Radis dishes for vegeters

12 recipes
Sandbone with vegetables

Who said that sandwiches must be with sausage, ham or any meat products in general? Catch an excellent completely vegetable recipe that is suitable even to vegetarians and adherents of fasting.

Salad with fresh beets and grapefruit

Fresh beets and grapefruit - even sounds fantastic. But in practice, it turns out a very tasty, unusual and healthy salad that will definitely appeal to fans of diets and proper nutrition. I advise you to use tires for cutting.

Fresh vegetable salad with crab sticks

To make an ordinary fresh vegetable salad tastier and more satisfying, add some more interesting ingredient. For example, crab sticks. It will turn out very tasty, and also quickly. Great choice if you do not have time at all.

Okroshka with greens

Today I want to share with you an unusual recipe for okroshka with spinach and a whole set of other greenery. This is a light diet option without meat. If desired, you can add a little tofu and soy sauce for oriental notes.

Vegetarian roulet from Lavash

A quick and simple roulet of lavash with fresh vegetables is prepared in just a few minutes. The main thing is to cut the ingredients with thin identical pieces, and so it will not fall apart.

Fast salad with radish and cucumbers

The perfect recipe for the season of fresh vegetables! Salads with radish and cucumbers have long become summer classics. I tell you how else it can be prepared in a new way to get something interesting and original.

Salad with celery, apples and radish

In such a simple at first glance, the salad mixed with the features of such different culinary traditions. The result was a completely new and unusual dish of celery, radishes and apples. It will adorn the festive table and diversify the everyday diet. Be sure to try it if you follow the proper nutrition.

Fresh vegetables with mushrooms on skewers

An ordinary vegetable cut can be served fresh and original. And also - supplement it with those ingredients that we undeservedly ignore. And in a beautiful and convenient design, skewers will always help you - an invaluable tool in the kitchen.

Vitamin salad with radishes and cucumbers

Salads with radishes and cucumbers are good that with their simplicity they always turn out a little different. Catch another option - with dill and fragrant sesame oil. You can add a few seeds as desired.

Fresh salad with Beijing cabbage and radish

In the season of vegetables, I really want to have time to enjoy this variety of tastes. The easiest way is to prepare different salads daily. I propose to expand the assortment of familiar dishes and prepare a fresh salad with radish and Beijing cabbage.

Peking cabbage and fresh vegetables

When there are fresh vegetables at hand, preparing this delicious salad is very simple. Moreover, you can serve it to anything: for fish, meat, porridge, mashed potatoes or pasta. And if you are on a diet, a vegetable salad should be in your diet!

Peking cabbage salad with bell pepper and carrots

Tasty salads are obtained only from high -quality ingredients, so always use fresh and juicy vegetables. I share my favorite salad recipe with Beijing cabbage!

Vegeterian dishes from radishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

It is believed that Radis came to Europe with Marco Polo, and only then quickly spread throughout the continent. According to another version of the dish from the radis, they prepared a few millennia ago, when this hybrid radish accidentally appeared in nature. Now all varieties are divided into categories, depending on origin - Japanese, Chinese and European.

They are quite different from each other, and the usual pinkish and purple root crops are far from all. There are yellow, black, red and white varieties. Radis dishes have a spicy acute taste due to mustard oil in the culture. Young root crops are pleasantly crunch and perfectly refresh, so they usually go to spring salads and snacks.

In some regions, the vegetable is boiled as a side dish to fish, added to pilaf or noodles, and especially large varieties are even stuffed. In dishes from Radis also uses tops and sharp sprouts of culture. All this can be combined with any other herbs and vegetables.