Cherry tomatoes for Vegeters

22 recipes
Spinach salad and canned beans

For this recipe, I advise you to use canned beans and the same canned olives. Great tasty, hearty and very fast salad, if you have a pack of spinach and a handful of juicy tomatoes.

Salad with fresh beets and grapefruit

Fresh beets and grapefruit - even sounds fantastic. But in practice, it turns out a very tasty, unusual and healthy salad that will definitely appeal to fans of diets and proper nutrition. I advise you to use tires for cutting.

Salad with rice, beans and lentils

If you need a hearty salad for a full dinner or dinner - this is it. Rice, beans, lentils are quite a thorough dish. Then I will tell you how to cook it and what else can be added.

Sandwich with pesto and guacamole

A great option for lovers of greenery. Further in the recipe you will learn how to prepare both the main ingredients of these sandwiches - Pesto and Guacamole. You will need a blender, and everything is much simpler than it seems.

Warm salad with bulgur

Bulgur salads are often found in oriental cuisine. I propose to try such an interesting option at the junction of culinary traditions. It is best to serve it warm - so it will perfectly replace the main dish.

Exotic salad with red beans, mangoes, avocados and tomatoes

At first glance, an amazing combination is fruits, onions and vegetables. But it is worth trying, and also add spices to your taste, and you will understand what we are talking about. Mango and avocado should be as ripe as possible, but at the same time keep in shape.

Dried tomatoes in the oven with butter for the winter

In Italy, tomatoes are sluggish under the scorching Mediterranean sun. We will go the other way and use the oven. Running tomatoes will be an excellent addition to a glass of wine and a cheese plate, they can be added to salads and pizza, pasta and sauces.

Canapes with vegetables-croils and herbs

Gril vegetables are always more useful and tastier just fried. It does not matter whether you have a barbecue or a special pan - such canapes will always be good. Be sure to decorate them with chopped herbs or green onions before serving.

Grill salad with mushrooms and tsukini

This recipe is best suited for picnics when you need a fresh vegetable snack, and there is just a grill on hand. However, mushrooms and tsukini can be prepared in a pan. An interesting highlight of this recipe is a freshly ground pink pepper.

Canapes with tomatoes and basil

Canapes with tomatoes and basil have a lot of advantages. Firstly, they will suit even strict vegetarians who do not eat not only meat, but also milk. Secondly, even without sauces and additives, they do not seem at all dry and fresh thanks to sweet juicy cherry.

Stuffed avocado with tomatoes and pepper

I love fresh vegetable snacks for their lightness, brightness and harmonious taste. I want to share with you a good vegetarian recipe for stuffed avocados with tomatoes, bell pepper and chopped herbs!

Vegetable canapes on skewers

Surely on your festive table there is also a separate place for vegetable slices. I propose to be inhabited and at the first opportunity to serve it in the form of such bright canapes on skewers. Guests will be delighted, I guarantee!

Cherry salad and mushrooms

This salad is good at any time of the year - it is juicy, fresh, and its ingredients are always available. First of all, you will need mushrooms and cherry. And what to do with them next - I will tell in this recipe.

Guacamole with tomatoes and chili

If you like spicy Mexican cuisine, then you definitely tried the famous guacamole from avocado. I tell you how to cook it at home and what can be added. For example, acute chili pepper, fragrant sweet tomatoes and lemon juice.

Peking cabbage and beans salad

I love this salad because it is as simple and affordable as possible. Beans, Beijing cabbage and a few more vegetables. I advise you to experiment with a cut - the result is significantly different, depending on this.

Fresh vegetables with mushrooms on skewers

An ordinary vegetable cut can be served fresh and original. And also - supplement it with those ingredients that we undeservedly ignore. And in a beautiful and convenient design, skewers will always help you - an invaluable tool in the kitchen.

Cherry salad with beets and tomatoes

Among all salads with beets - this one has become one of my favorites. The main thing is to choose a sweet aromatic root crop and the same sweet tomatoes. If there is no cherry, cocktails are suitable, but I advise you not to take the large ones. Optionally, decorate the salad with nuts.

Frying tofu salad and vegetables

Add fresh vegetables and a fragrant dressing to fried tofu - and now the salad is ready. I advise you to experiment with culinary traditions and take something unusual for Asian cuisine. For example, avocado!

Vegetarian salad with avocado and chia seeds

A healthy, tasty and light salad, the preparation of which takes a matter of minutes. Juicy vegetables contribute to the fact that Chia seeds quickly swell, so you will not have to wait long. Just prepare the ingredients, mix and proceed to the meal!

Little salad, greens and cranberries

Great variation of the eastern salad is tabula, but with a piece instead of a bulgur. I also propose in addition to greens to add cranberries or other sour berry. The result is a very unusual culinary fusion.

Vegeterian dishes from cherry tomatoes - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Miniature Cherry got their name for similarity with large cherry berries. Moreover, this is not one specific species, but a whole group of small varieties. So cherry tomatoes are also very diverse. It is believed that they brought them out in Israel, although there are evidence of the existence of similar wild species much earlier. And now you can grow fragrant sweet cherry even on the windowsill.

They are not as productive as ordinary tomatoes, but surprisingly tasty. Cherry tomatoes are even more popular than from their large counterparts. They are bright, pretty, decorate any salads and snacks, and they don’t even need to cut them for a long time. Cherry remain fresh for a long time, and in terms of saturation of taste they surpass most popular varieties.

In conservation, this is generally a find, because they can be rolled into banks, and in addition they also almost do not crack. Among dishes from cherry tomatoes there are even desserts, refreshing cocktails and fruit salads.