Harvesting for the Winter for Vegetarians

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Salad with sharp cucumbers

In the arsenal of each housewife there are at least a few recipes for canned cucumbers. They are distinguished by spices and intricacies of cooking. This time I want to share a fragrant sharp salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and garlic.

“Mohito” from gooseberries with lemon and mint for the winter

Have you ever prepared a “mochito” from gooseberries? If not, we will fix it. We will prepare for the winter a summer refreshing drink - original, unusual and so similar to the cocktail of the same name! For any festive feast, this drink is perfect.

Lecho from Patissons for the winter

Variations of lecho can be prepared from a wide variety of vegetables. For example, from Patissons - and it is with this recipe that I will share with you this time. A tasty and light lean dish is a ready -made snack, a salad or even a side dish for meat.

Redcurrant jelly with gelatin

It is convenient to use red currant jars of red currant in winter as a filling in yeast pastries and sand pies, like a layer for cakes and cakes. You can simply enjoy the treats with tea with a treat. Tasty, fragrant, healthy and at home.

Beans in banks for the winter

Of course, you can always buy canned beans in a store. But what if you cook it yourself? It will turn out tasty and quite profitable. In winter, add canned beans to soups and salads or use like a snack on a lean table.

Solyanka in banks for the winter

I love hodgers for their versatility. I serve to the table as a cold snack or as a hot side dish. And what magnificent first dishes are obtained if you add the contents of the jar to the broth with potatoes! To save time in the kitchen is what you need.

Eggplant as mushrooms with dill and garlic for the winter

Fragrant eggplant with dill and garlic, prepared for the winter according to this recipe, can be served in the table in a week. This piquant appetizer like pickled mushrooms and greatly complement both the festive table and everyday.

Redcurrant jam with agar-agar

To make your favorite redcurrant jam even thicker, add a little agar-agar. Why is it? It is simple, affordable, it is found in any store, absolutely natural, convenient to use and in addition - plant origin, unlike gelatin. Great choice!

Isabella's grapes with bones

I don’t know how you are, but in my family any jam in the cold season flies away with banks. Not so long ago, I learned an amazing recipe for jam from grapes of Isabella, which in the country matures so much that it is a sin not to prepare for the future. I will share a recipe with you.

Tomatoes in apple juice for the winter

Do you know that apple juice is an excellent natural preservative? Today I want to share a prescription of canned tomatoes with such an unusual marinade. This recipe is a find for those who do not like to use vinegar for winter blanks.

Apple jam with lemon

You can cook apple jam in different ways. The hostesses mix different tastes, add their favorite spices. Today I want to share a simple recipe for apple jam with lemon. With it, apple treat acquires a pleasant citrus muggage.

Eggplant with bell pepper and tomatoes for the winter

Today I want to share with you a recipe for a wonderful snack from eggplant with tomatoes and bell pepper. Such a workpiece in winter quickly disappears from the shelves of the pantry. It is prepared quickly and simply, from available ingredients, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Pumpkin caviar for the winter

The pumpkin can be treated differently, but the fact that this is a superpowered vegetable is an indisputable fact. It is necessary to introduce pumpkin into the diet. You can, for example, prepare delicious caviar, similar to zucchini. You will not immediately guess what the main ingredient here is.

Chernomot jam with lemon

Black -fruited rowan jam will be a good addition to the support of immunity in the season of colds and respiratory infections. Prepare the workpiece in the midst of harvesting and enjoy a useful treat in the winter. It is tasty and healthy!

Pickled patch beans for the winter in banks

In winter, I use pickled patch beans not only as a snack, but also add to various salads and second dishes. It is good to add such beans to vegetable stews and bake with meat. The workpiece is tasty and very crispy. I share the recipe.

Canned cauliflower

Color cabbage in the marinade remains crisp and fragrant, and also acquires unusual piquant notes. In order for the workpiece to look elegantly, I add a couple of circles of carrots and leaves of greens when I lay the inflorescences in jars.

Basol salad with vegetables for the winter

Basol with vegetables - a convenient workpiece for the winter. It can be served to the table as an independent snack or as a side dish - if you warm up the contents of the jar. The beans are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, so the workpiece is not only useful, but also very satisfying.

Adjika from tomatoes and pepper for the winter

Adjika recipes exists apparently invisible. Surely, every housewife has his own, perfect. I propose to replenish your culinary piggy bank with a successful recipe for adjika from tomatoes and bell pepper. Take into service, because there is a lot of adjiki.

Ajika from tomatoes with garlic, pepper and vinegar

Adjika according to this recipe is quite burning. If you are not a lover of too sharp sauces, reduce the amount of bitter pepper and clean the pods from the seeds. A piquant adjika will complement various dishes well, whether it be meat, potatoes or other side dishes.

Plums in syrup for the winter

Plums in the syrup is easy to cook, and the result will definitely please you. Such plums can be used to prepare pies, pies and sauces. The plum syrup is obtained rather concentrated and is suitable for impregnating cakes and making drinks.

Vegeterian blanks for the winter - recipes with photos (step by step)

In winter, catastrophically lacks available vegetables and fruits, and with them vitamins. The assortment of stores is not impressive, the taste leaves much to be desired, and prices are rapidly flying up. And in the midst of the season, a reverse problem arises - where to put endless summer cottages when the freezer is over? And it is in this case that recipes of blanks for the winter are perfectly helped out!

It is difficult to say to whom such an invaluable idea occurred to the first, but it spread rapidly and took root around the world, as soon as people learned to maintain the properties of products for a long time. There is a stereotype that the workpieces for the winter are always difficult, hard and very long. It is necessary to stand at a thirty -degree heat for days and purchase ingredients in kilograms, or even tens of kilograms.

But in fact it is far from the truth! Of course, no one will prevent you from filling a huge pantry, if there is a need for this. But it is quite possible to limit yourself to several jars that will delight you and households. Compots, jams, jams, vegetables, mushrooms, salads, side dishes, sauces, gas stations - almost everything can be rolled up. And without any complex tricks and dubious additives.

And we are ready to show step -by -step recipes with photos, how to do it!