Avocado dishes for vegeters

27 recipes
Dietary sandwiches with avocados

More dietary sandwiches are difficult to come up with! There is nothing superfluous here: only a pure avocado taste, fresh grain bread and favorite spices. An ideal breakfast for those who are fighting extra pounds.

Sandbone with vegetables

Who said that sandwiches must be with sausage, ham or any meat products in general? Catch an excellent completely vegetable recipe that is suitable even to vegetarians and adherents of fasting.

Peking cabbage, avocado and tomatoes salad

Do not know how to supplement the main dish? Prepare a light salad of Beijing cabbage, avocados and tomatoes. It is perfect for meat, fish, pasta and will become a generous source of vitamins at any time of the year. Catch a simple recipe!

Sandwalker with guacamole and salsa

A beautiful snack in the best South American traditions! The main thing is to cut the bread thinner so that it does not drown out the taste of guacamole and salsa. And how to cook the most popular vegetable snacks, I will tell you further in the recipe.

Green smoothie

The golden rule of compiling ideal combinations of the smoothie - compilation of them according to the colors of the ingredients! Firstly, it never fails. Secondly, it turns out not only tasty, but also beautiful. I love dietary green smoothies most of all.

Vegetarian rolls with tofu and carrots

Vegetarian rolls can not only be vegetable. In my arsenal there is such a delicious and quick recipe with fried tofu and carrots. By the way, this is a very affordable snack thanks to simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Salad with beans and avocado

This salad is a very universal Mexican snack. It can be served separately, use as a filling for tacos and burrito or supplement it with any other dishes. Choose small beans and smaller cut the avocado with the rest of the ingredients.

Green salad with avocado and dried cranberry

This recipe is good for its versatility. As a basis, you can take absolutely any greens and leafy vegetables - from brass to curly cabbage. The second plus is that a salad with avocados and dried cranberries are prepared in just a few minutes.

Lenten ice cream at home

The lean diet should not be poor and boring at all. Moreover, now there are so many alternatives to dairy products that you can always choose a successful solution. This time I will share with you my favorite recipe for lean ice cream at home.

Sandwich with pesto and guacamole

A great option for lovers of greenery. Further in the recipe you will learn how to prepare both the main ingredients of these sandwiches - Pesto and Guacamole. You will need a blender, and everything is much simpler than it seems.

Vegetarian hot dog with baked carrots, oyster mushrooms and avocados

Vegetarian hot dogs are also. They are prepared from fragrant vegetables and greens, selecting various combinations to their taste. It turns out very tasty with baked carrots, pickled oyster mushrooms and avocados. Try it and you will like it!

Cinema salad and beans

Oriental cuisine is visual evidence of how well Kinoa is combined with legumes. In this salad, I recommend using not only beans, but also something else-for example, chickpeas or lentils. And for piquancy, add grass and sharp pepper.

Exotic salad with red beans, mangoes, avocados and tomatoes

At first glance, an amazing combination is fruits, onions and vegetables. But it is worth trying, and also add spices to your taste, and you will understand what we are talking about. Mango and avocado should be as ripe as possible, but at the same time keep in shape.

Broccoli and Kinoa salad

Recently, on the shelves of supermarkets, you can find a useful superfood - Kinoa. It is added to soups, salads and confectionery. Today I share with you a delicious salad with broccoli and Kinoa. It is suitable for everyone who is interested in proper nutrition!

Multi -colored sandwich for children

We all know how many children love sandwiches. But, unfortunately, these sandwiches are far from always as useful as we would like. But there is a way out! Catch a great idea for every day! Choose a good whole -grain bread and cook an exceptionally useful snack!

Avocado paste for sandwiches

Avocado paste is a variation of the Mexican sauce guacamole. Suitable for sandwiches made of fresh bread, toasts or bruscrettes. The delicate structure of the pasta is achieved thanks to olive oil, and lemon juice will add light sourness and give a bunch of piquancy.

Speak vegetarian sandwiches

Sandwords with greens and vegetables will not surprise anyone. Therefore, I share one of my favorite recipes with spinach and purple onions. It is suitable for vegetarians and those who are constantly sitting on a diet. You can cook it even to children, but choose the onion with a mess.

Stuffed avocado with tomatoes and pepper

I love fresh vegetable snacks for their lightness, brightness and harmonious taste. I want to share with you a good vegetarian recipe for stuffed avocados with tomatoes, bell pepper and chopped herbs!

Beetroot and avocado salad

Oddly enough, a simple and familiar beets gives one of the best combinations with avocados. And if you supplement everything with greens and sesame seeds - no one can resist such a salad. So that the beets do not get other ingredients, I advise you to carefully lay out everything, but do not mix.

Sandwords with avocado and chili

If you do not like complex solutions and many different ingredients mixed, a sandwich with avocados and chili flakes - exactly what you need. I advise you to add a little sea salt, sesame seeds and greens to taste.

Avocado vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Sweet avocado with soft oil texture is one of the most popular ingredients of our time. But it was not always so! Once upon a time, avocado came to us from Mexico, he was appreciated for nutrition and useful properties. Wild fruits were much smaller, but since then have changed significantly thanks to the work of breeders. Now avocado is cultivated on an industrial scale in India, Africa, Australia, the USA and Israel.

Between themselves, different varieties differ in size, peel color and aftertaste. Avocado dishes are rich in healthy vegetable fats. It is difficult to find an alternative product with the same high content of vitamins and minerals. This is one of the unconditional leaders among fruits and vegetables. Gouacamole, sauces, creams, pastes and cream-creams are made from the pulp of avocado.

Avocado dishes are complemented by eggs, vegetables, herbs, fish, shrimp, nuts and cereals. This is a great addition to the sandwiches, burgers and Japanese rolls. It is also used in the preparation of smoothies, cocktails and refreshing summer drinks. Moreover, even pastries and ice cream are made from avocado!