Plum dishes for vegeters

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Jam from apples and drain

Apple jam will sparkle with new tastes if you cook it in tandem with plums. A dense, fragrant, beautiful saturated color can be served with tea or used as a filling for pies and pies. I recommend cooking, it will come in handy in winter!

Yellow plum without bones

I want to share with you a recipe for bright jars of yellow plum without bones. Yellow plums are sweeter than their red relatives, therefore sugar may need less. I give my proportion, you correct the amount of sugar at my discretion.

Jelly made of plum without bones

Thanks to the natural pectin, in a large amount contained in the drain, you can prepare plum jelly without gelatin. Use this simple recipe to please relatives with natural, tasty and healthy home treats in the winter.

Dense jam from plums without bones

Povido from the drain according to this recipe is thick, fragrant and very tasty. It can be spread on bread, served to various desserts, or can be used for filling in sweet pastries. A real treat from a minimum of simple products!

Jam from plums without bones

I love this recipe for plum jam for the simplicity of cooking. It is important that it does not use artificial preservatives and thickeners - natural acid and pectin contained in the drain. Replenish your reserves with an interesting workpiece

Plum jam at home

I want to share a recipe for delicious plum jam. In my family they adore him, so I always try to cook a lot. Povidlo turns out delicate and fragrant, pleasant homogeneous consistency. The density of the delicacy depends on the duration of boiling.

Plum compote without bones

I love to roll up compotes for the winter, because it is very fast and simple. Even on hot days, you can distinguish a little time, but with jam it will not succeed. I share a recipe for simple and fast plum compote. I like it more without bones - you can serve it like a dessert.

Vegeterian drain dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Plum trees were known to humanity at the beginning of our era. They grew up in the Caucasus, spread throughout Asia, and then in Europe and other continents. Now they grow many varieties and species that can be classified in shape, size and color of the fruits. For example, black, purple, red, yellow, white. In everyday life, precious red varieties are usually grown.

Separately, it is worth mentioning cherry plum - this is also a type of plum with small rounded fruits. Plum dishes are sour, sweet, tart, with many shades in taste. It contains a lot of pectin, so first of all it makes a good thick jam, jam and marmalade. Compots and tinctures are made from the plums, they are pickled and even greasy, added to salads and blanks for the winter.

Plum sauces for meat are known all over the world, and dried plums are added to the soup of hard and pies. In Japan, salty fruits and original plum wine are popular. Plum dishes are good with stewed vegetables, lamb, pork, beef and rice.