than about specific products, it can be made to lean. I tried several different recipes, and I want to share with you the one that I liked the most.

Vegetable caviar with spinach, cilantro and nuts

Of the hundreds and thousands of vegetable caviar options, I consider this one of the most original. She gets a completely different taste and texture - and all thanks to spinach, cilantro and nuts in the composition. Serve it with bread or in tartlets.

Vegetarian sandwiches with tofu and vegetables

To cook hearty vegetarian sandwiches without meat is much easier than it seems at first glance. Catch a great idea with tofu and fried mushrooms. Fresh vegetables make a pleasant variety. Add any favorite sauce if desired.

Vegetarian snacks - recipes with photos (step by step)

Snakes are very often underestimated! After all, it would seem, why is there any other food in front of the main dish. Many people remember them only for the holidays, when you want to make the table as rich and diverse as possible. But we would like to restore justice and introduce you to the recipes of snacks for all occasions! Moreover, for the most part, they quickly prepare and do not require any specific knowledge.

Light Canapes and Humus with vegetables will perfectly go over a snack, and liver cakes, arshmak or sandwiches can also be served instead of the main dish. Cold snacks will help out in the summer when there is no appetite at all. And hot ones are especially good in the fall and winter. Vegetable snacks, such as kimchi or squash caviar, will diversify the diet and help create the right balanced diet.

And about snacks to a jar of beer, a glass of wine or a glass of cola and there is nothing to say! And how many options are on the road, to work, for picnics and trips outside the city. How to cook snacks is simple, fast and tasty - look in our recipes with photos!