Lime dishes for vegeters

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Salad Salsa with apples and mangoes

Salsa is a traditional Mexican sauce of chopped tomatoes with other vegetables and spices. But it is served not in the form of liquid sauces that are familiar to us, but rather in the form of a salad. I propose to combine the Mexican traditions with European ones, and prepare such an unusual fusion made of mangoes and apples.

Classic guacamole with avocado

Little can be so useful, tasty and at the same time light as classic guacamole. Soft, fat, but delicious avocado in combination with other ingredients will be the best snack to your table. It is best to serve guacamole with the chips of the Nachos.

Lyme vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Lime is not just a more exotic replacement of lemon, but a full -fledged original product with the same original taste and aroma. Despite the close relationship, lime dishes are very different. The birthplace of the Green Citrus is Indochina, but more than a thousand years ago it is common throughout Europe, and especially in Mediterranean countries. In fact, this is an ancient plant older than lemons and oranges.

There is a hypothesis that lemon is a hybrid Lyme with some other ancient citrus. For the preparation of lime dishes, only a few varieties are most often used - Persian, Florida, Mexican, Kafir, musky. They differ in size, juiciness and use in cooking. For example, essential oils are obtained from the Mexican, and the Kafir zest is added to spices. Lyme with fish, seafood and rice are very common. Citrus gives them fresh tropical notes.

It is no worse than it combines with a bird and other meat. Lime is good in fruit salads, for decorating cocktails and for flavoring desserts. On its basis, excellent marinads and sweet and sour sauces for all occasions are made.