Orange dishes for vegetarian juice

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Smoothies from pineapple

I love pineapples in any form, so I cook a variety of dishes and drinks from them. Including smoothies. I have several favorite recipes, and today I want to share with you one of them. Very refreshing, and also useful and dietary.

Vegan chocolate cream

If you are interested in vegetarian recipes for desserts, pay attention to this chocolate cream. At first glance, it seems impossible to cook it without milk and eggs, but in fact there are options. And you will learn about them further!

Vegetry dishes with orange juice - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Drinks and dishes with orange juice attract a fantastic citrus aroma and light sourness. Especially when it comes to fresh Freche, in which the maximum concentration of vitamins, minerals and aromatic substances. And at the same time, there is little natural sugar in it, so the calorie content is not high. Orange juice is added to cocktails, coffee and other drinks.

It is used for the preparation of jams, nectars, confitures, syrups, jam and marmalade. You can add it to pastries and other desserts that are not afraid of acids and will not curl up. But there are hot dishes with orange juice. For example, an amazing glaze for baked meat with a ruddy crust is obtained from it. Citruses are combined with pork, beef, chicken and turkey, and even with some types of fish.

Based on orange juice, marinades with granular mustard and herbs or sweet and sour sauces for poultry, rice and vegetables are made. Dishes with orange juice are often found in Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines!