Brusnika dishes for Vegeters

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Green salad with avocado and dried cranberry

This recipe is good for its versatility. As a basis, you can take absolutely any greens and leafy vegetables - from brass to curly cabbage. The second plus is that a salad with avocados and dried cranberries are prepared in just a few minutes.

Baked apples with cranberries

For such a recipe, I prefer to use fresh berry. Most often, it is cranberries, because it gives a pleasant sourness, does not fall apart and a comfortable small size. But you can experiment with different options.

Little salad, greens and cranberries

Great variation of the eastern salad is tabula, but with a piece instead of a bulgur. I also propose in addition to greens to add cranberries or other sour berry. The result is a very unusual culinary fusion.

Jam from apples and lingonberries

If you do not like jam and jams for sugary sweetness - this recipe is specifically for you. Choose acidic apples, complement them with a natural tart sourness of lingonberries - and you will get continuous pleasure.

Brusnik vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Brusnika is a unique berry in which everything is balanced. She has a pleasant sweet and sour taste with mild tart, a pronounced aroma, and also a long shelf life. Brusnik dishes can be any - meat, fish, side dishes, salads. It is used in baking, made light dietary desserts and spicy sweet sauces. From lingonberries, tasty and healthy jam or compotes is obtained. Cheese is always appropriate in lingonberry dishes.

In addition, it softens the taste of its specific species, like a goat. From meat with lingonberries, pay attention to beef and pork. In summer, refreshing lemonades and fruit drinks are good. Even berry kvass is made from lingonberries. We also offer original lingonberries with another berry - cherry, currant, strawberry or raspberries. In this form, desserts and blanks for the winter are especially good!