Beetroot dishes for vegeters

17 recipes
Borsch without meat

You can cook delicious borsch even without meat. The main thing is to use young and juicy vegetables. And to make the borsch even more rich, I recommend cooking it on mushroom broth. It is best if it is strong and freshly.

Sandbone with vegetables

Who said that sandwiches must be with sausage, ham or any meat products in general? Catch an excellent completely vegetable recipe that is suitable even to vegetarians and adherents of fasting.

Carrot and cauliflower salad

Such a salad with carrots and cauliflower is an ideal dish for vegetarians and fans of proper nutrition. There is no meat, a minimum of fat and maximum benefits. When baking, vegetables retain all their vitamins.

Salad with fresh beets and grapefruit

Fresh beets and grapefruit - even sounds fantastic. But in practice, it turns out a very tasty, unusual and healthy salad that will definitely appeal to fans of diets and proper nutrition. I advise you to use tires for cutting.

Beetroot paste

Pastees are not only meat or fish, but also vegetable. Incredibly good paste from beets. The point is not only in its pleasant taste, but also in very bright color, thanks to which such a snack will decorate any feast - family or festive.

Borsch with zucchini and celery

If you love so that there are more guns and vegetables in the borsch, I offer such a recipe with zucchini and celery. You can add other ingredients to your taste. This time I propose to do without frying.

Lenten Ukrainian borsch with vegetables

Classic Ukrainian borscht is a rich meat dish. But what if you like his taste so much, but you want to do without meat? In fact, this is simpler, and further in the recipe I will tell you what vegetables you will need, how much and how to cook them.

Beetroot salad for the winter

This recipe is suitable for you if you like beets in any of its manifestations. Boiled beet salads, as a rule, are not prepared quickly. This workpiece will help to save time in the kitchen. In winter, open a jar, and a delicious vegetable salad on your table!

Beetroot and purple onion salad

A salad with beets and purple onions is primarily very spectacular. And not surprisingly, with such a brightness of colors. For contrast, sometimes I add a handful of greens to it, but without it it turns out no worse.

Beetroot salad for the winter in banks without sterilization

Beetroot salad for the winter is not only a delicious version of a vegetable salad for every day, but also a great dressing for borscht. If you have never done such a workpiece, I propose to try. The recipe is not complicated, and the result is definitely worth it.

Vinaigrette with Korean carrots

Do you like light vegetable salads? So you will definitely like the recipe for vinaigrette with Korean carrots. The dish is simple and very tasty, but most of all I like it that the sharpness can be adjusted by adding different carrots.

Unusual vinaigrette with fried onions

Many do not add onion to the vinaigrette, because then after a time a specific smell is manifested in the salad. But it is easy to solve this problem - prepare a vinaigrette with fried onions. Such an insignificant detail actually plays a very important role!

Cherry salad with beets and tomatoes

Among all salads with beets - this one has become one of my favorites. The main thing is to choose a sweet aromatic root crop and the same sweet tomatoes. If there is no cherry, cocktails are suitable, but I advise you not to take the large ones. Optionally, decorate the salad with nuts.


Did you notice that sometimes the vinaigrette on the table looks more beautiful and brighter? Each vegetable has its own color and even potatoes remain light. The secret is lurking in the sequence of adding oil. I tell a simple recipe for how to cook such a salad!

Light vinaigrette with beans

For this vegetable salad you will need a standard set of products that are in every house. Even an inexperienced mistress can easily cope with the task. I share a simple recipe for my beloved vinaigrette with beans!

Vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms

Somehow I did not have enough salty cucumbers, and I tried to cook vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms. It turned out even tastier than usual. Since then I have often been preparing according to this recipe. I’m even preserving mushrooms for the winter specifically for this salad!

Vinaigrette with green onions and garlic

A light salad of boiled vegetables can be prepared differently. Someone loves more salty or sharper, and someone likes just a classic recipe. I propose to try vinaigrette with green onions and garlic. It can be served with pasta, fish or meat.

Vegetryan dishes from beets - recipes with photos (step by step)

The sweet taste of beautiful and fragrant dishes from beets are familiar to everyone. These are borscht, beets and vegetable soups, snacks, baked vegetables. Famous salads are prepared from it, like a herring under a fur coat or vinaigrette. The Persians began to grow root crops, and behind them - the Romans and the Turks. They came to us from Byzantium, but massively spread much later - to the 14th century.

Now all varieties can be divided into four large groups. Culinary uses a dining beet and its tops. Fodge is on livestock food, and sugar is obtained from sugar. The leaf is known by a different name - Mangold, and this is the ancestor of all other cultural species. Preparing dishes from beets for a long time. You need to cook or bake it for about an hour or more, depending on the size and variety. To be fried faster, she is cut into thin strips.

It is best to preserve the beneficial substances will help steamed - about 40 minutes. In stewed stew, it is laid at the very beginning, especially the old one. Beetroot goes well with potatoes, apples, cottage cheese, dried fruits and nuts.