Dishes with honey for vegeters

23 recipes
Fresh oranges

Of course, you can buy an ordinary colored bag and cook jelly from it. But even the best brands are not comparing with the home dessert. For example, based on fresh oranges. Great refreshing treat!

Chiskey with blueberries

The most delicious cheesecakes in my opinion turn out with the berry. And with different ones - which will be at hand. I propose today to prepare an option with blueberries. A wonderful seasonal dessert for tea, which will surely like the whole family. Yes, and vegan!

DIY dried fruits and nuts

The easiest and most win -win way to prepare home sweets is to make them from nuts and dried fruits. They are tasty, satisfying and healthy. This is not only a great dessert for tea, but also a full -fledged sweet snack in a hurry.

Bars with pumpkin seeds and raisins

There are so many options for fast homemade bars that eyes run up. I want to share one of my favorite options - with pumpkin seeds and raisins. By the way, this is also a very budget recipe.

Vegan pancakes

For this recipe, sugar and eggs are not needed, and oatmeal is used instead of ordinary milk. It is better to fry pancakes in a dry pan or with the addition of a small amount of oil. Instead of honey, you can use sucrotor.

Sweets with peanut paste and coconut chips

I want to share with you an unusual delicious recipe for home vegan sweets. You will need an arachical paste, coconut chips and a few more ingredients that I will talk about next. By the way, this is also very fast!

Bars with nuts and oatmeal

Such energy bars are a delicious dessert and an excellent everyday snack. At the heart - oatmeal and nuts. On the one hand, the treat is quite high -calorie. And on the other, you will not eat it much.

Pastil from Feihoa in a dryer

Treating with tea can be not only tasty, but also useful. One of these goodies is home pastille prepared in a dryer. Its second advantage is that you can take anything as the main ingredient. For example, Feihoa.

Sea buckthorn tea

Delicious, slightly talked, moderately sour, sea buckthorn tea - a real “vitamin bomb” for immunity in the season of colds and viral diseases. To make the drink especially tasty, I advise you to use berries collected after the first frosts.

Pearl barriers with carrots and dried fruits in a slow cooker

A very original addition to banal pearl barley porridge is carrots and dried fruits. Moreover, I recommend that carrots take a young one so that it is as juicy and sweet as possible. This recipe is for all owners of multicoars and fans of proper nutrition in one person.

Mandarin ice cream

Citrus ice cream is a very interesting and unusual find. And even more so when it comes to mandarins, and not about more common lemons or oranges in cooking. Favorite winter delicacy of my family!

Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon

Apples, raisins and cinnamon are often found in baking and cottage cheese desserts. But why not cook them separately, without something superfluous? For example, you can bake them in the oven, and then I will tell in detail how to do it correctly.

Baked apples with cranberries

For such a recipe, I prefer to use fresh berry. Most often, it is cranberries, because it gives a pleasant sourness, does not fall apart and a comfortable small size. But you can experiment with different options.

Baked pumpkin with honey and cinnamon

Pumpkin is a very useful vegetable and it just needs to be included in the diet of children. But what if the child does not like such dishes? Prepare a delicious dessert from it. Add sweet honey and fragrant cinnamon. It is very difficult to resist such a dish.

Honey-and-horsing sauce

Surely you came across in restaurants delicious salads with honey-horsing sauce. The appetizing sweet and sour supplement perfectly complements the dish and makes it juicier. It is easy to cook the sauce yourself. Make sure that yourself!

Baked apples with dried fruits

Baked apples are a favorite childhood treat for many. But why forget about him? I propose to prepare a delicious and beautiful dessert from baked apples with dried fruits. For decoration, cinnamon sticks and stars of the Badyan are ideal.

Pumpkin smoothie with chia seeds

You can talk as much as you like that smoothie is just a fashion trend. But besides, it is also a very convenient and useful snack in a glance. And personally, I am no longer ready to refuse them. I share my favorite recipe for pumpkin smoothie!

Carrot-hot cookies

Carrot-hot cookies are not only tasty, but also very useful. It is prepared without eggs and dairy products, and the amount of sugar and honey is minimal. Be sure to use carrots juicy, fresh and maximally sweet.

Pickled zucchini with greens and honey

If you cut the zucchini with the thinnest ribbons before pickling, they are even more soaked in the taste and aroma of additives. The texture of the vegetable is changing, and at the exit you will get a completely different snack. And how can you resist such beauty, and even with honey and herbs?

Pickled tomatoes in 30 minutes

Such an appetizing snack will be appropriate everywhere. Prepare a double portion, because everyone will require the supplement! In addition, pickled tomatoes are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days. To do this, you need a container with a densely closed lid.

Vegeterian dishes with honey - recipes with photos (step by step)

It is difficult to find a person who is completely indifferent to honey. Some scientists argue that the surprising product is already more than 10 thousand years old. Depending on the raw materials, honey is classified into several large groups - monoster, polynosis and mixed. Mixed is the most popular, because this is how you can get the most diverse tastes, colors and textures.

For the preparation of dishes, honey is a valuable and universal ingredient. It goes equally well with meat and sweet pastries. Creams, honey, mousses are made from honey, add it to fruit salads. Magnificent marinades, sweet and sweet and honey sauces, and salad gas stations are made from it. It is combined with fish, game, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Dishes with honey can be supplemented with seeds, nuts, herbs and spices!