Corn dishes for vegeters

12 recipes
Salsa vegetable salad

One of the most unusual winter blanks in my arsenal is such a vegetable salsa. In fact, its composition can be almost anything. The whole secret is in a very small cut and tight laying of the ingredients in the jar.

Salad with beans and avocado

This salad is a very universal Mexican snack. It can be served separately, use as a filling for tacos and burrito or supplement it with any other dishes. Choose small beans and smaller cut the avocado with the rest of the ingredients.

Vegetable salad with canned beans

This beautiful vegetable salad with several types of canned beans will appeal to lovers of complex multicomponent dishes. At the same time, it is prepared very easily and quickly, and I will tell you further about all the subtleties and secrets in the recipe.

Boil salad, carrots and rice

A salad with a melon, carrot and rice will surprise you and your loved ones! Ready to argue that you have not tried such a combination. I especially like to cook it with a mixture of two types of rice, but you can experiment. The main thing is that he remains crumbly.

Lenten pizza in a pan

If you adhere to a post or just a vegetarian diet, this is not a reason to finally delete your favorite dishes from life. For example, such a pizza in a pan is prepared without meat, eggs and dairy products - on water and with vegetables.

Dietary vegetable soup

If you want something light and dietary, feel free to choose this vegetable soup. Its secret in the diversity and variability of the ingredients. You can use any vegetables in any combinations to your taste. I share my favorite option!

Fast salad of Beijing cabbage

Found a jar of canned corn and a little Beijing cabbage in the refrigerator? There is a mouthpiece salad! Literally 10 minutes and a delicious dish is already standing on your table. You can serve it to the main meal or for a light snack.

Grill vegetables with vegetables

I propose to diversify fresh vegetables on the table with such a grill corn. This is a great option for home gatherings, and for going to nature with barbecue. I tell you how to prepare and fry it correctly.

Peking cabbage and beans salad

I love this salad because it is as simple and affordable as possible. Beans, Beijing cabbage and a few more vegetables. I advise you to experiment with a cut - the result is significantly different, depending on this.

Corn salad and Beijing cabbage

Beijing cabbage with corn - a combination, win -win on all points: tasty, beautiful, also crunchs pleasy. I propose to dilute all this with a sweetish purple onion and fragrant freshly ground pepper.

Vinaigrette with corn

If you want to change the classic vinaigrette a little, then try to make it with corn. And so that the ingredients of the salad turn out to be bright and do not paint in the same red color - knead the beets with oil separately.

Vegetable salad with broccoli and colored cabbage

If you are also used to the fact that vegetable salads are cucumbers and tomatoes, this recipe will probably surprise you. The combination of broccoli with colored cabbage in orange juice will enjoy even children. And this is a great dietary dish.

Vegatrician dice from corn - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Corn is a valuable vegetable culture that they began to use many centuries ago. Corn dishes are especially popular in Mexico and Central America, where it literally forms the basis of the diet. The grains are used fresh, they make cereals and flour from them. Gradually, the trend has spread around the world. Now the cobs are not only boiled fresh, but they are still dried, frozen, pickled and make blanks.

Without dishes from corn, it is impossible to imagine Moldavian and Romanian cuisines. It is widely used in Spain, Italy and in the Balkans. In Argentina, the famous meat soup of Locro and cottage cheese humita is prepared from it, in Georgia - mchadi bread, and in China - buns and pampushki. Based on corn, even beer and whiskey are made - the same American bourbon. Soups, sauces and cereals are boiled from it.

Conducted corn deserves special attention, which goes into salad, snacks and many other dishes.