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Bolgarian cucumbers for the winter

Today I want to share the fast and, in my opinion, the most successful recipe for pickled cucumbers in Bolgarian without sterilization. Cucumbers are crispy, sweet and sour and moderately piquant. Due to the addition of carrots, the workpiece looks beautiful and bright.

Vinaigrette with sauerkraut

My family loves vinaigrette with sauerkraut. Usually I cut cabbage with a short strips - so it is more convenient, and the salad looks more beautiful. If desired, cucumbers can not be added to the vinaigrette, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Smoothie from cucumber with celery

If you prefer the lightest and refreshing smoothies as possible, be sure to try this option from a cucumber with celery. A minimum of calories, but there is a lot of benefits in just one glass. Add some favorite spices if desired.

Caviar from cucumbers for the winter without sterilization

Do not know how to use overripe cucumbers? Then keep a simple recipe in a piggy bank. After all, the good hostess does not disappear! The caviar is very tasty, in winter it will perfectly complement any side dishes and dishes of poultry and meat.

Green smoothie

The golden rule of compiling ideal combinations of the smoothie - compilation of them according to the colors of the ingredients! Firstly, it never fails. Secondly, it turns out not only tasty, but also beautiful. I love dietary green smoothies most of all.

Vegetarian rolls with tofu and carrots

Vegetarian rolls can not only be vegetable. In my arsenal there is such a delicious and quick recipe with fried tofu and carrots. By the way, this is a very affordable snack thanks to simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Cinema salad and vegetables

Kinoa with vegetables is not the most obvious combination, but nevertheless it is definitely worth your attention. This is a very original recipe in the traditions of oriental cuisine. It is necessary to serve the salad cold, so let it cool.

Vegetable salad with mushroom assorted

To give a new sound to the simplest vegetable salad, add several types of mushrooms to it. For example, champignons and honey mushrooms, or any others to their taste. Pickled workpieces, both home and purchased, are perfect.

Beans and crackers

For this hearty home salad, I prefer to use store crackers with spices. So it turns out much tastier and more convenient. The beans also need ready - canned or boiled.

Cucumbers with pepper for the winter in banks

Each housewife has its own, proven, recipe for crispy pickled cucumbers. If you want to try something new, this recipe is for you. In the workpiece, several tastes of vegetables are amazingly combined, and all of them perfectly complement each other.

Cucumbers with onions for the winter

Cucumbers are often used for various blanks for the winter. Today I will share a prescribed canned salad of cucumbers with onions. A fairly universal thing is obtained - both an independent appetizer and a semi -finished product for adding to soups and other dishes.

Fresh vegetable salad with crab sticks

To make an ordinary fresh vegetable salad tastier and more satisfying, add some more interesting ingredient. For example, crab sticks. It will turn out very tasty, and also quickly. Great choice if you do not have time at all.

Vegetable salad with canned beans

This beautiful vegetable salad with several types of canned beans will appeal to lovers of complex multicomponent dishes. At the same time, it is prepared very easily and quickly, and I will tell you further about all the subtleties and secrets in the recipe.

Okroshka with greens

Today I want to share with you an unusual recipe for okroshka with spinach and a whole set of other greenery. This is a light diet option without meat. If desired, you can add a little tofu and soy sauce for oriental notes.

Lecho with cucumbers for the winter

The pantries will not be considered complete if you do not prepare a lecho from Bulgarian pepper for the winter. I hasten to share an interesting option for all my favorite sour -sour snack - we will prepare a lecho with cucumbers. Take the recipe for a note, it turns out tasty and unusual.

Pickled chopped cucumbers in Finnish for the winter

I love this recipe for crispy pickled cucumbers for the simplicity of cooking. There are no sterilization and multiple bindings, while the workpiece is well stored in a city apartment. It turns out tasty and fragrant, I advise you to prepare a couple of jars.

Mushroom salad and red cabbage

For this salad, I like the royal champignons most of all. It is these mushrooms that are especially effectively combined with red cabbage and greens not only to taste, but also in appearance.

Cucumbers in their own juice for the winter

Recently I discovered a new recipe - salty cucumbers in their own juice. Any fruits are suitable for the workpiece: both young and overripe. Grind large cucumbers into the cucumber mass, and use the small ones entirely. It turns out very tasty, I recommend!

Vegetarian roulet from Lavash

A quick and simple roulet of lavash with fresh vegetables is prepared in just a few minutes. The main thing is to cut the ingredients with thin identical pieces, and so it will not fall apart.

Peking cabbage salad, cucumbers and peas

In the cold season, salads with Beijing cabbage are especially popular. They are prepared quickly and simple, and the necessary ingredients can be bought at any store for an affordable price. I share a recipe with cucumbers and canned peas!

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Vegeterian dishes from cucumbers - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Is there at least someone in the world who knows nothing about dishes from cucumbers? And in our latitudes, this is generally the main vegetable that is found in any garden. In terms of prevalence with it, only potatoes or tomatoes can compete. It is believed that cucumbers spread from India in the world, so once it was a completely exotic product.

But already in the 10th century they were actively cultivated in Europe, and in Russia the history of growing began in Suzdali. Now the number of varieties, like the number of dishes from cucumbers, is simply impossible to count. Cucumbers are very watery, and this determines the specifics of their preparation. Most often, they are used fresh in salads and snacks, and also in blanks and conservation.

Pickled and saline vegetables with herbs, Dijon mustard and other spices are very good. They can even be added to soups, like a brine. They go well with cabbage, pepper, tomatoes and zucchini. In Asian countries there are also hot dishes from cucumbers. For example, they are added to funchosis with beef and soy sauce.