Cocoa dishes for vegeters

9 recipes
Lenten cake potatoes

Due to the variety of options for cake potatoes, it can even be adapted to different diets. This is precisely his serious advantage. This time I propose to make a lean option so that even at such a time not to give up little joys.

DIY dried fruits and nuts

The easiest and most win -win way to prepare home sweets is to make them from nuts and dried fruits. They are tasty, satisfying and healthy. This is not only a great dessert for tea, but also a full -fledged sweet snack in a hurry.

Lenten coconut cake

Now there are so many alternatives to products of animal origin that a lean diet in variety has long been inferior to the usual. You can safely cook even full -fledged cakes. And such a lean coconut cake for tea will be a clear confirmation of this.

Raw District Tiramisu

Raw food desserts have two huge pluses. Firstly, they are suitable for those who adhere to such a power system. And secondly, they are always as simple as possible, because heat treatment is not supposed here. Today I propose to make raw food tiramisu.

Lenten cake Brownie

Even your favorite desserts can be adapted to a lean diet - the modern choice of alternatives and substitutes allows you to do this. Moreover, this may not be the simplest desserts. For example, lean brownie. Children and adults will be delighted!

Lenten chocolate cake with cherry

Do you know that lean cakes can actually be very diverse? And this lean chocolate cake is a clear confirmation of this. I propose to cook it with cherries - a traditional win -win combination. Cherry can be fresh or frozen.

Oatmeal with cocoa and banana

One of the main advantages of oatmeal, except for its unconditional benefit is that it is miraculously combined with any additives. For example, this option with cocoa and banana will not leave indifferent among all family members of any age.

Vegan chocolate cream

If you are interested in vegetarian recipes for desserts, pay attention to this chocolate cream. At first glance, it seems impossible to cook it without milk and eggs, but in fact there are options. And you will learn about them further!

Chocolate mousse from avocado

Chocolate mousse from avocado - sounds peculiarly and looks very unusual. But at the same time, it is original, tasty, healthy, and also the most simple dessert. So I advise you to take a chance and try at least once. You may like it too!

Vegetry dishes with cocoa - recipes with photos (step by step)

Adults and children equally adore drinks and dishes with cocoa. Fragrant brown powder is used as a supplement for desserts, pastries, pancakes, lines, cheesecakes and casseroles. Chocolate and chocolate icing are made of it, and also - creams, sweet sauces, homemade topings and much more. Cocoa is a safe natural dye and excellent spice for cocktails and sweets. It goes well with cream, milk and dairy products.

And when mixing the dough, it is easily mixed with flour. In spicy warming drinks and meat dishes, cocoa is combined with cardamom, cinnamon, spicy pepper, nutmeg. A few millennia ago, Indian tribes began to collect cocoa beans. Then a tonic invigorating drink was prepared from them - Chokolatle, but gradually it began to be added to other recipes.

In the 18th century, cultural breeding took up culture in Europe - for this, by the way, colonies in equatorial latitudes were just for this. The tastes of cocoa are affected by the region of its growth, features of growing and the timing of harvest. All varieties are divided into Asian, African and American, and also into noble and ordinary.

The first includes complex, sophisticated and rare species, and the second - more universal and common, with expressive taste and aroma.