Snacks for Vegetarians

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Rolls with crab sticks

In any large supermarket, you can easily find all the ingredients necessary for the recipe. These rolls are prepared with crab sticks and algae. You can also add fresh cucumber to taste. He will perfectly complement the harmonious bouquet of tastes.

Lean paste made of canned beans

If you refused animal products or just want to lose weight a little, add a lean paste from canned beans to your diet. He is preparing very quickly and provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Sushi-port with fish

Beautiful rolls fail? Do not be upset, this is a matter of practice. In the meantime, I recommend simplifying my task and cook sushi-port with fish. The whole process will take about a quarter of an hour. The most difficult thing will be beautifully decomposed by avocados and seafood.

PP hot dog

From most diets, proper nutrition is able to enjoy your favorite dishes, adjusting them according to the recommendations. You will be surprised, but you can even cook a hot dog. And in prove my words today, I will tell the recipe for this snack.

Sasha at home

We need the most fresh fish and a very sharp knife. These are two important conditions, without which Sasha cannot be prepared at home. There are also consumption rules. For example, it is recommended to start with light fish and end a dark meal.

Humus from lentils

Add humus from lentils to your lean menu. A hearty snack is incredibly useful, because it contains a lot of vitamins and fatty acids. For better digestibility, nutritionists recommend serving it with light vegetable salads.

Humus with Tahini

The snack is a generous source of vitamins and vegetable protein, so vegans, athletes and supporters of a healthy diet so love it. Humus with Tahini is prepared incredibly simply, and an extra portion can always be frozen.

Vafley PP PP in Wafelnitsa

Such waffles can be served with your favorite sauces, as well as use instead of bread as a basis for sandwiches and sandwiches. Vafli potato pp is prepared with the addition of flax flour. It contains a record amount of protein, fatty acids and fiber.

Rice paper springs

A typical dish of Asian cuisine. It is often prepared in China, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated in the recipe, so today we will also prepare spring rolls from rice paper. I recommend serving with peanuts, soy and fish sauces.

Lenten paste of beans with mushrooms

During a limited food period, it is important to include a sufficient amount of useful products in the diet. A great option would be a lean paste made of beans with mushrooms. It contains a lot of plant protein, vitamins and minerals.

PP Sandwich

During proper nutrition, many do not know how to quickly eat at work. I recommend preparing and taking with you a sandwich PP. There are many recipes on this topic, but today I will tell you an option with Humus, avocados and tomatoes.

Rolls with avocado

Such a dish can be turned on in any lean menu. Rolls with avocados are prepared without any animal additives. Only nori, rice and oily fruit. I remind you that when working with the rolls of the hands, it is often necessary to moisten with acidified water.

Sands with red caviar and butter

In order not to rack your head over the snacks for a long time, prepare sandwiches with red caviar and butter. It is simple, fast, tasty and very beautiful. I am sure that your guests will be happy with such a dish and enjoy eating everything to the last crumb.


The recipe for those who care about their health and love exotic cuisine. An unusual PP poke is prepared very simply. Tunets fillet I pre -Marina in Ponzu sauce. In addition, I recommend that the fish must be placed in the freezer for 1 hour before this.

Lenten sandwiches with paste

What to cook for breakfast in post? A great option would be lean sandwiches with a paste. It is simple, nutritious and tasty. Paste of canned beans with the addition of garlic and fried onions is prepared. Add the number of spices and salt, focusing on your taste.

Humus in Greek

Humus is a delicious snack from chickpeas. It can be prepared in addition to the main meal, take with you to a picnic or to work. It turns out especially satisfying if you add a crushed feta. This feed option is used in Greece.

Hepatic keto cake

Do not give up your favorite dish. Enough to adapt the recipe by reducing the amount of carbohydrates. Looking in advance, I’ll say that the hepatic keto the cake will turn out to be very tasty. Of course, before serving, he needs to stand in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Lenten Humus

If you switched to proper nutrition, you definitely need to add a lean humus to your diet. It is preparing for a long time, but simple. In fairness, it is worth noting that Most of the time is occupied by Cooking Chick. The remaining processes last a few minutes.

Spring rolls with shrimp and vegetables

Recently, Asian dishes have become very popular. I propose to keep up with fashion and prepare delicious spring rolls with shrimp and vegetables. Looking in advance, I’ll say that working with rice paper is easier than with Nori.

Rolls with shrimp

Today we will learn to cook rolls with shrimp. Stell yourself, prepare all the necessary products and do not forget about the bamboo rug. Without it, it will not be possible to twist the beautiful roll. I advise you to watch several video tutorials on this subject before starting.

Vegetarian snacks - recipes with photos (step by step)

Snakes are very often underestimated! After all, it would seem, why is there any other food in front of the main dish. Many people remember them only for the holidays, when you want to make the table as rich and diverse as possible. But we would like to restore justice and introduce you to the recipes of snacks for all occasions! Moreover, for the most part, they quickly prepare and do not require any specific knowledge.

Light Canapes and Humus with vegetables will perfectly go over a snack, and liver cakes, arshmak or sandwiches can also be served instead of the main dish. Cold snacks will help out in the summer when there is no appetite at all. And hot ones are especially good in the fall and winter. Vegetable snacks, such as kimchi or squash caviar, will diversify the diet and help create the right balanced diet.

And about snacks to a jar of beer, a glass of wine or a glass of cola and there is nothing to say! And how many options are on the road, to work, for picnics and trips outside the city. How to cook snacks is simple, fast and tasty - look in our recipes with photos!