Bulgarian pepper dishes for vegeters

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Peking cabbage salad with bell pepper and carrots

Tasty salads are obtained only from high -quality ingredients, so always use fresh and juicy vegetables. I share my favorite salad recipe with Beijing cabbage!

Vegeterian dishes made of Bulgarian pepper - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

It is simply impossible to count all dishes from Bulgarian pepper. This vegetable has become one of the most versatile, along with carrots and onions. Therefore, if you like sweet pepper, then you can safely add it literally everywhere. It gives a bright color, a light aroma and a characteristic sweet taste to everything, from salads to hot. But still we would like to collect more original recipes!

Among the dishes from Bulgarian pepper are a lot of workpieces. And this is rational, given that in the midst of the season it is very affordable. Pepper is pickled and canned with tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables. Large fruits can be stuffed and baked or extinguished. For example, with rice or minced meat.

Bulgarian pepper is amazingly fried on a grill, enters thousands of salad recipes and complements your favorite egg breakfasts. And the Georgian and Caucasian cuisine is generally impossible to imagine without dishes from Bulgarian pepper. Moreover, you can always mix several different colors, and your culinary masterpiece will also be very bright!