Oranges from oranges for vegeters

6 recipes
Fresh oranges

Of course, you can buy an ordinary colored bag and cook jelly from it. But even the best brands are not comparing with the home dessert. For example, based on fresh oranges. Great refreshing treat!

Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds

I really love unusual combinations of tastes. They allow you to feel the ingredients differently, to discover new dishes for themselves and enrich themselves. For such purposes, a Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds is great.

Cabbage salad with rhubarb and orange dressing

Rhubarb is one of the most underestimated ingredients in our latitudes. But this is a source of valuable antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial substances. It affects digestion, and is especially useful for children. Well, in such a simple cabbage salad with an orange dressing, it's also tasty.

Red currant compote with orange for the winter

Banks with this delicious drink in winter will disperse one of the first. Red currant compote has a remarkable taste and rich aroma, and an orange creates a pleasant citrus mugging. Correct sugar to your taste.

Spinach and orange salad

Such a salad is an ideal option for an unloading day or detox. Spinach with oranges are surprisingly rich in vitamin C and other useful trace elements. I tell you what else to add and how beautifully to serve a dish.

Vegetable salad with broccoli and colored cabbage

If you are also used to the fact that vegetable salads are cucumbers and tomatoes, this recipe will probably surprise you. The combination of broccoli with colored cabbage in orange juice will enjoy even children. And this is a great dietary dish.

Vegeterian dishes from oranges - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Oranges adore adults and children around the world, because it is not for nothing that this is the most popular citrus. True, in order to enjoy dishes from oranges in modern form, breeders needed to work hard on wild varieties. To cultivate oranges in ancient China began even before our era, and they had extremely little in common with the fruit well -known to us.

But gradually it was possible to bring out aromatic edible varieties who later conquered navigators and travelers from other countries. Like the varieties of citrus, oranges made of oranges delight with a variety of taste shades. Sweet, sour, bitter, warm. In cooking, not only the pulp and juice are used, but also the peel of the orange.

Jems, jam, marmalade and pastille are prepared from the pulp, it is added to drinks and tea, and spicy sauces are made. Oranges are amazingly combined with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. They are good in seasonal autumn and winter recipes. Very tasty and original - dishes of oranges with meat, poultry or fish. They are combined with cottage cheese and legumes, and the zest is added to vegetables and to gas stations.

And how many salads with oranges and vegetables, herbs, fruits or seafood!