Caucal cabbage dishes for vegeters

5 recipes
Color cabbage soup with onion

Color cabbage soups are always very unusual both in color and to taste. But in its pure form it is a little fresh, so I advise you to add some more vegetable. For example, the stem of fresh and fragrant onions.

Carrot and cauliflower salad

Such a salad with carrots and cauliflower is an ideal dish for vegetarians and fans of proper nutrition. There is no meat, a minimum of fat and maximum benefits. When baking, vegetables retain all their vitamins.

Vegetable soup with colored cabbage in pots

In pots, you can not only bake meat or vegetables, but also cook a full -fledged soup. For example, such a light and dietary vegetable soup with cauliflower! For a rich red color, add a couple of spoons of tomato paste.

Color cabbage

The main ingredient in the stew can be not only meat, but literally anything. For example, at our house they love stew from cauliflower very much, so I often cook it. Surprisingly, even children were to the taste of it, and they are definitely far from love for many vegetables.

Vegetable salad with broccoli and colored cabbage

If you are also used to the fact that vegetable salads are cucumbers and tomatoes, this recipe will probably surprise you. The combination of broccoli with colored cabbage in orange juice will enjoy even children. And this is a great dietary dish.

Vegetarian dishes made of cauliflower - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Among all vegetable crops, color cabbage is rightfully considered one of the most common. To understand why the vegetable is called that way, it is enough to see his head once from small white inflorescences once. Previously, color cabbage was a delicacy available only for the elect. But now it can easily be found in gardens around the world. True, she needs specific care, which greatly complicates industrial cultivation.

Color cabbage is characterized by a delicate, but very expressive taste and the same aroma. Most often, it is served as a side dish for fish, meat and seafood. Inflorescences are added to salads and soups, fried in batter, stew with other vegetables. They make cutlets from them, pickled and rolled up for the winter in banks.

But dishes from cauliflower are not made from a raw vegetable - first it needs to be disassembled, and then weld or bake for softness!