Dishes with green onions for Vegeters

10 recipes
Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds

I really love unusual combinations of tastes. They allow you to feel the ingredients differently, to discover new dishes for themselves and enrich themselves. For such purposes, a Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds is great.

Ukrainian borsch with green onions

If you do not like ordinary onions and do not use it in cooking, this is not a reason to abandon classic recipes. Even in a traditional Ukrainian borsch, it is easy to replace it with green onions. And for the aroma, you can always add garlic. This time I propose a lean option.

Fresh vegetable salad with crab sticks

To make an ordinary fresh vegetable salad tastier and more satisfying, add some more interesting ingredient. For example, crab sticks. It will turn out very tasty, and also quickly. Great choice if you do not have time at all.

Okroshka with greens

Today I want to share with you an unusual recipe for okroshka with spinach and a whole set of other greenery. This is a light diet option without meat. If desired, you can add a little tofu and soy sauce for oriental notes.

Kimchi in Korean from Beijing cabbage at home

Original Korean kimchi differs from the familiar pickled vegetables with taste and cooking technology. For the recipe you will need Beijing cabbage and a lot of spices. And how to do everything at home - I’ll tell you further in the recipe.

Red cabbage with onions

Red cabbage even turns the simplest salads into a real festive dish. For color contrast, I propose to use green onions. And if desired, you can add a handful of canned corn or finely chopped red pepper.

Stuffed avocado with tomatoes and pepper

I love fresh vegetable snacks for their lightness, brightness and harmonious taste. I want to share with you a good vegetarian recipe for stuffed avocados with tomatoes, bell pepper and chopped herbs!

Beetroot Korean salad

We have long been accustomed to Korean carrots, but what about the Korean beetroot salad? Such an original recipe will definitely not leave indifferent, so I advise you to definitely try it at least once!

Cherry salad with beets and tomatoes

Among all salads with beets - this one has become one of my favorites. The main thing is to choose a sweet aromatic root crop and the same sweet tomatoes. If there is no cherry, cocktails are suitable, but I advise you not to take the large ones. Optionally, decorate the salad with nuts.

Vinaigrette with green onions and garlic

A light salad of boiled vegetables can be prepared differently. Someone loves more salty or sharper, and someone likes just a classic recipe. I propose to try vinaigrette with green onions and garlic. It can be served with pasta, fish or meat.

Vegeterian dishes with green onions - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Even ardent opponents of onions are unlikely to abandon green onions. Fresh, fragrant and with a pleasant unobtrusive taste, it is used in roasting, green sauces and as a decoration. The feathers are fried with noodles, pickled and canned, and an excellent filling for pies is obtained from chopped green onions with boiled eggs. Add radishes, cucumbers and sour cream - and there will be a magnificent seasonal salad.

Large stalks of onions can even be baked in olive oil and spices. The first dishes with green onions delight with an unobtrusive smell and bright colors. He will turn any ketchup or sour cream into a beautiful piquant sauce. And this is a unique source of vitamins at any time of the year, because it can be grown even on the windowsill. Green onions are good in okroshka, with chicken and fish, in Ossetian pies and just with rice.

Fragrant green oil is made from it and added to the omelet. There are dishes with green onions, it seems, in any cuisine of the world!