Coconut oil dishes for vegeters

4 recipes
Chiskey with blueberries

The most delicious cheesecakes in my opinion turn out with the berry. And with different ones - which will be at hand. I propose today to prepare an option with blueberries. A wonderful seasonal dessert for tea, which will surely like the whole family. Yes, and vegan!

Lenten Beshamel sauce

Behamel - milk sauce, and even with butter. Of course, he has nothing to do with the lean diet and the vegan diet. Nevertheless, using the basic principles of cooking, it can be perfectly adapted. So, lean behamel!

Vegan pancakes

For this recipe, sugar and eggs are not needed, and oatmeal is used instead of ordinary milk. It is better to fry pancakes in a dry pan or with the addition of a small amount of oil. Instead of honey, you can use sucrotor.

Apple kurd with cinnamon

A fragrant apple kurd is very tasty, delicate and healthy. Kurd is perhaps one of the simplest desserts that everyone can prepare. I propose traditionally add a little cinnamon and, possibly, other spices to taste.

Vegeterian dishes with coconut oil - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Even at the time of the reign of Cleopatra, coconut oil was worth a weight in gold. It was used for culinary, medical and cosmetic purposes - this is how it remains in our time. Oil is obtained by cold or hot pressing from a copra - coconut pulp. Cold exchanges is considered more useful and valuable, but it is much more expensive. But such an oil preserves the original aroma and benefit of the pulp best.

In recipes with coconut oil, it is important to consider its smoke temperature. It burns earlier and faster than sunflower, therefore, only refined to frying and deep fry. But cold pressing oil for such needs is not suitable. Coconut oil gives the dishes an original taste and aroma. Great desserts are obtained from it, it is added to walnut paste and creams, and even replaced the usual cream on toast.

Sauses, dressings and other similar recipes with coconut oil play new colors. And how well the pancakes and pancakes are obtained on it!