Grapefruit dishes for vegeters

3 recipes
Salad with fresh beets and grapefruit

Fresh beets and grapefruit - even sounds fantastic. But in practice, it turns out a very tasty, unusual and healthy salad that will definitely appeal to fans of diets and proper nutrition. I advise you to use tires for cutting.

Broccoli and Kinoa salad

Recently, on the shelves of supermarkets, you can find a useful superfood - Kinoa. It is added to soups, salads and confectionery. Today I share with you a delicious salad with broccoli and Kinoa. It is suitable for everyone who is interested in proper nutrition!

Pumpkin smoothie with grapefruit

I propose to go through unobvious combinations and try to mix the pumpkin with a grapefruit. Sounds fantastic? But believe me, the result is worth it! This is my favorite vitamin smoothie, which I always do in the fall and winter!

Vegeterian dishes from grapefruit - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Everyone knows that grapefruit dishes are very useful and fragrant, but not everyone likes a specific taste. Of course, personal preferences are already undergoing here, but still, with the correct preparation of unpleasant astringency, there is practically no remaining. In particular, it is necessary to remove all the films and white veins, because it is they who are bitter.

When choosing, keep in mind that the brighter the peel - the sweeter the fruit, and the harder it is - the juicier. Red grapefruits are sweeter than whites with virtually without exception. For preparation of grapefruit dishes, we advise you to learn how to cut citrus on the fillet. To do this, cut off individual slices with a sharp knife - and then they can be added to the salad or prepared marmalade.

Grapefruit goes well with greens, asparagus, crab sticks, fish, chicken and shrimp. Half of the citrus can be sprinkled with spices with sugar and simply fry on grill. The peel is used in the preparation of centers, but first it needs to be boiled in sugar syrup. Among the dishes made of grapefruits are a lot of snacks and desserts. This is a unique fruit that goes equally well with a sweet cream or spicy spicy sauce.