Dishes with parsley for Vegeters

5 recipes
Pickled fried eggplant with carrots

If you first fry a little before pickling the eggplant, they become even more piquant and more interesting. In addition, the texture of the product is changing. I share my favorite everyday recipe with carrots and herbs.

Eggplant as mushrooms for the winter without sterilization

Eggplants canned according to this recipe are very reminiscent of pickled mushrooms. The appetizer is prepared quickly and from available products. In a week, finished eggplants can be served to the table. I advise you to prepare for the winter for a variety.

Sandwich with pesto and guacamole

A great option for lovers of greenery. Further in the recipe you will learn how to prepare both the main ingredients of these sandwiches - Pesto and Guacamole. You will need a blender, and everything is much simpler than it seems.

Classic tkemali from cherry plum for the winter

Georgian sauces are rightfully considered the most appetizing and saturated in the world. To prepare a delicious, sour Tkemali made of cherry plums with aromatic notes of spices, herbs and spices you can according to this simple recipe. The sauce is ideal for meat dishes and barbecue.

Fresh vegetables with mushrooms on skewers

An ordinary vegetable cut can be served fresh and original. And also - supplement it with those ingredients that we undeservedly ignore. And in a beautiful and convenient design, skewers will always help you - an invaluable tool in the kitchen.

Vegetry dishes with parsley - recipes with photos (step by step)

An unpretentious plant that feels perfectly even in the poorest stony soil, predictably spread throughout the world. Dishes with parsley are served in China, Europe and America, and especially it is appreciated in Greece. There she is still found even in the wild. All species are divided into two large categories - leaf and root, which directly indicates use.

Leaf parsley is simple and curly, and the subtleties of the work of breeders begin further. Dishes with parsley are attracted to a bright aroma and a slightly tart taste with distinct sweet notes. Ground greens are added to salads, snacks and vegetable dishes. It is best to use it fresh, but you can dry and freeze. She is not afraid of heat treatment and is only more revealed in taste.

It is added to the ear, broths and other first dishes, to baked fish, wheat porridge and potatoes. Parsley harmonizes the bird well, but in pork or beef, the taste of meat can score. She also goes to the bay, jelly, marinades, sauces and conservation!