Mushroom dishes for vegeters

30 recipes
Salad with buckwheat, beets and mushrooms

For some reason, buckwheat is not very common in salads. I propose to correct this injustice with such a wonderful recipe! In addition to cereal, you will need beets, mushrooms, spinach and soft cheese. And then I will tell you what to do with it all!

Pickled mushrooms with vinegar without sterilization

I want to share a simple proven recipe for pickling mushrooms for the winter. Canned forest mushrooms will decorate any festive feast. It is impossible to resist the appetizing jar of pickled mushrooms! I highly recommend trying!

Fox salad and pumpkin

The pumpkin season is the very time when you want to use it everywhere. It is very tasty and fragrant, and what is one of its appetizing color! This time I propose to cook a pumpkin with mushrooms. And not just with mushrooms, but with the same bright orange foxes!

Baked vegetables and mushrooms

This recipe takes a little time, because the vegetables and mushrooms for it first need to be baked. So that they get ready faster, I propose to immediately cut them thinner and put them into a baking sheet in one layer.

Carrot and cauliflower salad

Such a salad with carrots and cauliflower is an ideal dish for vegetarians and fans of proper nutrition. There is no meat, a minimum of fat and maximum benefits. When baking, vegetables retain all their vitamins.

Young beans and mushrooms

To make such a salad as tasty as possible, use young patch beans. And weld her literally a couple of minutes so that she remains as if slightly crispy. In addition, you will need any favorite mushrooms to taste.

Pickled mushrooms Sinenioks for the winter

Many people love pickled mushrooms. Today I want to share with you the simplest recipe for pickled signals. The recipe without sterilization is simple and fast. Mushrooms are obtained tasty, fleshy, to taste something similar to champignons.

German salad with mushrooms and potatoes

To make such a simple homemade salad with mushrooms more interesting, I use knives for figure cutting of ingredients. Even banal potatoes in this form look much nicer. I tell you what else to add!

Mushroom salad and carrots

A quick, tasty and very useful recipe for salad with mushrooms and carrots at your disposal. It turns out to be bright, crispy and with a very expressive taste. He does not even need complex gas stations and a lot of spices.

Mushroom salad and patch beans

I want to share with you one of the favorite fast salads of only two main ingredients - made of mushrooms and patch beans. From the dish, a great satisfying snack or even a side dish for meat is obtained.

Vegetable salad with mushroom assorted

To give a new sound to the simplest vegetable salad, add several types of mushrooms to it. For example, champignons and honey mushrooms, or any others to their taste. Pickled workpieces, both home and purchased, are perfect.

Vegetable salad with asparagus and mushrooms

The peculiarity of this vegetable salad is that all the ingredients must first be fried. This applies not only to asparagus and mushrooms, but also the rest of the vegetables. If you want to make the dish more dietary, bake them in the oven.


Such an unusual salad could be called a side dish, but still he is too self-sufficient for this. The combination of Kinoa with lentils is very unexpected, but at the same time interesting. And spinach and carrots are added to the dishes.

Spinach taboo, mushrooms and cheese

A classic tabul is a bulgur, tomatoes and cilantro. I suggest you try an alternative version from a movie with spinach, mushrooms and cheese. I tell you how to cook it correctly and what to pay attention to in the process!

Potato casserole with mushrooms and onions

Most often, potato casseroles are prepared with meat, or at least with eggs, cream or cheese. But I have a completely vegetarian recipe in my collection - with onions and mushrooms. Sprinking the dish with soy tofu, if desired.

Goulash made of mushrooms with gravy in a pan

The main Hungarian dish around the world is a traditional goulash. Tasty, hearty, simple and affordable, it liked both restaurateurs and ordinary housewives at home. It is not surprising that there are more and more diverse recipes, like a goulash of mushrooms with gravy.

Swin caviar for the winter

Ask the mushroom pickers about pigs, and they will tell you what a delightful caviar is. Of course, you will have to tinker with mushrooms, but as a result it turns out very tasty! Be sure to prepare for the winter a couple of jars of this yummy!

Mushroom salad and red cabbage

For this salad, I like the royal champignons most of all. It is these mushrooms that are especially effectively combined with red cabbage and greens not only to taste, but also in appearance.

Stuffed champignons with vegetables and herbs

One of my favorite vegetarian snacks is fast, simple, tasty and satisfying. Sprinkle with chopped herbs - and no one can resist such beauty. I tell you what vegetables you can stuff the champignons and how much to bake them.

Salad with fried mushrooms and beans

For this recipe, green beans are best suited, but in general you can take beans or any other legumes. But I advise you to boil them in advance or buy canned ones. Then the time of cooking the salad depends only on the frying of the mushrooms.

Vegeterian mushroom dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Mushrooms are a unique product, because it was not for nothing that the kingdom was even allocated for them. And this is after many years of disputes, whether they can be attributed to plants. The wealth of this kingdom is impressive, so that mushroom dishes are very diverse. The main thing is to choose and collect them correctly, because there are toxic species, dangerous human life.

In addition to massively common champignons, in different countries there are their unique ingredients. Erynges, Shiitaka, white mushrooms, truffles, loads - all this is actively used for cooking mushrooms. The most safe are the oyster mushrooms and champignons, which have been specially cultivated by a person for many years. Mushrooms can be prepared independently - fry, bake, stuff hats or step in sour cream and cream.

Some can be consumed raw - so they go perfectly to fresh salads. They are also pickled, canned and added to other blanks. There are hundreds of first mushroom dishes and no less than all kinds of sauces and snacks. For vegetarians, this is a hearty and nutritious alternative to meat. You should not abuse mushrooms only for children because of chitin, which is poorly absorbed by the children's body.