Pickled mushrooms for vegeters

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Vegetarian salad Olivier

In fact, the vegetarian olivier is very much different from the classic one. You just need to take into account a couple of little things and resolve the issue with refueling. But the basis remains the same, and read the details further in the recipe.

Vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms

Somehow I did not have enough salty cucumbers, and I tried to cook vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms. It turned out even tastier than usual. Since then I have often been preparing according to this recipe. I’m even preserving mushrooms for the winter specifically for this salad!

Vegeterian dishes of pickled mushrooms - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Despite the fact that this is a ready -made snack that is served on the table right, you can always cook more interesting dishes from pickled mushrooms. In particular, they are added to salads, fried, stew with vegetables, complement them with soups and stews. This is a good filling for baking, and also pickled mushrooms are combined with meat - in a goulash, julen, hodgepodge and even in pastes.

When preparing a soup at the last stages, add a handful of champignons or mushrooms - and the recipe will play with new colors. Pickled mushrooms are baked in pots and sleeves, they decorate with canapes and sandwiches, added to cutlets or pizza filling, and wrapped in pancakes. You can pickle almost any mushrooms - from champignons to movers and chanterelles.

Depending on the type, the preparation that is needed is different to remove bitterness or excessive rigidity. The marinade of water or mushroom decoction is supplemented with spices, sugar, vinegar and citric acid. Coriander, garlic, granular mustard, bay leaf, caraway seeds, cloves, fragrant pepper, nutmeg and other spices are well combined with mushrooms.